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SonicWall Customer Testimonial

Significant Cybersecurity

The deployment of SonicWall solutions has significantly increased the security of the corporate environment.

Marian Rydlo, IT Manager, Altech, spol. s r.o.

SonicWall Customer Testimonial

Less Fear, More Productivity

Proven cybersecurity products, solutions, and strategies reduce anxiety and fear amongst the user base. That reduction helps to maintain productivity and the ability to work without too much continuous worry, which makes us much more successful.

Director, Non Profit

SonicWall Customer Testimonial

Maintaining Business-Critical Uptime

By both protecting and preventing a breach or compromise, we maintain uptime to our customers and productivity from our staff.

IT Specialist, Medium Enterprise Wholesale Distribution Company

SonicWall Customer Testimonial

Valuable Visibility

Any product that brings about the visibility of the behavior of our digital assets and also captures historical data is very much appreciated.

Network Administrator, Medium Enterprise Energy & Utilities Company

SonicWall Customer Testimonial

Reducing Attack Vector

No one is 100% safe. A good solution reduces exposure to cyber threats. If they want to attack you, then can do it. The exhibition area must be reduced with strategy, products or solutions.

Jose Francisco San Lorenzo Mas, IT Director, Ajuntament de Nules

SonicWall Customer Testimonial

Just Takes A ‘Click’

[The evolving cyber threat landscape] has made us train users a lot more. It’s made us spend more on cybersecurity. It scares the hell out of me that an end-user can click on something and bring our systems down — even though we are WELL protected.

Stafford Fields, IT Director, Cavett Turner & Wyble Llp

SonicWall Customer Testimonial

The Terror of Attack

Frankly, I live in terror of a ransomware attack and state-sponsored intrusions. On my logs, I have seen massive increases in probes from Russia, China and a handful of other (what I would call) enemy nations.

Business Professional, Small Business Healthcare Company

SonicWall Customer Testimonial

Defining ‘Normal’ Changes Everyday

Mainly in training end-users — taking time away from productive work. [Changing cyber threats] create hurdles for internal users to get to the information they need to work and also leads to pushback and lost productivity. ‘Normal’ changes every day with each new vulnerability discovered.

Steve Allen, IT Manager, EST, Inc.

SonicWall Customer Testimonial

An Evolution of Threats

The evolution of cyberattacks hit over the years due to technological progress, where, day by day, we must be more aware and apply new solutions for our clients.

Miguel Pire, IT Specialist, Consemad

SonicWall Customer Testimonial

A Foundation of Sound Cybersecurity

As a startup, it’s important for us to implement good security from the beginning. What we have made normal for us from the start would be a major change for most established companies. We have the flexibility to enact changes to policy as issues arise.

Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Small Business Computer Services Company

SonicWall Customer Testimonial

Bombarded with Requirements

Operationally (to the end user) we have not been impacted [by a changing cyber threat landscape]. On the backend, we have been increasingly bombarded by new requirements from existing and new clients. Keeping up has been a challenge.

Director, Medium Enterprise Engineering Company

SonicWall Customer Testimonial

We really have to put resources — people and money — in areas that previously we did not. (I am talking years ago.)

Mike Klaus, IT Manager, CNPPID

SonicWall Customer Satisfaction Rating

Best for the Money

Brian Reed, a Network Administrator at Dreaming Tree Technology, would be very likely to recommend SonicWall for this reason:

It is the best firewall for the money in regards to security and functionality, and is incredibly reliable.

SonicWall Customer Testimonial

Capture ATP Delivers Imperative Protection

Being a financial institution, it is imperative to have this feature.

System Administrator, Small Business Financial Services Company

SonicWall Customer Testimonial

A Secure Combo

Used in combination with our endpoint security, we have a robust solution to protect our company.

Mark Patterson, Chief Information Officer, S. M. Wilson & Co.

SonicWall Customer Testimonial

No More Worries

We don’t have to worry about people downloading malware from compromised sites.

Andrew Cohen, CEO, SMR Consulting, Inc.

SonicWall Customer Testimonial

No More Ransomware

Prior to implementing Capture ATP, our business had been struck by ransomware on two different occasions (both recovered from without data loss), but have not had any more occurrences since.

System Administrator, Medium Enterprise Beverage Company

SonicWall Customer Testimonial

SonicWall Saves the Day

As a reseller, we have seen Capture ATP reports of our customers that have proved it’s worth in saving the day.

Delano Decker, Engineer, Triware Technoloigies Inc.

SonicWall Customer Testimonial

Efficient & Easy to Manage

We’re not a large organization with a lot of resources, so our solutions need to be efficient, easy to manage, and not too costly. SonicWall gives us a sense of satisfaction in knowing that we are protected from threats with tools that lead the industry.

Marketing Professional, Non Profit

SonicWall Customer Testimonial

‘Automatic’ Protection

Protection against zero-day threats that happens basically automatically with very little configuration required on the SonicWall.

Brian Reed, Network Administrator, Dreaming Tree Technology

SonicWall Customer Testimonial

SonicWall Safeguards Healthcare Data

As a healthcare company, we feel we need the best to protect our data, and SonicWall provides that security.

Isabel Edwards, Director, Elite DNA Therapy

SonicWall Customer Statistic

More than Satisfied

93% of surveyed IT organizations are satisfied with the SonicWall Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) sandbox service.


SonicWall Customer Testimonial

No-Hassle Security

Capture ATP provides a secure work environment without much hassle with setup and it works as it should.

Vladimir Jegdic, IT Manager, ASBIS Serbia

SonicWall SMA Customer Testimonial

Borough of Kutztown

We currently only use SonicWall SMA for remote access. All Kutztown management have a borough-issued laptop or smartphone that has the SonicWall NetExtender application installed for secure, encrypted VPN access.

David Horvath, IT Director, Borough of Kutztown

SonicWall SMA Customer Testimonial

Highmark Federal Credit Union – SonicWalll SMA

SonicWall SMA allowed our call center to go 100% remote.

Tony Pannone, Chief Information Officer, Highmark Federal Credit Union

SonicWall SMA Customer Testimonial

Gold Point Lodging & Realty – Secure Mobile Access

SonicWall SMA allowed us to quickly expand our VPN footprint by a factor of 10. With built-in end-point checks for anti-virus and other options, we feel very secure in allowing our workforce to work from home with their own devices.

Brian Binge, IT Vice President, Gold Point Lodging & Realty

SonicWall SMA Customer Satisfaction Rating

Lee County Property Appraisers Office

Marcus Wyatt, a System Administrator at Lee County Property Appraisers Office, would be very likely to recommend SonicWall SMA for this reason:

SMA is a solid product. It allowed us to scale up to meet the demand of more users working from home.

SonicWall SMA Customer Satisfaction Rating

Bashas’ Inc.

Lou Labenskyj, a Chief Security Officer at Bashas’ Inc., would be very likely to recommend SonicWall SMA for this reason:

SonicWall SMA let us easily support our work-from-home employees.

SonicWall NSa 2700 Firewall Customer Testimonial

Al Kamal Exchange

The NSa 2700 gives me the support and responsiveness I need.

Ramez Manasrah, Network Administrator, Al Kamal Exchange

SonicWall NSa 2700 Firewall Customer Satisfaction Rating

Cavagna Group

Cristiano Papa, a Chief Information Officer at Cavagna Group, would be very likely to recommend SonicWall NSa 2700 Firewall for this reason:

The NSa 2700 has very useful new features. The new console is immediate and intuitive.

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