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Stratus Technologies Customer Fact

A medium enterprise food company has had their Stratus solution installed for 8+ years.

Stratus Technologies Customer Satisfaction Rating

An IT Specialist at a large enterprise food company would be very likely to recommend Stratus Technologies for this reason:

Mainly because of Stratus’ proven outstanding support. The last time I needed it, Stratus’ employees did not give up until we found the reason of the malfunction.
In the end, it was not an error of Stratus but I was impressed with the level of knowledge and thinking. I have never seen this before with other companies.

Stratus Technologies Customer Research

Which applications are you hosting on Stratus?


Stratus Technologies Customer Research

When asked within what time frame they believe IIoT will become widely deployed in industrial automation, Stratus customers said:

<1 year: 0%
1-2 years: 20%
2-4 years: 60%
5+ years: 20%

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About Stratus Technologies

Stratus’ solutions enable rapid deployment of always-on infrastructures, from enterprise servers to clouds, without any changes to your applications.

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