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SurveyMonkey Enterprise Case Study



This case study of Computer Share Corp is based on a June 2020 survey of SurveyMonkey Enterprise customers by TechValidate, a 3rd-party research service.

“We are able to easily survey our customers and prospects to help us make business decisions.”


The business challenges that led the profiled company to evaluate and ultimately select SurveyMonkey Enterprise:

  • Risks associated with limited visibility into and control over surveys and survey data
  • Complexity associated with multiple survey accounts and platforms to support
  • A loss of important feedback data due to the lack of a secure, central platform

Use Case

The key features and functionalities of SurveyMonkey Enterprise that the surveyed company uses:

  • When / how often the surveyed organization sends surveys with SurveyMonkey Enterprise:
    • At a regular cadence (e.g. annually, quarterly)
  • The feedback and data that SurveyMonkey Enterprise helps their organization to collect:
    • Customer feedback about their experiences and sentiments
    • Employees and candidate feedback about their experiences and sentiments
    • Planning / proposed change feedback from customers, employees or communities
    • Market/public feedback, such as competitive analysis, concept testing, public awareness, etc.
  • SurveyMonkey Enterprise abilities they would describe as highly impactful to their work:
    • Make evidence-based, inclusive decisions about planning, policy, and change
    • Share survey results and collaborate cross-functionally
    • Collaborate on surveys and coordinate our response to feedback based on alerts
    • Integrate feedback data easily into our existing tech stack
  • SurveyMonkey Enterprise compared with alternative solutions:
    • Ability to create surveys, collect responses, and share results cross-functionally: superior
    • Improved compliance with company policies or regulations (e.g. HIPAA, GDPR): better than
      **Administrative and security features: superior
    • Integration of feedback data with other tools: superior
  • SurveyMonkey Enterprise helps them to:
    • Centralize ownership and control of their survey data in a distributed workforce: agree
      **Give employees the right access level they need when it comes to survey data: agree
    • Consolidate survey programs under one account and get complete visibility into overall survey usage: agree
    • Reduce the risk of collecting unsecure, sensitive information: agree
    • Reduce the risk of employee usage of unsanctioned (not licensed) survey software: agree


The surveyed company achieved the following results with SurveyMonkey Enterprise:

  • Benefits and outcomes experienced since using SurveyMonkey Enterprise:
    • Less time spent on the survey process, more time to focus on research and insights
    • Improvements to customer insights, experience, and increased customer lifetime value
  • Experienced a return on their investment with SurveyMonkey Enterprise through cost savings, time savings, or other operational improvements) in 4-6 months.
  • With SurveyMonkey Enterprise, how much improvement have you seen to the following (please consider clients, patients, or student experience according to your industry).
    • Reduce time spent on managing the survey process and users: by at least 75%
    • Improve response rates and data quality: by at least 75%
    • Improve customer experience metrics: by at least 75%
    • Improve our ability to make strategic decision, faster: by at least 75%
    • Improve employee engagement metrics: by at least 75%

SurveyMonkey Enterprise Customer Research

What challenges were you looking to solve with SurveyMonkey Enterprise?

Secure the survey data collected
Provide a standardized survey tool for everyone
Integrate survey data into other business applications
Have a more centralized view and manage users
Enable teams to collaborate
Consolidate all existing SurveyMonkey accounts

SurveyMonkey Enterprise Customer Research

Which features do you value the most from SurveyMonkey Enterprise compared to self-serve?

Customization features (custom email domain/subdomain, custom questions)
Account control (single sign-on, domain lockdown etc.)
Workgroups and user management
Multi-channel distribution (SMS, offline surveys etc.)
HIPAA Compliance
Integrations with Marketo, Salesforce, Power BI, Tableau or Eloqua
Dedicated customer success manager
Smart, rule-based notifications

SurveyMonkey Enterprise Customer Satisfaction Rating

Moray Council, UK, uses SurveyMonkey to understand customer and employee experience.

a Research Analyst at Moray Council would be likely to recommend SurveyMonkey Enterprise for this reason:

It’s a useful way of finding out what customers, both internal and external, need. Enterprise allows sharing of good practice, easy collaboration, and also provides an overview of who is producing surveys, and for what reason.

SurveyMonkey Enterprise Case Study

A UK cybersecurity solutions provider uses SurveyMonkey Enterprise to streamline surveys and improve response diversity


This case study of a medium enterprise security products & services company is based on a November 2019 survey of SurveyMonkey Enterprise customers by TechValidate, a 3rd-party research service. The profiled company asked to have their name blinded to protect their confidentiality.

“SurveyMonkey Enterprise’s multilingual survey capabilities enable me to collect feedback from a diverse set of respondents. It’s also easier to build and send surveys, and can be done by one person, rather than multiple systems and numerous people in our organisation being involved. This has provided us with better time management in regards to surveys. "


The customer needed a solution to collect customer and employee experience feedback.

Use Case

Key Enterprise features that have made it easy for the customer to gather critical feedback include multiple question types, multiple ways of collecting data, and multilingual surveys.


According to the customer, their Enterprise solution:

  • increases the speed, value, and reliability of insights
  • provides reliable data needed to understand how people think and feel about their organisation
    *has helped their organisation to better understand and act on opportunities for growth and innovation.

Since adopting Enterprise, the customer has been able to increase volume of research and critical insights and give more people access to the data they need.

SurveyMonkey Enterprise Customer Testimonial

The Tableau integration has given us a simpler, more efficient way to combine data from multiple sources to gain valuable insights into our operations.

Valued Customer ., Surveys, Research & Analytics, Teachers' Retirement System of New York City

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