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Selected Research Highlights

84% See ROI in 3 months or less

How soon after deploying VMAN did you see value?

> 1 Week: 26%
1-4 Weeks: 43%
1-3 Months: 15%
3-6 Months: 10%
< 6 Months: 6%

Case Study: NTT


  • Purchased SolarWinds VMAN in order to solve the following virtual challenges:
    • Unable to be proactive in performance optimization
    • Capacity Planning
    • Current virtualization management tool did not meet expectations

Use Case

  • Optimized VM performance via right-sizing and recommendations with Virtualization Manager.
  • Manages 500-1000 VMs with SolarWinds VMAN.


  • Purchased SolarWinds VMAN over other virtualization tools for the following reasons:
    • Integration with other SolarWinds products
    • Alerting/Reporting
    • Sprawl/Recommendations
  • Took the following amount of time to troubleshoot virtualization performance issues per month:
    • Before deploying VMAN: 2 – 5 hours
    • After deploying VMAN: < 2 hours
  • Experienced the following amount of downtime due to VM performance issues per month:
    • Before deploying VMAN: 2 – 5 hours
    • After deploying VMAN: < 2 hours
  • Reclaimed storage, CPU and memory due to sprawl reduction and better management with SolarWinds VMAN:
    • CPU: 10-25%
    • Memory: 10-25%
    • Storage: 10-25%

5/5 Stars

How our organization uses SolarWinds Virtualization Manager:

Used to Monitor Disk usage /CPU/Ram in my VMware environment. I have several critical servers that I need pro-active information on and VMAN provides this!

Would you recommend SolarWinds Virtualization Manager?

Yes, it’s a tool for the virtual environment that is indispensable because it monitors and alerts me before there are issues that effect performance.

Customize Monitoring As You Need with SolarWinds Server & Application Monitor

4/5 Stars

Please describe which feature of SolarWinds SAM has been most useful to you and how.

Centralized console, customizable screens for IT support groups, advanced alerts, integration to Service Desk platform, and custom application monitors.

What would you say to recommend SolarWinds SAM to someone who is considering purchasing an application and server monitoring solution?

SolarWinds SAM is a great choice. Make sure to capitalize on product support to plan and implement.

Kingston Healthcare Company Chooses SolarWinds Server & Application Monitor Over Nagios

“Every time that we have a location call in and say that they can’t reach the Internet or a network resource, we turn to Server & Application Monitor to begin troubleshooting. SolarWinds saves us so much time diagnosing problems found in our local network, as well as locations that are not close to our home office.”

“We did try to implement Nagios, but found it too difficult to get up and running quickly. SolarWinds was far more user-friendly.”


  • IT administration and management challenges that prompted you to purchase SolarWinds Server & Application Monitor:
    • Inability to identify why servers are running slow
    • Lack of visibility into application health and availability
    • Too much manual effort and time spent on finding the root-cause of issues
    • Lack of centralized monitoring across multiple sites in the network
  • Evaluated Nagios and found it difficult to get up and running. Chose SolarWinds Server & Application Monitor over Nagios.

Use Case

  • Purchased Server & Application Monitor for the following key features:
    • Out-of-the-box monitoring templates for multi-vendor applications
    • Ability to modify or build new templates for custom application monitoring
    • Application dependency mapping with underlying infrastructure using AppStackā„¢ dashboard
    • Server monitoring and IT asset inventory management
    • Integration with SolarWindsĀ® IT management solutions
  • Applications primarily monitored using Server & Application Monitor:
    • Microsoft Exchange Server
    • Windows
    • Linux
    • IIS
    • SQL Server
    • Active Directory
    • SharePoint


  • Identifies and troubleshoots application issues 60-80% faster after deploying Server & Application Monitor.
  • Saw a 40-60% decline in application and server downtime since they started using Server & Application Monitor.
  • Realized ROI in 1-3 months after buying Server & Application Monitor.
  • Rates SolarWinds as 5 out of 5 stars.

Virtualization Manager helped reclaim 25% of resources

Since deploying VMAN, please estimate the % of used CPU, memory, and storage you were able to reclaim due to sprawl reduction and better management?

>75% 50-75% 25-50% 10-25% <10%


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