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653 Customers Surveyed

5,114 Data Points Collected

84 Published TechFacts

17 Published Charts

56 Published Case Studies

Selected Research Highlights

Decrease Troubleshooting Time by an Average of 65%

How long did it take to troubleshoot virtualization performance issues per month before/after VMAN?

0 Hours Less than 2 Hours 2 - 5 Hours 5 - 10 Hours More than 10 hours

Before VMAN
After VMAN

40-60% Faster Application Troubleshooting After Replacing HP SiteScope with SolarWinds

We purchased SolarWinds Server & Application Monitor to replace HP SiteScope.

After deploying SolarWinds, identifying and troubleshooting application issues has become 40-60% faster.

Case Study: S&P 500 Industrial Manufacturing Company Replaces IBM Tivoli with SolarWinds

“We had a user group complaining about starting an application and the slow performance. Using SolarWinds Server & Application Monitor, I found a highly executed database query that averaged 113,000 ms, which I was able to tune down to 47 ms greatly improving database and application performance.”

“I like having a central focus for where to go to monitor my databases and applications, and SolarWinds delivers just that.”


  • IT administration and management challenges that prompted you to purchase SolarWinds Server & Application Monitor:
    • Lack of visibility into application health and availability
    • Need for greater insight into performance metrics for troubleshooting
    • Lack of centralized monitoring across multiple sites in the network
  • Used IBM Tivoli before replacing it with SolarWinds Server & Application Monitor.

Use Case

  • Purchased Server & Application Monitor to have a single, unified solution to monitor all environments.
  • Applications primarily monitored using Server & Application Monitor:
    • Microsoft Exchange Server
    • Windows
    • IIS
    • SQL Server
    • Oracle
    • AIX


  • Able to identify and troubleshoot application issues 40 – 60% faster after deploying Server & Application Monitor.

SolarWinds Server & Application Monitor Detects SharePoint Problem Caused Due to IIS

SharePoint web portal wouldn’t launch. Checking on Server & Application Monitor led me to identifying where the issue was and that was the IIS server. I restarted IIS, and the SharePoint application was able to run.

After deploying SolarWinds, identifying and troubleshooting application issues has become over 100% faster.

Hezekiah Omulo, IT/Systems Administrator, Kemri - Wellcome Trust Research Programme

Case Study: Toyota Financial Services (Uk) Ltd


  • Purchased SolarWinds VMAN in order to solve the following virtual challenges:
    • Application/Server downtime
    • Unable to be proactive in performance optimization
    • Capacity Planning
    • Currently don’t have a monitoring tool

Use Case

  • Manages 101-250 VMs with SolarWinds VMAN.


  • Reduced downtime by 10-25% with SolarWinds Virtualization Manager (VMAN).
  • Decreased time spent troubleshooting virtual performance issues by 50-75% with SolarWinds VMAN.
  • Increased VM team productivity by 25-50% since deploying SolarWinds VMAN.
  • Reclaimed storage, CPU and memory due to sprawl reduction and better management with SolarWinds VMAN:
    • CPU: 10-25%
    • memory: 10-25%
    • storage: 10-25%
  • Was able to delay a hardware or software purchase with SolarWinds VMAN.
  • Saw value in 3-6 months after deploying SolarWinds VMAN.
  • Purchased SolarWinds VMAN over other virtualization tools for the following reason(s):
    • Price
    • Integration with other SolarWinds products
    • Alerting/Reporting
    • Did not shop for other tools

Reclaim CPU, memory, and storage

Since deploying VMAN, please estimate the % of used CPU, memory, and storage you were able to reclaim due to sprawl reduction and better management?

>75% 50-75% 25-50% 10-25% <10%


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