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SonicWall Customer Research

Concern about Cyberattacks Remains in 2022

Are you more or less concerned about cyberattacks against your organization in 2022 than previous years?

More concerned: 66%
Less concerned: 5%
About the same: 29%

SonicWall NSa firewalls Case Study

City of Belton


This case study of City of Belton is based on an August 2019 survey of SonicWall NSa firewalls customers by TechValidate, a 3rd-party research service.

“We rely on SonicWall primarily for network security, internet site filtering and SSL VPN use,” says Chris Brown, IT Director, City of Belton. “My SonicWall NSa firewall is meeting or exceeding my performance and security expectations, and provides ease of management.”


The city used or evaluated Cisco/Meraki before selecting their SonicWall NSa firewall(s). It chose to deploy SonicWall NSa firewalls because they were challenged with consolidating security and networking features in a single solution.

Use Case

The key features and functionalities of SonicWall NSa firewalls that were important in selecting their SonicWall NSa firewall included :

  • Deep Packet Inspection of Encrypted Traffic (DPI-SSL)
  • An integrated VPN


Brown is extremely satisfied with the NSa Series firewall.

“SonicWall NSa firewalls are easy to manage, and improve the efficiency of business processes.”

SonicWall SMA Customer Testimonial

All of our staff can work remotely.

Alexey Lukashin, IT Director, Moscow State University

SonicWall TZ270/370/470 Case Study



This case study of Data-Sec is based on an October 2020 survey of SonicWall TZ270/370/470 customers by TechValidate, a 3rd-party research service.

“The performance of the new TZ firewall was a tremendous increase, which is necessary for DPI-SSL inspection. It has awesome security features like Capture ATP and unified endpoint integration. And the ‘basic’ functions are working as expected. Great job!”
- Daniel Franz, Senior IT Architect


The business challenges that led the large-enterprise security products and services company to evaluate and ultimately select SonicWall included:

  • Enforcing a uniform advanced security platform across distributed sites
  • Easing central management of firewalls across distributed sites
  • Consolidating security and networking features in a single solution
  • Optimizing network security performance
  • Receiving satisfactory support and customer service

Use Case

Data-Sec has deployed the SonicWall TZ270/370/470 Series firewall in its production environment, along with SonicWall Switch, Network Security Manager On-Prem, and Analytics 3.0 solutions.

Franz reports that he loved both the new user interface and using the SonicExpress mobile app to onboard the firewall. “It worked seamlessly.”


Franz states that the new SonicWall Gen 7 hardware provided the following enhancements compared to previous Gen 6 hardware:

  • Faster performance
  • Greater stability
  • Easier onboarding
  • Easier management

He finds that monitoring the firewall or making changes is easier.

The company reports that the most beneficial features of the SonicWall TZ270/370/470 Series firewall have been:

  • Multi-gig or gigabit interfaces
  • Zero-Touch Deployment
  • SD-WAN
  • Additional storage
  • TLS 1.3 support

SonicWall Customer Research

Advanced Threat Protection Is Critical

Which single challenge most influenced your organization to add SonicWall Capture ATP?

Protection against advanced malware or ransomware
Protection against new, unknown or emerging attack types (e.g., zero-day attacks)
Simplicity of integrating with existing products (e.g., SonicWall firewalls, email security, etc.)
Real-time visibility and reporting via Capture Security Center
Protection against memory-based attacks

SonicWall NSa firewalls Customer Testimonial

Directly after implementing them, we had a major attack effort against the city. The SonicWall firewalls were able to prevent entry into the network. We found out shortly after this had happened that the Cisco firewall had a vulnerability that was not general knowledge at the time that would have enabled the attackers to gain entry into our network.

Chief Information Officer, State & Local Government

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