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Selected Research Highlights

Star2Star Communications Customer Research

How We Cut Our Partners’ Expenses

In what ways has Star2Star cut your expenses?

Custom-Fit Partner Model
Engineering Support
Reduced Workload And Manhours
Equipment Costs
Sales And Marketing Support
Reliable System And Technical Support/Maintenance
Remote Maintenance And MACs/Fewer Truck Rollouts

Construction Depends On Star2Star For Mobility

48% of surveyed Construction customers currently use StarPhone and the Star2Star SoftPhone from Star2Star.

Case Study: Small Business Security Products & Services Company


This case study of a small business security products & services company is based on a July 2015 survey of Star2Star Communications customers by TechValidate, a 3rd-party research service. The profiled company asked to have their name blinded to protect their confidentiality.

“Star2Star’s VoIP solution enables Interface to deliver an integrated bundle of IP managed services that dramatically simplifies the responsibilities of IT, LP, store operations, and financial departments at leading retail and hospitality companies. By integrating Star2Star’s VoIP solution into the bundle, Interface is able to eliminate ALL POTS lines, even the ‘required’ analog lines for fire and burglar alarm panels. Combining Star2Star’s technology with Interface’s deep expertise in the physical security space (7th largest in North America), provides these companies with a very, very unique value proposition that unlocks a tremendous amount of ‘hidden’ efficiencies.”


  • Factors leading them to partner with Star2Star:
    • Sales and marketing support
    • Compatibility with your business model
    • The unique blended architecture technology

Use Case

  • Main selling point used when selling to Star2Star customers:
    • Cost reduction
  • Cites cost reduction as the most impactful selling point to Star2Star customers.
  • Competing products and services sold:
    • BroadSoft
    • Intermedia


  • Cites sales and marketing support as the Star2Star aspect having the biggest impact.
  • Products or services most important to their customers:
    • StarConferencing
    • StarFax
    • StarPhone and the Star2Star SoftPhone
  • Have increased annual income by > 50% since partnering with Star2Star.
  • Rates the following aspects of Star2Star’s partner program:
    • Training: satisfactory
    • Sales Support: excellent
    • Promotions: good
    • Marketing Support: excellent
    • Fit With Your Business Model: excellent

Case Study: Head 2 Head


This case study of Head 2 Head is based on a July 2015 survey of Star2Star Communications customers by TechValidate, a 3rd-party research service.

“The system has increased our office efficiency on several levels. The Star2Star Application Framework allows for immediate knowledge of who is on the phone, and the online portal allows me to quickly make changes in our system.”


  • Looking for a new communications solution because of:
    • Paying too much/looking to cut costs
    • Looking to upgrade to VoIP
  • Cites the following reasons as factors leading them to Star2Star:
    • Cost savings
    • Feature suite
    • Ease of use
  • Used traditional landline-powered PBX solutions prior to deploying Star2Star.

Use Case

  • Currently using the following Star2Star unified communications products and services:
    • StarConferencing
    • StarPhone and the Star2Star SoftPhone
  • Star2Star feature or service interested in adding in the future:
    • StarVideo


  • Has cut their monthly communications costs by 40%-50% by switching to Star2Star.
  • Rated aspects of Star2Star:
    • Cost: excellent
    • Reliability: satisfactory
    • Ease of use: satisfactory
    • Effectiveness in their business: satisfactory
    • Meets goals and objectives: good

Why Construction Customers Choose Star2Star

What factors led you to switch to Star2Star?

Cost Savings
Reliability And Scalability
Feature Suite
Ease Of Use
Unifying Multiple Locations
Disaster Avoidance And Recovery

Star2Star Communications Customer Statistic

Star2Star Helps Customers Cut Costs

45% of surveyed customers used Star2Star to cut their costs.


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