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4,625 Customers Surveyed

35,770 Data Points Collected

182 Published TechFacts

68 Published Charts

42 Published Case Studies

Selected Research Highlights

Partners Looking For Marketing Support Have Found It

94% of surveyed partners rate Star2Star’s marketing support as satisfactory.

How Our Partners Sell Star2Star

What selling points do you use when selling Star2Star to customers?

Cost Reduction
The Ability To Unify Multiple Location
Reliability And Scalability
Ease Of Use
Unified Communications Features

What Matters Most To Partners That Products And Services Matter The Most To

Which Star2Star unified communications products or services are important to your customers?

StarCenter And StarView - Contact Center And Analytics
StarConferencing - Conference Calling
StarContact - CRM Integration
StarRecovery - Disaster Recovery
StarFax - Faxing
StarPhone And The Star2Star SoftPhone - Mobile Solutions
StarVideo - Videoconferencing
StarScope 2 Presence Management

Star2Star Communications Customer Testimonial

Star2Star Communications Partner Testimonial

Star2Star has allowed us to add additional services to our existing customer base. It also allows us to make system corrections without having to roll a truck for onsite work.

Mike Painter, CEO, Business Data Systems Inc.

Case Study: Ameritel Voice &Amp; Data


This case study of Ameritel Voice & Data is based on a July 2015 survey of Star2Star Communications customers by TechValidate, a 3rd-party research service.

“It is a single communications platform that allows us to focus training and development on one manufacturer and fits most all business models. Our whse. stock is not needed to be kept at the level it has been in the past. Centralized administration without additional configuration.”


  • Factors leading them to partner with Star2Star:
    • Customer retention rate
    • The unique blended architecture technology

Use Case

  • Main selling points used when selling to Star2Star customers:
    • Cost reduction
    • The ability to unify multiple location
    • Reliability and scalability
    • Ease of use
    • Unified communications features
  • Cites the following as the most impactful selling points to Star2Star customers:
    • Cost reduction
    • The ability to unify multiple locations
    • Reliability and scalability
    • Ease of use
    • Unified communications features
  • Competing product and service sold:
    • Traditional landline-powered PBX solutions


  • Cites products and services available as the Star2Star aspect having the biggest impact.
  • Products or services most important to their customers:
    • StarRecovery
    • StarScope 2 Presence Management
  • Have increased annual income by 20%-30% since partnering with Star2Star.
  • Rates the following aspects of Star2Star’s partner program:
    • Training: satisfactory
    • Sales Support: good
    • Promotions: good
    • Marketing Support: good
    • Fit With Your Business Model: excellent

Star2Star Communications Case Study

Lewmar Marine


This case study of Lewmar Marine is based on a December 2016 survey of Star2Star Communications customers by TechValidate, a 3rd-party research service.

“With Star2Star I was able to do away with the costly ISDN lines needed to run our old system and replace it with a more reliable fiber data line at a reduced cost. Having the cloud-based disasters recovery system along with the call center and mobile applications have allowed the company to expand its remote workforce.”


The business challenges that led the profiled company to evaluate and ultimately select Star2Star Communications:

  • Used AT&T prior to Star2Star.
  • Switched to Star2Star from previous communications provider for the following reasons:
    • Cost savings
    • Reliability and scalability
    • Feature suite
    • Ease of use
    • Ability to unify multiple locations
    • Disaster avoidance and recovery
  • Solved the following challenges since switching to Star2Star:
    • Unifying multiple locations
    • Cutting costs
    • Unreliable communications services
    • A lack of communications features
    • Multiple phone bills
    • Support and service difficulties
    • Customer service

Use Case

The key features and functionalities of Star2Star Communications that the surveyed company uses:

  • Rates the following aspects of Star2Star’s products and services:
    • Cost: excellent
    • Reliability: excellent
    • Ease of use: excellent
    • Productivity improvements: excellent


The surveyed company achieved the following results with Star2Star Communications:

  • Rates the importance of the following factors in their decision to switch to Star2Star:
    • Pricing: the most important
    • Feature suite: the most important
    • Reliability: the most important
    • Value: the most important
    • Ease of use: the most important
  • Cut their monthly communications costs by > 50% since switching to Star2Star.
  • Star2Star products and services that are upgrades over what the previous provider offered:
    • Voice quality
    • Contact center and analytics (StarCenter)
    • Disaster avoidance and recovery (StarRecovery)
    • Mobile and softphone applications (StarPhone for Mobile and StarPhone for Desktop)
    • Presence management (StarScope 2)

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