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TriSalus™ Life Sciences Customer Research

What is the primary clinical benefit of SIS?

What is the primary clinical benefit of SIS?

Improved Tumor Response
Improved Therapy Uptake
Improved Patient Outcomes

TriSalus™ Life Sciences Customer Satisfaction Rating

A Director of Interventional Radiology at a small hospital system would be very likely to recommend TriSalus™ Life Sciences for this reason:

Very dependable catheter. Pressured enable delivery and reflux protection have become invaluable in my practice.

TriSalus™ Life Sciences Customer Testimonial

What is the primary reason you use SIS in these procedures?

Controlled delivery, precise catheter placement (no motion during respiration), SIRT—deliver entire intended dose to target area, improved tumor necrosis with PEDD.

Jason Iannuccilli, Director of Interventional Oncology, Lifespan Corporation

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Our commitment to improving outcomes in cancer care is renewed as TriSalus Life Sciences. TriSalus develops infusion technology that helps physicians deliver therapy deeper into solid tumors while protecting healthy tissues, giving patients greater confidence in their cancer care.

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