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SolarWinds MSP N-central Customer Review

5/5 Stars

How our organization uses SolarWinds MSP N-central:

We use MSP N-central to deliver the complete IT management Package: Remote Support, Monitoring, Antivirus, Patch Management and Backups from a single pane of glass.

With full integration into our PSA, we are able to deliver a measurable, cost-effective support, management and budget sensitive approach to IT service delivery.

We also have complete visibility of our own cost of service delivery allowing us to protect our margin. Customer contracts can be reviewed more often and more accurately than before.

Would you recommend SolarWinds MSP N-central?

We have seen substantial growth in the recurring revenue options that are available through MSP N-central. Our approach to billing has changed to a ‘per device’ and ‘user/workstation’ basis providing us with a much greater opportunity for revenue. It also affords our customers greater visibility of their own costs per user allowing them to budget with greater accuracy.

The time we spend managing alerts, antivirus, backups, patch management has significantly decreased. Onboarding a new customer is no longer a drain on resource. Automated discovery of the devices and deployment of pre-defined service templates means we capture almost everything the first time.

We have never worked with a partner so pro-active with its customers for feedback and feature requests. They listen, they improve, our lives get that little bit easier, our customers reap the benefits.

SolarWinds MSP N-central Customer Testimonial

By centralizing all of our clients on the MSP N-central platform it has allowed us to better understand, capture and drive service delivery within our organization. Historically information was captured across unstructured sources like spreadsheets and SharePoint pages. We were able to centralize many of these business rules, processes and information in the MSP N-central platform saving us significant time hunting down time sensitive information thus driving measurable efficiency gains.

Jeff Young, Operations Manager, Long View Systems

SolarWinds MSP N-central Customer Statistic

MSP N-central RMM – Automation you can really use.

83% of surveyed Managed IT Service Providers agreed that:

“Tasks that once took hours to complete can now happen automatically with MSP N-central.”


MSP Manager gives us consolidated billing, ticketing, and time tracking in one platform.

IT Professional, Small Business Computer Services Company

For us, the benefit is the ability to connect time tracking with service items. This allows us to better manage the break-fix solutions that need to be billed.

IT Operations Analyst, Small Business Computer Services Company

MSP Manager consolidates multiple tasks into a single application dashboard, versus having to operate multiple applications.

Clarence Hudgins, Jr., Managed Services & Solutions/Consulting, Hudgins Computing Solutions, LLC

MSP Manager is very clean and easy to navigate. It is much faster at accessing pertinent data.

Systems Administrator, Small Business Computer Services Company

MSP Manager makes creating and updating tickets easy. Automation has simplified our billing process.


All of our time is tracked now, giving us better insight into where time is being spent.

Jean-Pierre van der Jeught, Consultant, AlldataSolutions

From a business perspective, we are able to accurately track tickets and number of hours. This gives us accurate billing for each customer.

Grant Hansen, Technical Manager, Atomgate

MSP Manager is easier to use, meaning it is more likely to be used within the organization.

Adam Evans, IT Manager, Auburn Document Centre

MSP Manager provides more granular control of ticket routing compared to our last product.

IT Director, Small Business Computer Services Company

[MSP Manager gives me] total control around management of my staff.

George Coetzee, Professional Services/Consulting, Infinetix Pty Ltd

MSP Manager has increased staff productivity, allowing us to manage projects and our time more effectively. In short, a God send.

Zaid Parker, Help Desk Technician, Living Tech

MSP Manager has improved our tracking of hours and customer-record keeping.

Orion Salas, IT Professional, Stayton Cooperative Telephone Company

I use MSP Manager to streamline task management. I can see all open issues for a client, allowing me to track progress and simplify billing.

Chief Information Officer, Small Business Computer Services Company

The biggest benefit is the ability to bill much more rapidly. The invoicing system is wonderful.

Patrick Yount, IT Director, Colorado Rural Health Center

85% of surveyed IT organizations agree MSP Manager has improved customer service.

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