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340 Customers Surveyed

2,845 Data Points Collected

77 Published TechFacts

10 Published Charts

64 Published Case Studies

Selected Research Highlights

How ThinPrint Helps IT Administrators

Which of the following does ThinPrint reduce for you?

The administrative burden involved with printing
Helpdesk requests involving printing
Unreliable printing results
Bandwidth requirements
Waiting times when printing

Major US Retail Company Solves Printing Issues with ThinPrint


This case study of a large enterprise retail company is based on a December 2015 survey of ThinPrint customers by TechValidate, a 3rd-party research service. The profiled company asked to have their name blinded to protect their confidentiality.

“ThinPrint solves all the printing issues in my organization.”


  • Purchased ThinPrint to solve the following challenge:
    • Printer driver management issues

Use Case

This US retailer with over 600 stores uses ThinPrint for its virtual / remote desktop users in a Microsoft (Remote Desktop / VDI) environment.


Uses ThinPrint to reduce the following:

  1. Administrative burden
  2. Helpdesk requests
  3. Unreliable printing results
  • Finds the following to be the most useful ThinPrint features:
    • Automatic printer mapping
    • Driver management
  • Finds ThinPrint extremely easy to install and run.
  • Realized a positive return on their investment in ThinPrint in less than 6 months.

How Customers Use ThinPrint

How do you use ThinPrint?

IT Administrator ā€“ Iā€™m responsible for our IT infrastructure
End user ā€“ I use ThinPrint to manage the printing of my documents
Management ā€“ I oversee employees who use and manage ThinPrint

A CEO of an industrial manufacturing company is very likely to recommend* ThinPrint for the following reason:

“ThinPrint does what we need it to do: automatically configure a local printer as the system printer for a remote session.”

*Based on a response of 10 to the question “On a scale of 0-10, how likely is it that you would recommend Cortado ThinPrint to a friend or colleague?”

Case Study: Patrona Pharma Group


This case study of Patrona Pharma Group is based on a May 2014 survey of Cortado ThinPrint customers by TechValidate, a 3rd-party research service.

“It has enabled our customers to be able to print while using an RDP connection, no matter their printers, drivers, infrastructure.”


  • Sought a solution with ThinPrint to address the following challenges:
    1. To manage drivers across server farms
    2. To mitigate insufficient bandwidth
    3. To improve management of the print environment

Use Case

  • Uses ThinPrint to coordinate the departments and tasks:
    • On an IT admin level to simplify IT infrastructure
  • Uses the following ThinPrint products in their business:
    • RDP Engine
  • Reported that the following are the main users of ThinPrint:


  • Reported that the following ThinPrint features improve their business the most:
    • Driver free printing
    • Advanced adaptive compression
  • Reduced the following with ThinPrint:
    1. The administrative burden involved with printing
    2. Helpdesk requests involving printing
    3. Printing problems
    4. Bandwidth requirements
    5. Waiting times when printing
  • Found ThinPrint very easy to install and run.

4.5/5 Stars

How our organization uses ThinPrint:

We use ThinPrint primarily for Legacy MS Terminal Services support, and also some newer MS Terminal Services support.

Would you recommend ThinPrint?

For MS Terminal Services it works very well, dramatically more stable that the built in printing service, dramatically lower help desk calls.

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About ThinPrint

ThinPrint technology is based upon more than a decade of experience and has proven itself with tens of thousands of companies regardless of their sector, size, region or even their existing IT infrastructure. The print system is easy to implement and manage. It significantly eases the strain on the IT department and considerably increases performance, optimally supports printing, and enables lucrative cost savings in any environment.

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