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Varonis Data Security Platform Customer Research

The amount of PII/PCI data we had on our servers was an eye opener.

IT Administrator, Federal Government

Varonis Metadata Framework Customer Research

Top Reasons Why GDPR Compliant Organizations Perform a Risk Assessment

What were the top drivers to performing a Varonis Data Risk Assessment?

Validate security concerns
Prove risk in the environment
Experience the product before buying
Meet compliance regulation
Demonstrate value to a senior executive
Highlight potential ROI

Varonis Metadata Framework Customer Review

5/5 Stars

In a sentence or two, please describe how this risk assessment helped you secure your data.

The initial assessment gets the immediate attention of management, which then assists in building and executing the internal remediation processes.

Would you recommend Varonis Data Risk Assessment, and if so, why?

Yes, most definitely. Varonis does an excellent job of identifying internal data security vulnerabilities.

Varonis Data Security Platform Customer Research

Franklin Mint Federal Credit Union


This case study of Franklin Mint Federal Credit Union is based on an April 2017 survey of Varonis Metadata Framework customers by TechValidate, a 3rd-party research service.

“I would recommend the Varonis Risk Assessment. The risk assessment will help you to learn or confirm data at risk within your organization.”

“It helped us to establish a mitigation priority plan.”


They experienced the following challenges prior to the Varonis Data Risk Assessment and the use of Varonis solutions:

  • Overexposed sensitive & classified data
  • Limited to no monitoring of privileged and end user access
  • Limited to no visibility into permission structure
  • Overabundance of stale data

They performed a Varonis Data Risk Assessment for the following reasons:

  • Validate security concerns
  • Prove risk in the environment
  • Experience the product before buying
  • Demonstrate value to a senior executive

Use Case

Franklin Mint Credit Union has to meet the following compliance regulation:

  • GLB

The following issues were identified and prioritized by the Data Risk Assessment:

  • Sensitive files having global access: immediate
  • Stale enabled users: immediate
  • Folders having global access: “on the radar”
  • Folders having inconsistent permissions: “on the radar”
  • Stale data: “on the radar”


The surveyed company experienced the following benefits after their Data Risk Assessment:

  • Identifying at risk sensitive and classified data
  • Prioritizing remediation list
  • Proven results for budget justification

The company purchased the following products following their Data Risk Assessment:

  • DatAdvantage for Windows
  • DatAlert

Data Classification Framework Customer Research

Data Protection Is Much Faster with Varonis

End to end, how do you think your ability to protect sensitive data is with Varonis vs. what it would be with classification by itself?

Protecting data would be possible by using classification by itself, but is much faster with Varonis
Protecting data would not be possible with classification by itself
Protecting data would be possible by using classification by itself, but is a little faster with Varonis

Varonis Data Security Platform Case Study

Large Enterprise Health Care Company


This case study of a large enterprise health care company is based on a May 2017 survey of Varonis Data Security Platform customers by TechValidate, a 3rd-party research service. The profiled company asked to have their name blinded to protect their confidentiality.


Prior to using the Varonis Data Security Platform (DSP), this large Health Care Company had the following concerns meeting the new GDPR requirements:

  • Unable to locate personal data within files across the network
  • Unable to determine who accessed personal data and if they abused that access
  • Unable to determine when personal data is no longer necessary
  • Unable to satisfy the right to be forgotten rule
  • Unable to determine if a breach happened

Use Case

The Health Care Company has been using Varonis long before the GDPR were drafted, but they are confident it will help meet the new regulation.


The surveyed company achieved the following results preparing for GDPR with the Varonis DSP:

  • Confidently locate personal data within files across the network
  • Ensure a least privilege access model against personal data
  • Easily monitor access to this data and alert on abuse
  • Quarantine, delete or relocate stale or misplaced personal data

Since switching to the Varonis DSP, the Health Care Company saves 1-5 hours per week finding user access and applying a least privilege model.

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