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Selected Research Highlights

SuperSonic Imagine Customer Research

ShearWave™ Elastography

Which of the following benefits have you noticed since adding ShearWave™ Elastography Stiffness criteria to your routine?

Higher diagnostic accuracy
Better lesion discrimination

SuperSonic Imagine Customer Statistic

89% of customers agreed with the following statement:

“I believe that an ultrasound imaging system with ShearWave™ Elastography can help avoid false positives during an examination, resulting in fewer biopsies.”


SuperSonic Imagine Customer Research

B-Mode Imaging Benefits for Musculo-Skeletal Sytems

What benefits have you experienced using SuperSonic Imagine’s unique B-mode imaging?

Visualize structure at variable depths
Excellent quality of image
Higher penetration

SuperSonic Imagine Customer Testimonial

The ShearWave is easy to use, I have noticed a better color doppler presets
and a better image quality.

Kelly Pachou, Sonographer, PAPAPOSTOLOU N. SA.

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