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TalkTalk Business Ethernet Customer Review

4.5/5 Stars

TalkTalk Business Customer Research

What is your business size?

Less than 10 employees: 10%
10-50 employees: 49%
51-100 employees: 26%
101-250 employees: 7%
More than 250 employees: 7%

TalkTalk Business Case Study

The benefits of TalkTalk Business fibre at Papertrail


This case study of Papertrail is based on a February 2017 survey of TalkTalk Business customers by TechValidate, a 3rd-party research service.

“Economical and dependable – these two words are better than several sentences.”


  • Papertrail have gained more than 4 hours per month since switching to TalkTalk Business fibre broadband.
  • The benefits they have experienced since moving from standard broadband to TalkTalk Business fibre broadband are:
    • Fewer outages
    • Saving money by making calls over the internet

  • With TalkTalk Business fibre broadband, they are confident to:
    • Video call clients
    • Use online chat to stay in touch with customers
    • Use Cloud based applications

  • Describing the experience with their TalkTalk Business connection they say:
    • “I don’t need to worry about my business connection to the internet”
    • “Fibre means my staff who work online are more productive”
    • “I can now make voice and video calls over the internet”
    • “I can now use cloud storage”

TalkTalk Business Ethernet Customer Fact

I don’t need to worry about the connection to the Internet – it just works.

CFO, Non Profit

TalkTalk Business Customer Research

What difference did you notice when you moved from standard broadband to TalkTalk Business fibre broadband?

It's much quicker to send large emails/files
I can download documents much quicker
More members of staff can be online at the same time without things slowing down
Less buffering
Fewer outages
No difference

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