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Selected Research Highlights

TechValidate Market Research

Technical Team Opinion

How mature is your organization’s security strategy regarding handling personal and financial information in a multi-channel banking model?

Beginning – Bespoke security for each channel embedded in each channel application: 14%
Medial – Common single factor authentication for all channels / applications: 29%
Advanced – Common multi-factor authentication for all channels with bespoke security for data through the network: 43%
Optimal – Common multi-factor, biometric enabled authentication in each channel with micro segmentation security and robust encryption for static data: 14%
TechValidate Market Research

Digital Banking Market Research Testimonial

I have discovered if you want to get the “millennials” as clients you better have digital.

CEO, Small Business Computer Software Company

TechValidate Market Research

68% of surveyed Government organizations rate Cloud Computing as valuable in their Digital Workplace transformation in the next 1-2 years.

TechValidate Market Research

How does the Digital Workplace rank in your organization’s list of priorities?

Beginning- No documented Digital Workplace program or strategy, minimal investments: 10%
Medial- Somewhat important, but sometimes overshadowed with other programs: 34%
Advanced- Recognized as having material value in the organization’s success: 45%
Optimal- One of the most important programs within the organization: 10%

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Unisys Security Solutions deliver advanced security in a trusted and efficient way that addresses our clients' most complex and mission-critical security challenges, providing the context and confidence needed to leverage the latest technology, embrace modern business realities and defend their enterprises. We combine experienced consulting, advanced products and efficient managed services to deliver dramatic improvement in security posture and operational efficiencies.

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