TechValidate Research on SurveyMonkey Microsoft Integrations

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SurveyMonkey Microsoft Integrations Customer Research

Please rate your level of agreement with the following: “SurveyMonkey’s PowerBI integration…”

Strongly agree Agree Neither agree nor disagree Disagree

Allows me to visualize and analyze key feedback and operational data from multiple sources in one place.
Increases the speed, value, and reliability of our insights.
Has helped my organization to better understand and act on opportunities for growth and innovation.
Drive better business decisions across our organization

SurveyMonkey Customer Research

Top Drivers

What were the top drivers for implementing your SurveyMonkey’s PowerBI integration?

Gain a more centralized view of feedback data
Better analyze feedback data through visual reports, charts, and graphs
Share feedback data with key stakeholders in a standardized way
Collaborate using interactive dashboards that reveal the meaning behind data
Combine feedback data with operational information

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