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1,378 Customers Surveyed

6,874 Data Points Collected

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Selected Research Highlights

SolarWinds MSP RMM (SaaS) Customer Research

What made you purchase SolarWinds MSP RMM (SaaS) product over other vendors?

Ease of use
Frequency of product updates
Customer reviews

SolarWinds MSP RMM (SaaS) Customer Research

What were the main challenges you wanted to solve when purchasing MSP RMM?

Manage everything from a central dashboard
Automate more processes
Increase security for IT operations
Offer more cross-platform support

SolarWinds MSP RMM (SaaS) Customer Testimonial

[With SolarWinds MSP RMM], I can handle more clients with less staff.

Chris Guertin, IT Professional, CMG Computing Services

SolarWinds MSP RMM (SaaS) Customer Testimonial

The MSP RMM has freed my associates and myself from the very time-consuming tasks of manually performing preventive maintenance service for our clients by implementing automated tasks. We are all able to be more productive and efficient for our clients. We are also able to generate additional revenue for our business by proactively making clients aware of issues before problems are experienced.

IT Professional, Small Business Computer Services Company

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