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Selected Research Highlights

SonicWave Customer Testimonial

SonicWave wireless access points make our remote office safe!

Joshua Tyler, CEO, Dorris Lumber & Moulding Co.

SonicWall NSa firewalls Customer Research

Which single challenge most influenced your organization to deploy SonicWall NSa firewalls?

Consolidating security and networking features in a single solution: 24%
Enforcing a uniform advanced security platform across distributed sites: 20%
Optimizing network security performance: 13%
Lowering total cost of ownership: 12%
Easing central management of firewalls across distributed sites: 9%
Receiving satisfactory support and customer service: 9%
Providing greater scalability for network security: 5%
Other: 8%

SonicWall NSa firewalls Case Study

Retail: Khalil Ebrahim Kanoo


This case study of Khalil Ebrahim Kanoo is based on an August 2019 survey of SonicWall NSa firewalls customers by TechValidate, a 3rd-party research service.

“I cannot describe in just a few sentences all of the benefits our organization got after putting in our NSa firewall,” says Devendra Singh, System Administrator, Khalil Ebrahim Kanoo


The Bahrain retail enterprise deployed SonicWall NSa firewalls because they were challenged with consolidating security and networking features in a single solution.

“Before we deployed our NSa solution, we were facing issues about content filtering policy, app rules, antispam feature, sandboxing and more."

Use Case

Key features and functionalities that were important in selecting their SonicWall NSa firewall included:

  • Capture ATP multi-engine sandboxing
  • Deep Packet Inspection of Encrypted Traffic (DPI-SSL)


Singh is extremely satisfied with their NSa Series firewall, and agrees that SonicWall NSa are easy to manage. “It is meeting or exceeding my performance and security expectations.”

The retail organization realized the following operational benefits following the deployment of their SonicWall NSa firewall:

  • Reduced IT infrastructure costs
  • Improved overall system uptime
  • Improved data protection of critical information
  • Met regulatory compliance standards
  • Has seen the number of blocked attacks increase by 51-75%

SonicWall Network Security Customer Research

How SonicWall Impacted Our Business

What types of operational benefits did your organization realize following the deployment of your SonicWall?

Improved data protection of critical information
Improved overall system uptime
Reduced IT infrastructure costs
Lowered total cost of ownership
Delivered faster performance
Improved the efficiency of a business process
Met regulatory compliance standards

SonicWall SD-Branch Case Study

MCE – Wholesale Distribution


This case study of MCE is based on a September 2020 survey of SonicWall SD-Branch customers by TechValidate, a 3rd-party research service.

“SonicWall SD-Branch improved our performance. SonicWall Switches are excellent equipment, with very good technical support.”
- Geff Malz, IT Professional


The small business faced challenges in managing remote branch offices, which motivated deployment of a SonicWall SD-Branch solution.

Use Case

MCE applied the SonicWall SD-Branch solution to provide secure managed connectivity between its headquarters and remote office or branches.

The wholesale distribution company has deployed entry-level TZ Series firewalls and SonicWave Wireless Access Points in its SD-Branch environment.


Malz reports that SonicWall SD-Branch increased performance over their distributed network. He indicated that it helped MCE scale easier and faster.

He also found SonicWall support to be a prime benefit for MCE. “SonicWall SD-Branch is a great product, with good pricing and good support.”

Malz agrees that SonicWall SD-Branch:

  • Met their needs better than competitive solutions
  • Lowered their operational costs
  • Is easy to deploy and manage

SonicWall NSa 2700 Firewall Customer Testimonial

Al Kamal Exchange

The NSa 2700 gives me the support and responsiveness I need.

Ramez Manasrah, Network Administrator, Al Kamal Exchange

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