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Selected Research Highlights

SonicWall Customer Research

Advanced Threat Protection Is Critical

Which single challenge most influenced your organization to add SonicWall Capture ATP?

Protection against advanced malware or ransomware
Protection against new, unknown or emerging attack types (e.g., zero-day attacks)
Simplicity of integrating with existing products (e.g., SonicWall firewalls, email security, etc.)
Real-time visibility and reporting via Capture Security Center
Protection against memory-based attacks

SonicWall Customer Testimonial

“The new TZ670 is very strong by its nature, and stable. SonicOS 7.0 will simply change the vision of IT engineers and managers deploying cybersecurity products in their network. They will find it very simple and easy.”

Suresh Gandhi, Director, eCAPS Computers

SonicWall Secure Mobile Access Customer Testimonial

Secure Remote Work in the New Business Normal

We all work remote now due to COVID-19 and we have had no IT or security issues.

IT Professional, Small Business Communities Company

SonicWall Customer Research

Industry Split on Headcount Needs

To meet cybersecurity demands, would you describe your current IT headcount and/or cybersecurity personnel as:

Adequate: 57%
Inadequate: 42%
We have too many headcount: 1%

SonicWall Network Security Case Study

Retail: Integrity Business Solutions


This case study of Integrity Business Solutions is based on a May 2019 survey of SonicWall Network Security customers by TechValidate, a 3rd-party research service.

“We use SonicWall TZ Series firewalls for IP gateway as well as VoIP routing and holding our VPN connections between our various locations,” says Steve Shick, IT Director, Integrity Business Solutions.

“Our previous routers would freeze up and we were constantly rebooting them. Outside of reboots for updates, our SonicWall TZ firewalls run all day, every day with no hassle.”


Shick had tried WatchGuard firewalls before selecting SonicWall TZ firewalls.

The retail company deployed SonicWall TZ firewalls to provide greater scalability and reliability for network security.

Use Case

Key features that were important in selecting their TZ included:

  • Zero-Touch Deployment
  • An integrated VPN


Shick is very satisfied with their TZ Series firewall. He finds that their TZ firewalls:

  • Beat the competition in security effectiveness
  • Provide the best security value
  • Are easy to deploy and manage
  • Has the networking features they need

Integrity Business Solutions realized the following operational benefits following the deployment of their SonicWall TZ firewalls:

  • An improved efficiency of their business process
  • Reduced IT infrastructure costs
  • An improved overall system uptime
  • An improved data protection of critical information

SonicWall Case Study



This case study of Telebrands is based on a July 2020 survey of SonicWall customers by TechValidate, a 3rd-party research service.

“SonicWave wireless access points have great speeds and low maintenance. It’s a solid product that is easy to configure, implement and maintain.”
—Anthony Sperrazza, Senior IT Director, Telebrands


The small retail business had tried Checkpoint wireless access points before selecting SonicWall.

The need for a reliable operation was the challenge that most influenced the company’s decision to deploy SonicWave access points.

Use Case

The key features and functionalities that the surveyed company found important in selecting SonicWave access points included:

  • Powerful wireless network security
  • Seamless integration with SonicWall firewalls


Sperrazza is very satisfied with the SonicWave solution. He reports it is meeting or exceeding the company’s performance and security expectations. He adds that it provides a secure, flexible, easy-to use and easy-to-manage way to connect and secure employees, while allowing them to maintain social distancing.

The retail company gained the following operational benefits upon the deployment of their SonicWave solution:

  • Noticeably improved productivity for their wireless network users
  • Simplified wireless security management
  • Improved protection of critical information

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