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12,072 Data Points Collected

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Selected Research Highlights

Case Study: Optichrome Limited (UK) Replaces FileZilla with Serv-U MFT Server

“Serv-U MFT Server is a versatile and easy-to-deploy solution that integrates well into existing infrastructure meeting all our compliance requirements and peace of mind for file transfers.”

“I evaluated many products, and found Serv-U’s ease of use, ease of integration into my infrastructure, security features, and the versatility and range of features to be the best solution on the market at a very reasonable cost.”

“We use it continually to receive and transmit data over secure FTP connections and also secure ad hoc file transfer to and from third parties.”

“Self-hosted FTP server software is much more secure and reliable for file transfer than cloud-based/SaaS services and FTP freeware.”


  • Used FileZilla and other free file transfer tools before purchasing Serv-U.
  • Overcame the following challenges with Serv-U:
    • Lack of centralized file transfer administration & control
    • Inability to securely encrypt and protect file transfer data
    • Non-IT-approved file transfer services used by employees
    • Complexity of using hardware (CD, hard disks, USB, etc.)
    • Inability to transfer large files over email or network share
    • Difficulty tracking, logging, and managing file transfers

Use Case

  • Has 50-250 users (both internally and externally) that use Serv-U.
  • Purchased Serv-U Managed File Transfer (MFT) Server.
  • Uses Serv-U to:
    • Centralize file transfers within the organization
    • Secure B2B file transfer with external parties
    • Meet compliance requirements
    • Offer hosted file transfer services to clients
  • Decided to buy Serv-U because of its:
    • Affordable cost
    • Robust security for file transfer
    • Ease of use and configuration
    • Scalability
  • Key features of Serv-U that helped meet their IT requirements:
    • FTPS and SFTP for file transfer
    • Ad hoc file sharing
    • Active Directory/LDAP integration
    • File transfer over the Web (via HTTP/S)


  • Benefits realized as a result of using Serv-U MFT Server:
    • Enhanced security and data protection
    • Improved compliance with security policies
    • Increased visibility and control of file transfers
    • Improved administration and governance of file transfers
    • Prevented data loss during file transfer
    • Cost and time savings
    • Improved productivity
  • Rates Serv-U file transfer solution as 5 stars.

SolarWinds Log & Event Manager Customer Testimonial

SolarWinds Log & Event Manager helped a lot to manage our distributed infrastructure, speed up our response time and make pro-active action possible.

IT Professional, Global 500 Energy & Utilities Company

Case Study: Pharmathen International


  • Purchased SolarWinds LEM to address the following challenges:
    • Determine whether a security incident has occurred and what happened
    • Correlate logs and events from network devices, servers, and applications

Use Case

  • Collects log and event data from between 0 and 100 nodes.
  • Collect logs and events from the following devices:
    • Servers
  • Collect log and events from the following applications:
    • Operating System Events
    • Infrastructure applications; e.g., DHCP, DNS, Active Directory, etc.
    • E-mail servers
    • Antivirus software


  • Realized the following benefits with SolarWinds LEM:
    • Find if a security incident had occurred and what happened
    • Troubleshoot application and network problems
    • Aggregate their log data in a single place
  • Purchased SolarWinds over competitive vendors for the following reasons:
    • Being an existing SolarWinds customer or purchasing with other SolarWinds’ products

File Transfer Challenges

Serv-U FTP and MFT solutions helped customers overcome the following IT challenges:

No centralized file transfer administration & control
Non-IT-approved file transfer services used by employees
Complexity of using hardware (CD, hard disks, USB, etc.)
Not able to transfer large files over email or network share
Difficulty to track, log, and manage file transfers
Not able to securely encrypt and protect file transfer data

Replace Hosted File Transfer Solutions, In-House Tools & Freeware with Secure FTP Server

What were customers using for file transfer before they purchased Serv-U FTP and MFT software?

FTP freeware: 34%
Hosted/cloud-based FTP services: 11%
Home-grown FTP tools and scripts: 19%
No tool or solution for file transfer: 36%

SolarWinds Log & Event Manager Customer Statement

A medium enterprise telecommunications services company collects logs and events from servers, switches, routers, firewalls, virtualization infrastructure, and intrusion detection / prevention systems.

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