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Selected Research Highlights

SonicWall NSa firewalls Customer Research

Which single challenge most influenced your organization to deploy SonicWall NSa firewalls?

Consolidating security and networking features in a single solution: 24%
Enforcing a uniform advanced security platform across distributed sites: 20%
Optimizing network security performance: 13%
Lowering total cost of ownership: 12%
Easing central management of firewalls across distributed sites: 9%
Receiving satisfactory support and customer service: 9%
Providing greater scalability for network security: 5%
Other: 8%

SonicWall Case Study

Community Service Partners


This case study of Community Service Partners is based on a July 2020 survey of SonicWall customers by TechValidate, a 3rd-party research service.

“We used SonicWave wireless access points to set up a secure network for corporate users and allow guests to connect without giving them access to our networks. I like the ease of management.”
—Edward Clarke, IT Director, Community Service Partners


Clark was interested in setting up a secure network for corporate users, and allowing guests to connect without giving them access to the medium-enterprise non-profit organization’s networks.

The business challenges that most influenced the organization’s decision to deploy SonicWave access points was the need for reliable operation.

Use Case

The key features and functionalities that influenced selecting SonicWave included:

  • WiFi Cloud Manager
  • WiFi Planner
  • Exceptional WiFi user experience with 802.11ac Wave 2 technology
    *Powerful wireless network security
  • WiFi deployment flexibility


Clarke finds that the SonicWave is meeting or exceeding the organization’s performance and security expectations.

He reports the SonicWave solution provides a secure, flexible and easy-to-use way to connect and secure employees, while allowing them to maintain social distancing.

SonicWall NSv firewall Case Study

OneSource Technology


This case study of OneSource Technology is based on a November 2020 survey of SonicWall NSv firewall customers by TechValidate, a 3rd-party research service.

“SonicWall NSv gave us a Hyper-V solution with a UI that we’re familiar with, that is also consistent with the rest of our stack. Unified policy on SonicOSX is very intuitive and eases operations.”

- Paul Bush, Founder & Principal Consultant, OneSource Technology


OneSource Technology is an IT support company serving accounting firms, healthcare organizations and law firms in South Central Kansas and North Central Oklahoma.

The challenges that most influenced the company to deploy SonicWall NSv solution included:

  • Enforcing a uniform advanced security platform across distributed sites
  • Consolidating security and networking features in a single solution

The computer services company had also considered Untangled firewalls before ultimately selecting a SonicWall NSv solution.

Use Case

“We use our NSv virtual firewall at our data center in front of virtual servers we host for our clients,” says Bush.

The SonicWall NSv Series virtual firewall delivers all the security advantages of a physical firewall with the operational and economic benefits of virtualization, including system scalability and agility, speed of system provisioning, simple management and cost reduction.

The key public/private cloud features that addressed their challenges included:

  • A Unified Policy on SonicOSX
  • Support across private cloud private cloud (ESXi, Hyper-V, KVM, Nutanix) and/or public cloud (AWS, Azure) platforms

Virtual machine protection benefits included virtual network resilience and availability.


Bush is very satisfied with the NSv firewall solution. He agrees that it was easy to deploy and is easy to manage. By deploying NSv, the company has:

  • Improved the efficiency of business processes
  • Improved protection of critical information
  • Lowered total cost of ownership

NSv delivers full-featured security tools to shield all critical components of private/public cloud environments from resource misuse attacks, cross-virtual-machine attacks, side-channel attacks and common network-based exploits and threats. With infrastructure support for reliable distributed clustering and scaling, the SonicWall NSv Series ensures system resiliency, operational uptime, service delivery and availability, and conformance to regulatory requirements.

SonicWall Customer Testimonial

Efficient & Easy to Manage

We’re not a large organization with a lot of resources, so our solutions need to be efficient, easy to manage, and not too costly. SonicWall gives us a sense of satisfaction in knowing that we are protected from threats with tools that lead the industry.

Marketing Professional, Non Profit

SonicWall Network Security Customer Testimonial

Years of Proof

I’ve been using SonicWall since the TZ100. I have NOT been disappointed. I have NOT had malware or virus issues. I now support several different dental offices in keeping them secure, also.

Mark Benavides, Business Professional

SonicWall NSa firewalls Customer Research

Top Reasons to Switch to SonicWall

What types of operational benefits did your organization realize following the deployment of your SonicWall NSa firewall?

Improved data protection of critical information
Improved overall system uptime
Delivered faster performance
Met regulatory compliance standards
Reduced IT infrastructure costs
Lowered total cost of ownership
Improved the efficiency of a business process

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