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SolarWinds Network Configuration Manager Case Study

Hutto Independent School District


This case study of Hutto Independent School District is based on a May 2017 survey of SolarWinds Network Configuration Manager customers by TechValidate, a 3rd-party research service.

“We maintain backups for network device configurations.”


The business challenges that led the profiled organization to evaluate and ultimately select SolarWinds Network Configuration Manager:

  • Faces the most significant challenges that are associated with:
    • The complexity of managing many different device types
    • Lack of budget and resources
  • Spent up to 5 person hours managing configuration related activities.

Use Case

The key features and functionalities of SolarWinds Network Configuration Manager that the surveyed organization uses:

  • Manages 100 to 200 network devices.
  • Regularly performs the following network configuration management tasks:
    • Does device discovery and inventory
    • Manages administrative device access and permissions
    • Builds and/or deploy configuration changes
    • Monitors configurations for change
    • Manages configuration backups
    • Troubleshooting and/or correct configuration errors
    • Audits configuration compliance
    • Identifies firmware vulnerabilities and/or upgrade device firmware


The surveyed organization achieved the following results with SolarWinds Network Configuration Manager:

  • Uses NCM to help in the following ways:
    • Document network environment
    • Improve device administrative access and control
  • Saves up to 5 person hours when using NCM for managing network configuration and compliance related activities.

Case Study: S&P 500 Industrial Manufacturing Company

“SolarWinds portfolio provides easy to use tools that help in managing network information in an efficient way. SolarWinds also provides a user friendly interface that helps in showing infrastructure information to business and other non-technical people.”


  • The following problems led them to evaluate SolarWinds network monitoring products:
    • Lack of visibility into problems leading to network outages
    • Issues taking too long to identify and fix bandwidth utilization issues
    • Lack of integration across products from different vendors for monitoring their network, servers, applications, and more (looking to consolidate)

Use Case

  • Used the following network monitoring products before switching to SolarWinds:
    • WhatsUp Gold
  • Actively monitors over 1000 network devices with SolarWinds.
  • Use the following SolarWinds products:
    • Network Performance Monitor
    • NetFlow Traffic Analyzer
    • Network Configuration Manager
    • Server and Application Monitor


  • Realized the following results with SolarWinds network monitoring products:
    • Improved MTTR for networking issues
    • Increased productivity
    • The ability to provide better service levels to the business

SolarWinds Network Configuration Manager Customer Research

Nearly half of surveyed network engineers reported saving more than 25 hours a month using Network Configuration Manager

How many person-hours do you estimate your organization saves each month managing network configurations using NCM?

More than 100 hours: 8%
Up to 100 hours: 12%
Up to 50 hours: 28%
Up to 25 hours: 52%

5/5 Stars

How our organization uses SolarWinds Network Configuration Management:

We use SolarWinds Network Configuration to back up configurations, monitor for changes in configuration, and verify security settings. We are able to get consistent settings across all devices for certain settings, including security.

Would you recommend SolarWinds Network Configuration Management?

I would definitely recommend SolarWinds Network Configuration Management to any company interested in getting automating configuration backups, logging and monitoring configuration changes, and checking configurations for compliance auditing.

SolarWinds NetFlow Traffic Analyzer Customer Fact

Evergreen Park School District 124 gets to the root cause of a bandwidth issue ten times faster since using NetFlow Traffic Analyzer versus using no flow analysis tool.

Are you Facing Similar Challenges Managing DHCP, DNS and IP Addresses?

What challenges do you face managing DHCP, DNS and IP Addresses?

We find managing IP addresses using spreadsheets too time consuming and unreliable
Our network is growing in size and complexity and we need better ways to keep pace
Managing DHCP, DNS and IP Addresses in silos takes more time and limits our visibility and control
It takes too much effort and time to monitor, troubleshoot and fix IP-related problems
Our projects experience unnecessary delays waiting for IP addresses
We cannot delegate routine DHCP and DNS tasks and are forced to use specialists
We need to transition to IPv6

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