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Selected Research Highlights

Top Storage Challenges Today

What are the biggest storage challenges you face today?

Maintaining storage (IO) performance in a virtualized world
Overprovisioning and the high cost of storage
Taking advantage of advanced storage features like thin provisioning, compression, deduplication
Getting virtualization and storage layers to work well together
Getting storage ready for public and hybrid cloud scenarios

Case Study: Evolution1


This case study of Evolution1, Inc. (F.K.A. Evolution Benefits, Inc.) is based on a August 2015 survey of Turbonomic customers by TechValidate, a 3rd-party research service.

“Turbonomic has given us the insight into the utilization of our virtual infrastructure that we use for our SaaS application to maximize efficiency and manage growing costs of hardware. Compared to other products on the market, Turbonomic is hands down the best between features, performance, and price.”


  • Solved the following challenges with Turbonomic:
    • Underutilized infrastructure
    • Performance for independent workloads sharing common infrastructure

Use Case

  • Virtual machines in their current environment: 500 to 999
  • Currently has > 80% of their production systems virtualized in their environment.
  • Automated actions with Turbonomic:
    • Move (e.g. vMotion, Live Migration)
    • Storage Move (e.g. Storage vMotion)


  • Realized value within 1 to 3 months after deploying Turbonomic.
  • Used Turbonomic to complement VMware or another hypervisor management suite resulting in:
    • Reduced the time spent reviewing data to make decisions
    • Reduced number of alerts we receive
    • Achieved better densities on hosts
  • Increased the following since deploying Turbonomic:
    • Virtual workload performance: less than 20%
    • VM team productivity: 40 to 59%
    • Resource utilization: 20 to 39%
  • Decreased since deploying Turbonomic:
    • Monitoring alerts : less than 20%
    • False positive alerts: 20 to 39%
    • User generated tickets: less than 20%
    • Time to resolve issues: less than 20%

Turbonomic Customer Research

Reduce vSphere License Spend by Up to 30%

39% of organizations surveyed have reduced their vSphere license spend by up to 30% by increasing VM:host density / decreasing the number of hosts needing to be licensed.

Yes, reduced by 0-10%: 16%
Yes, reduced by 11-20%: 13%
Yes, reduced by 21-30%: 10%
Yes, reduced by 31-40%: 3%
Yes, reduced by 41-50%: 1%
Yes, reduced by 51-60%: 1%
Yes, reduced by 91-100%: 1%
No: 55%

Turbonomic Customer Fact

A medium enterprise financial services company has improved virtual workload to full-time system administrator or engineer ratio by >1,000% since deploying Turbonomic.

Turbonomic Case Study

Large Enterprise Industrial Manufacturing Company


This case study of a large enterprise industrial manufacturing company is based on an August 2016 survey of Turbonomic customers by TechValidate, a 3rd-party research service. The profiled company asked to have their name blinded to protect their confidentiality.

“It is the best product in the category. Actually, it is in its own category as other competitors are that far removed in terms of functionality, features, and performance. We can now accomplish the initiatives we never had time for because we were too busy trying to balance VM performance, host capacity, and budget planning.”


The business challenges that led the profiled company to evaluate and ultimately select Turbonomic:

  • Solved the following challenges with Turbonomic:
    • Labor-intensive operational tasks
    • Underutilized infrastructure
    • Performance for workloads sharing common infrastructure
    • Inconsistent QoS or difficulty delivering on SLAs
    • Accurate capacity planning
    • Proper initial and continuous placement of new workloads

Use Case

The key features and functionalities of Turbonomic that the surveyed company uses:

  • Has 500 to 999 virtual machines in their environment.
  • Manages greater than 80% of their virtualized production systems using Turbonomic.
  • Automates the following action using Turbonomic:
    • Move (e.g. vMotion, Live Migration)
  • Improved performance for the following applications with Turbonomic:
    • Databases (e.g. Oracle, SQL, MySQL)
    • Packaged applications (e.g. Exchange, SAP, SharePoint, JDE)
    • Customer facing web
    • Backend transaction processing or management


The surveyed company achieved the following results with Turbonomic:

  • Realized value within 1 to 3 days after the deployment of Turbonomic.
  • Used Turbonomic to impact the following IT initiatives:
    • Reduced number of service tickets/incidents
    • Achieved better densities on hosts
    • Enabled growth without additional infrastructure spend
    • Improved accuracy in planning for and implementing changes
    • Freed skilled staff to focus on other priorities
  • Improved in the following areas since deploying Turbonomic:
    • The improvement in VM performance: 40% to 59%
    • IT team productivity: 40% to 59%
    • Resource utilization: 60% or greater
  • Decreased the following since deploying Turbonomic:
    • Monitoring alerts: 60% or greater
    • False positive alerts: 60% or greater
    • User generated tickets: 60% or greater
    • Time to resolve tickets: 40% to 59%

Turbonomic Customer Reduce Trouble Tickets

42% of surveyed IT organizations decreased user generated tickets by 20% or more since deploying Turbonomic.

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About Turbonomic

Launched in 2010, Turbonomic delivers a hybrid cloud management platform that enables on-premises and public cloud to self-manage in real-time, thereby assuring performance, lowering cost, and continuously ensuring compliance. The Turbonomic patented decision engine curates workload demand to dynamically control resource supply, maintaining a perpetual desired state of application health. One of the fastest growing technology companies, Turbonomic is trusted by thousands of enterprises to simplify and accelerate their hybrid cloud journey.

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