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Selected Research Highlights

Troubleshoot Slow SharePoint Performance with SolarWinds Server & Application Monitor

SharePoint was getting slow. SolarWinds Server & Application Monitor detected a database of SharePoint low on memory, so we add more memory and resolved the issue.

After deploying Server & Application Monitor, identification and troubleshooting of application issues has become 60-80% faster.

Systems Engineer, Medium Enterprise Computer Services Company

[Server & Application Monitor® provides] faster reaction time, more granular monitoring, and less manual intervention.

Rocco Cretacci, IT Director, Western Psychological Services

Troubleshoot Application Issues Faster with SolarWinds Server & Application Monitor

After deploying Server & Application Monitor, how much faster are you able to identify and troubleshoot application issues?

Over 100% faster: 7%
80 - 100% faster: 20%
60 - 80% faster: 36%
40 - 60% faster: 24%
20 - 40% faster: 8%
10 - 20% faster: 4%
< 10% faster: 1%

Educational Institution Benefits from NOC View in SolarWinds Server & Application Monitor

“The NOC screen in SolarWinds Server & Application Monitor helps us pick up problems before they start to impact our users and customers.”


  • IT administration and management challenges that prompted you to purchase SolarWinds Server & Application Monitor:
    • Inability to identify why applications are running slow
    • Lack of visibility into application health and availability
    • Needed greater insight into performance metrics for troubleshooting
    • Too much manual effort and time spent on finding the root-cause of issues
    • Lack of centralized monitoring across multiple sites in the network
  • Used custom scripts and home-grown tools prior to purchasing SolarWinds Server & Application Monitor.

Use Case

  • Purchased Server & Application Monitor for the following key feature:
    • Its server monitoring and IT asset inventory management
  • Applications primarily monitored using Server & Application Monitor:
    • Windows
    • Linux
    • SQL Server
    • Active Directory


  • Identifies and troubleshoots application issues 80-100% faster after deploying Server & Application Monitor.

Case Study: Educational Institution Chooses SolarWinds® over WhatsUpGold®

“Compared to WhatsUpGold®, SolarWinds® Server & Application Monitor has better email alerts and monitoring for custom applications.”


  • Server and application monitoring solution used prior to SolarWinds® Server & Application Monitor:
    • WhatsUpGold Ipswitch® Application Performance Monitor

Use Case

  • Addressed the following challenge with SolarWinds® Server & Application Monitor:
    • SQL Server® performance
  • Uses SolarWinds® Server & Application Monitor to get visibility to SQL Server, Print Server services, Security Server services, and more.


  • Able to identify and troubleshoot application performance issues 80 – 100% faster with SolarWinds® Server & Application Monitor.
  • Saves $50,000 – $100,000 on an annual basis on labor, software costs, maintenance costs, and admin costs using SolarWinds® Server & Application Monitor versus their previous solution.
  • Reduced downtime by 40 – 60% since using SolarWinds® Server & Application Monitor.

Troubleshoot Application Issues 60-100% Faster with Server & Application Monitor

How much faster are you able to identify and troubleshoot application performance issues with Server & Application Monitor?

Over 100% faster.: 9%
80 - 100% faster.: 40%
60 - 80% faster.: 25%
40 - 60% faster.: 15%
20 - 40% faster.: 6%
At least 20% faster.: 6%

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