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Selected Research Highlights

Case Study: Moran Towing Corporation


This case study of Moran Towing Corporation is based on a August 2015 survey of Turbonomic customers by TechValidate, a 3rd-party research service.

“We constantly struggle with the amount of resources allocated to each server. Vendor and App teams always want to over allocate for resources. This is a way for the server team to reclaim resources that are not needed on each server. It also can speed up a server if the CPU is over or under utilized. Turbonomic has been extremely reliable and the customer support/training has been outstanding. I am very happy with the product.”


  • Solved the following challenges with Turbonomic:
    • Underutilized infrastructure
    • Performance for independent workloads sharing common infrastructure
    • Challenges with accurate capacity planning
    • Checks and balances between departments when resources have been taken away.

Use Case

  • Virtual machines in their current environment: Fewer than 500
  • Currently has > 80% of their production systems virtualized in their environment.
  • Automated actions with Turbonomic:
    • Storage Move (e.g. Storage vMotion)
    • Start


  • Realized value within 1 to 3 weeks after deploying Turbonomic.
  • Used Turbonomic to complement VMware or another hypervisor management suite resulting in:
    • Reduced the time spent reviewing data to make decisions
    • Reduced number of alerts we receive
    • Reduced number of service tickets/incidents
    • Achieved better densities on hosts
    • Improved accuracy in planning for and implementing changes
    • Freed more skilled staff to focus on other priorities
  • Increased the following since deploying Turbonomic:
    • Virtual workload performance: 40 to 59%
    • VM team productivity: 20 to 39%
    • Resource utilization: 20 to 39%
  • Decreased since deploying Turbonomic:
    • Monitoring alerts : 20 to 39%
    • False positive alerts: 40 to 59%
    • User generated tickets: less than 20%
    • Time to resolve issues: less than 20%

Case Study: Large Enterprise Construction Company


This case study of a large enterprise construction company is based on a August 2013 survey of Turbonomic customers by TechValidate, a 3rd-party research service. The profiled company asked to have their name blinded to protect their confidentiality.


  • Solved the following challenges with Turbonomic:
    • Difficulty completing labor-intensive operational tasks
    • An inconsistent Quality of Service (QoS) for/or disruption of virtualized workloads
    • An inability to plan for the future

Use Case

  • Has 500 to 999 virtual machines in their environment.
  • Currently has > 80% of their production systems virtualized in their environment.


  • Realized value within 1 to 3 months after deploying Turbonomic.
  • Rates the following Turbonomic features as they compare to the competition:
    • Time to value: differentiated
    • Comprehensive what-if planning: highly differentiated
    • Centralized cross-domain mgmt: highly differentiated
    • Automated control: highly differentiated
    • Customer engagement: differentiated
  • Rated the percent increase in the following areas since deploying Turbonomic:
    • IT staff productivity: 20% to 39%
    • Resource utilization: 40% to 59%
  • Rated the likelihood of recommending Turbonomic products to a friend or colleague as 8 out of 10.

It shows us that we are not consuming all our resources and that we have provisioned enough capacity for the demand required. In fact, what we learned is that a lot of systems were over-provisioned and we have used Turbonomic’s data to reclaim resources from business applications.

Virtualization Administrator, Large Enterprise Pharmaceuticals Company

Turbonomic Customer Research

Reduce Monitoring Alerts

When asked to report the decrease in monitoring alerts since deploying Turbonomic, IT organizations said:

60% or greater: 17%
40% to 59%: 24%
20% to 39%: 30%
Less than 20%: 28%

SLAs Will Become More Prevalent and Specific

How do you anticipate SLAs evolving in your organization over the next 3-5 years?

Will have more SLAs: 44%
Will have fewer SLAs: 2%
More stringent performance penalties: 7%
More granular definition of performance (e.g. application specific): 42%
Other: 5%

Turbonomic Customer Fact

John I. Haas reduced the time-to-provision new workloads by 76-100% since adopting Turbonomic.

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About Turbonomic

Launched in 2010, Turbonomic delivers a hybrid cloud management platform that enables on-premises and public cloud to self-manage in real-time, thereby assuring performance, lowering cost, and continuously ensuring compliance. The Turbonomic patented decision engine curates workload demand to dynamically control resource supply, maintaining a perpetual desired state of application health. One of the fastest growing technology companies, Turbonomic is trusted by thousands of enterprises to simplify and accelerate their hybrid cloud journey.

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