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Selected Research Highlights

Venafi Customer Satisfaction Rating

An IT Vice President at a large enterprise financial services company would be very likely to recommend Venafi for this reason:

Great product, great people. The two together are what will always lead to a recommendation.

Venafi Case Study

Small Business Retail Company


  • Business challenges that led to purchasing Venafi:
    • Avoid certificate-related outages
    • Automate certificate management to lower costs and resource usage

“Venafi reduced my time in manually issuing certificates, by using enrollment by the end user/app admins. We hope to gain more time reduction. The software seems to be well thought out. It definitely increases our ability to fully manage certificate lifecycle.”

Budget Justification

  • Justified budget for Venafi because of their need to manage transition from external to internal PKI at end of private certificate issuance by third parties.
  • Information Security took the lead in purchasing Venafi.


The surveyed company achieved the following results with Venafi:

  • Has 11 to 20 lines of business or departments directly interacting with the Venafi platform.
  • Top benefits experienced or will experience with Venafi:
    • Prevented and remediated outages
    • Improved labor / cost savings
    • Improved effectiveness of existing security

Next Steps

  • Plans to expand their use of Venafi in the following ways:
    • Expand their use of Venafi to other use cases (e.g., code-signing, SSH, Mobility, DevOps support, etc.)
    • Expand their use of Venafi to cover more keys and/or certificates

Case Study: Fortune 500 Health Care Company


This case study of a Fortune 500 health care company is based on a September 2015 survey of Venafi customers by TechValidate, a 3rd-party research service.

Would you recommend Venafi Trust Protection Platform?

“Yes, in my opinion, Venafi is fully engaged in the needs of today’s enterprises and has the tools and vision to look ahead into technology and industry trends to tune and improve their product. No one is doing that effectively, if at all, besides Venafi.”


  • Managed their keys and certificates using manual tracking and management (e.g., spreadsheet) before Venafi.
  • Problems solved using Venafi:
    • Identity and Access Management (including Privileged Access Management/SSH)
    • Outage Prevention and Remediation
    • PKI Refresh

Use Case

  • Venafi products currently being used:
    • TrustAuthority SSL
    • TrustAuthority Mobile
  • Systems integrated with Venafi:
    • Public Certificate Authority
    • Private Certificate Authority
    • Load Balancers
    • Mobile Device Management (MDM) Solutions


  • Improved their internal IT services SLA from days to hours with Venafi.
  • Found 10000 additional keys and certificates using Venafi that were previously unknown.
  • Key and certificate visibility improved by 76-100% after finding additional keys and certificates using Venafi.
  • Vulnerabilities to be addressed with Venafi:
    • Heartbleed
    • SHA-1 to SHA-2 migration
    • The use of secure key length
    • Key and certificate ownership identification
    • Key and certificate lifecycle policies
    • SSH misuse
    • Certificate reputation

5/5 Stars

How our organization uses Venafi Trust Protection Platform:

- 1. Reducing application outages due to certificate expiration.
- 2. Promoting better security policies (enforcement of key strength, use of FQDN CNs, common trust of PKI) and practices (reduction of PFX files, centralized backup of certificate key pairs).

Would you recommend Venafi Trust Protection Platform?

Absolutely. See above.

Challenges Customers Solve with Venafi

PKI Refresh
Outage Prevention and Remediation
Data Security / SSL Inspection / Threat Detection
Industry Compliance / Audit Remediation

Venafi Customer Research

Top 5 Challenges That Venafi solves for

Which challenges does Venafi automation help you to overcome?

Eliminating manual processes to reduce risk of error
Eliminating manual processes to reduce staff and time resource usage
Automating the entire certificate lifecycle to improve security
Accelerating the delivery of certificates and keys for DevOps IT services
Scaling certificate and key distribution
Provisioning certificates and keys for cloud services

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About Venafi

Venafi is the cybersecurity market leader in machine identity management, securing the cryptographic keys and digital certificates on which every business and government depends to deliver safe machine-to-machine communication. Organizations use Venafi key and certificate security to protect communications, commerce, critical systems and data, and mobile and user access.

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