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Selected Research Highlights

Case Study: Medium Enterprise Banking Company


  • Top storage challenges are:
    • Understanding storage performance bottlenecks
    • Capacity planning & forecasting
    • Correlating storage performance to VM & application

Use Case

  • Found out about Storage Resource Monitor because they used SolarWinds products at a previous job.
  • Monitors 2 storage devices with Storage Resource Monitor.


  • Purchased SolarWinds over other storage management tools because of:
    • Integration with other Solarwinds’ products
    • Breadth of storage device support
    • Alerting/Reporting
  • Saved 10-20 man-hours a month managing their storage environment using Storage Resource Monitor.
  • Able to identify and troubleshoot storage issues 40-60% faster with Storage Resource Monitor.
  • Finds correlate database performance with storage performance (i.e. IOPS, latency, throughput, I/O size, and read/write mix) most important in a storage monitoring tool.

Minimize Downtime using SolarWinds Server & Application Monitor

What percentage has application and server downtime declined since you started using Server & Application Monitor?

More than 80%: 12%
60 - 80%: 10%
40 - 60%: 27%
20 - 40%: 23%
10 - 20%: 16%
Less than 10%: 13%

Case Study: Medium Enterprise Energy & Utilities Company Fixes Problems Proactively

“Compared to HP Openview and SCOM, SolarWinds® Server & Application Monitor is easier to use, provides a lower TCO, and gives us greater flexibility.”

“The best feature is its ability to identify problems and fix them proactively.”

“Compared to free and open source tools, SolarWinds® Server & Application Monitor offers a greater user base for help with a problem.”


  • Server and application monitoring solutions used prior to SolarWinds® Server & Application Monitor:
    • HP® SiteScope®/HP OpenView®
    • Microsoft® System Center Operations Manager

Use Case

  • Addressed the following challenges with SolarWinds® Server & Application Monitor:
    • Exchange management
    • Needing more visibility of server health


  • Able to identify and troubleshoot application performance issues 40 – 60% faster with SolarWinds® Server & Application Monitor.
  • Saves $20,000 – $50,000 on an annual basis on labor, software costs, maintenance costs, and admin costs using SolarWinds® Server & Application Monitor versus their previous solution.
  • Reduced downtime by 10 – 20% since using SolarWinds® Server & Application Monitor.

Users Fix Application Issues 65% Faster with SolarWinds Server & Application Monitor

After deploying Server & Application Monitor, how much faster are you able to identify and troubleshoot application issues?

Over 100% faster: 7%
80 - 100% faster: 20%
60 - 80% faster: 36%
40 - 60% faster: 24%
20 - 40% faster: 8%
10 - 20% faster: 4%
< 10% faster: 1%

SolarWinds Server & Application Monitor Customer Testimonial

SolarWinds SAM Provides Root Cause Analysis for Application Performance Tuning

[After deploying SolarWinds Server & Application Monitor], I have visibility into applications now that I never had, and I can start to determine root cause analysis and do performance tuning.

Systems Engineer, Large Enterprise Retail Company

SolarWinds Server & Application Monitor – Your One Stop Shop Monitoring Tool

4.5/5 Stars

Please describe which feature of SolarWinds SAM has been most useful to you and how.

Easy, out-of-the box AppInsight tools are readily available for monitoring.

What would you say to recommend SolarWinds SAM to someone who is considering purchasing an application and server monitoring solution?

SolarWinds SAM is a simple, one stop monitoring tool.

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