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SolarWinds Network Monitoring: What is most valuable to you?

Total cost of ownership, reduced downtime, and increased productivity.

Systems Administrator, State & Local Government

SolarWinds Network Monitoring: What is most valuable to you?

Savings in man hours.

Network Engineer, Small Business Professional Services Company

SolarWinds’ ability to instantly diagnose and troubleshoot network and application issues, reducing resolution time, and having detailed status on entire network at our finger tips was the most valuable.

Systems Engineer, Large Enterprise Retail Company

SolarWinds greatly helps us ensure that potential network issues are resolved before they affect service delivery which goes a long way to justifying the investment. The ability to move from the physical layer to application layer within the same tool is something we value enormously.

Phil Rogers, Head of Networks, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine

Simply put, prevention is cheaper that disaster recovery!

Tyrone Mccloud, IT/Systems Administrator, ECFMG

SolarWinds provides us with the monitoring and reporting we need to do our jobs well. The current product continues to develop into a better utility and that is what is most valuable to us.

Systems Administrator, Medium Enterprise Professional Services Company

In my industry, stability is key. With SolarWinds, I am able to quickly diagnose what were once subtle and hidden issues that added up to overall network instability. The stability that it has helped to bring in maintaining service uptime makes the investment well worth it.

IT/Systems Administrator, State & Local Government

As network administrators, we have to be proactive in monitoring network system resources. SolarWinds alerts and historical reports affords us that ability and has proven valuable time and time again that our IT managers and director acknowledge it as a necessary recurring line item in our annual budget. The most valuable aspect of SolarWinds or any other comparable product is it’s alerting feature.

Network Administrator, Large Enterprise Consumer Services Company

SolarWinds Network Monitoring: What is most valuable to you?

The single pane of glass approach as well as the breadth of what you can monitor/manage with it.

IT Professional, Large Enterprise Computer Software Company

SolarWinds Network Monitoring: What is most valuable to you?

To have the ability to be proactive and tackle issues before they become catastrophic and at the same time minimizing downtimes.

Systems Administrator, Medium Enterprise Health Care Company

SolarWinds gave us substantial savings over previous products; CA Spectrum and CA eHealth.

Network Administrator, Large Enterprise Aerospace & Defense Company

At the time, SolarWinds allowed us to quickly identify who was using excessive bandwidth, now it is used occasionally as an additional look into the network and its devices to trace issues that arise.

IT Director, Medium Enterprise Retail Company

SolarWinds is simple, powerful, and cost effective.

Network Engineer, Large Enterprise Consumer Services Company

[SolarWinds is] an agile company that delivers a product that does what it says on the tin, smoothly and effectively, at a competitive price point. Backed by a first class support operation and user community, makes this a no brainer. It lets us get stuff done and be productive, and not become slaves to the monitoring system itself.

James Mercer, Director, JXD Consulting Ltd

SolarWinds Network Monitoring Customer Testimonial

I just believe it to be a proven, solid product.

IT Manager, Medium Enterprise Computer Software Company

SolarWinds provides the best single pane view of our environment at very competitive pricing. The solution is mature and reliable which is critical when supporting a 24/7/365 operation such as ours.

IT Architect, Small Business Transportation Services Company

SolarWinds presents a well integrated, easy to use solution without sacrificing any advanced features and power.

IT/Systems Administrator, State & Local Government

I enjoy the granular level of information gather by SolarWinds, which allows me to provide excellent reports to the business. Network monitoring simply provides the peace of mind needed to function productively in a stressful environment.

Tyrone Mccloud, IT/Systems Administrator, ECFMG

Its ability to monitor any and all devices (Windows, MAC, LINUX, UNIX, Network devices), the customer driven and customer supported focus on the product as well as the lower cost compared to other packages were our reason for going with SolarWinds. Our team also likes the buy-only-the-modules-you-need rather than all-packages-whether-or-not-you-use them approach.

IT Professional, Large Enterprise Computer Software Company

SolarWinds does what it says and is very easy to operate compared to other management software. With other management software, we would need to hire an additional body (hire additional staff) for it. SolarWinds is so robust and easy to work with.

Network Engineer, Non Profit

SolarWinds NPM is not only easy to use but also helps us in providing solutions to network issues. It is very applicable to our business which supports different sites as we can easily identify which link is down and troubleshoot and provide solution in the soonest possible time.

Network Engineer, Large Enterprise Construction Company

SolarWinds’ portfolio provide easy to use tools, that helps in managing network information in an efficient way. They also provide a nice to see and easy to understand interface that helps in showing infrastructure information to business and other non-technical people.

Network Administrator, S&P 500 Industrial Manufacturing Company

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