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Selected Research Highlights

A Small Business Banking Company Saves Over $200,000 a Year With Log & Event Manager

SolarWinds Log & Event Manager helps a small business banking company adhere to HIPAA and PCI-DSS compliance requirements. Over a 100 security incidents are detected per month, and the bank has reduced the occurrence of network/business downtime by about 30%-50% with Log & Event Manager.

By detecting and remediating security incidents, the bank has realized a cost-savings of about $200,001 – $500,000 a year with Log & Event Manager.

Network Security is the most critical security area of concern for most organizations

Which one of these primary security areas is the most critical to your organization?

Network security: 47%
Application security: 4%
User activity: 7%
Data security: 21%
Database security: 3%
Cloud security: 0%
Web security: 1%
Meeting/demonstrating regulatory compliance: 15%
Other: 3%

How Many Nodes are SolarWinds Customers Managing with Log & Event Manager?

Approximately how many nodes are you collecting log and event data from today?

Between 0 and 100: 43%
Between 101 and 500: 31%
Between 501 and 1000: 16%
Between 1001 and 5000: 8%
More than 5001: 2%

Case Study: Professional Services Company (China) Replaces 8UFTP with Serv-U

“Self-hosted FTP server software is much more secure and reliable for file transfer than cloud-based/SaaS services and FTP freeware.”


  • Used 8UFTP for file transfer before purchasing Serv-U.
  • IT challenge faced before purchasing Serv-U:
    • Lack of centralized file transfer administration & control

Use Case

  • Has 1 to 50 users (both internally and externally) that use Serv-U.
  • Purchased Serv-U Managed File Transfer (MFT) Server.
  • Use Serv-U to secure B2B file transfer with external parties.
  • Decided to buy Serv-U because of its ease of use.


  • Benefits realized as a result of using Serv-U MFT Server:
    • Improved file transfer control
    • Prevented data loss during file transfer

Case Study: Patch Manager Helps State Government IT Take Control of Patch Management

“Patching before Patch Manager was in the hands of the individual users. After purchasing SolarWinds Patch Manager, IT is in control and can know what systems are patched and which are not.”

“Patch Manager works very well. It doesn’t take long for a machine to be noticed on the network and get patches pushed down to them.”


  • Complexity in customizing patches and packages for user groups & computer groups.
  • Used time-consuming manual patching and in-house processes prior to purchasing SolarWinds Patch Manager.

Use Case

  • Manages with Patch Manager:
    • Servers: 50-250
    • Workstations (incl. notebooks): 50-250
  • Push out > 50 patches per month with Patch Manager.
  • Purchased SolarWinds Patch Manager because of its features.


  • Patch Manager helps the state government:
    • Adapt to changes rapidly for both physical and virtual environments
    • Easily control how disruptive the patch process needs to be (e.g. control reboots, system restore, etc)
    • Do on-demand patching and creation of custom patches and packages
    • Quickly generate reports on patched and unpatched systems and software

Patch Manager helps the state government save over 200 hours of patch workload, each month.

SolarWinds Log & Event Manager Customer Statement

A medium enterprise computer services company collects logs and events from servers, switches, firewalls, and virtualization infrastructure.

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