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SurveyMonkey Marketo Integration Customer Research

SurveyMonkey’s Marketo Integration is used to understand customers and automate campaigns

How are you using the SurveyMonkey Marketo integration?

Better understand customers
Automatically trigger campaigns and alerts
Enrich existing leads
Increase customer retention
Segment leads
Generate new leads

SurveyMonkey Marketo Integration Customer Testimonial

Since we started using the SurveyMonkey Marketo Integration, we have had real improvements in the data that we are able to receive from our surveys.

One of the best things is that we can leave off demographic questions because we already know that data and can link them back to our current Marketo records. It has shortened a few of our surveys and makes our completion rates go up simply because of that!

Marketing Manager, Medium Enterprise Computer Software Company

SurveyMonkey Marketo Integration Customer Testimonial

With the integration, it became easier to link survey answers and individuals’ records.

Customer Reference Professional, Medium Enterprise Insurance Company

SurveyMonkey Marketo Integration Customer Research

Gain customer insights and automate campaigns using SurveyMonkey’s Marketo Integration

What challenges have you solved since using the SurveyMonkey and Marketo integration?

Gain understanding of customer sentiment
Save time and resources by automating campaigns
Better understand your prospects
Gather more insights to move prospects down the funnel
Personalize messaging to prospects to increase conversion
Respond to customer feedback
Build better nurture campaigns
Increase customer growth & retention

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Collect prospect and customer feedback inside your Marketo database.

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