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4,040 Customers Surveyed

36,976 Data Points Collected

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Selected Research Highlights

TaxCaddy Customer Testimonial

How was your TaxCaddy experience?

Being able to take pictures of my documents and automatically upload them into the correct category with the TaxCaddy iPhone app was a game changer! The whole process is so easy and makes tax prep a breeze.

A user of TaxCaddy

SurePrep Customer Research

Which of the following options did you use to request and receive documents and data before using TaxCaddy? (select all that apply)

Paper questionnaire & organizer sent via snail mail
Client Portal
File Sharing (ex. Citrix ShareFile)
Online Organizer

SurePrep Customer Research

What challenges led you to evaluate and ultimately select TaxCaddy?

We wanted to give our clients a modern, convenient option.
We wanted to streamline and optimize our 1040 workflow to support our long-term growth plans.
We wanted to reduce administrative time (e.g. collating, mailing, receiving and scanning documents).
We wanted to reduce our hard costs (e.g. paper, toner, stamps, envelopes, printing, scanning).

TaxCaddy Case Study

User of TaxCaddy


This case study of a user of TaxCaddy is based on a May 2018 survey conducted by TechValidate, a 3rd-party research service.

“I will use TaxCaddy in the future. It was easy to use, understand, and designed well.”


In prior tax years, this profiled user downloaded the organizer and questionnaire from their tax professional’s portal, website or file sharing service and completed all of it. Although satisfied with the process used in prior tax years, when asked to compare it to TaxCaddy she said TaxCaddy was a “significant improvement”.

Use Case

The key features and functionalities of TaxCaddy that the surveyed user uses and rated as “Excellent” in comparison to the processes used in prior tax seasons:

  • Easy-to-answer questionnaire
  • Easy-to-use document request list
  • Electronic signing of documents
  • Photographing documents with the TaxCaddy app for iPhone/Android
  • Smart Links to automatically retrieve documents
  • Messaging the tax professional
  • Tax return delivery


“By offering technology options like TaxCaddy, my tax professional demonstrates that he/she wants to improve my experience as a client.”

The surveyed user said that she would be likely to use the following potential enhancements:

  • Ability to pay her tax professional’s fees
  • Ability to track estimated tax payments
  • Reduced email notifications
  • Ability for her spouse to e-sign documents via email
  • Ability to log in with Google, Microsoft or other accounts

The surveyed user rated TaxCaddy Support as not necessary, because TaxCaddy was already so easy to use.

TaxCaddy Customer Satisfaction Rating

A user of TaxCaddy would be very likely to recommend for this reason:

TaxCaddy is very easy to use and upload documents. It simplified the document upload process significantly.

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