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553 Customers Surveyed

4,660 Data Points Collected

47 Published TechFacts

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54 Published Case Studies

Selected Research Highlights

Case Study: Information Security Team at Hospitality Firm Uses DameWare for Remote Support

“DameWare is one of the easiest to use remote administration tools around.”

“DameWare is a very useful product. It is easy to use and navigate. Frequent updates bring additional useful features.”

“I would recommend DameWare to any organization looking for an affordable, easy-to-use remote support solution.”


  • Uses DameWare remote support software to address the following IT requirements and challenges:
    • Support end-users and systems from a central location
    • Perform Windows administration tasks remotely
  • Used remote control freeware before purchasing DameWare.

Use Case

  • Uses the following DameWare products:
    • DameWare Remote Support
    • DameWare Mini Remote Control
  • Deployed DameWare in the centralized mode to initiate secure remote session with end-users situated outside the network firewall.
  • 80 technicians from Information Security team use DameWare to support 1800 remote locations.
  • Purchased DameWare because of its:
    • Ease of use
    • Superior remote control performance


  • Benefits realized as a result of using DameWare:
    • Decreased time-to-resolution on trouble tickets
    • Achieved cost and time savings
  • Rates DameWare remote support and remote control software 4.5 stars.

SolarWinds DameWare Customer Testimonial

I am the primary IT support at a small rural critical access hospital which includes 5 satellite clinics within 45-mile radius. DameWare enables me to troubleshoot and resolve issues that previously would require a 15 to 30-minute drive in some instances.

David Rogers, IT Director, Quitman County Hospital

Customer Facts: Benefits & Organizational Impact of Using DameWare Remote Support Software

What benefits or organizational impact has your organization seen as a result of using DameWare?

Increased ticket capacity and overall technician productivity
Increased end-user satisfaction
Time savings
Saving money on end-user support
Decreased time-to-resolution on trouble tickets

Case Study: Higher Ed College Uses Web Help Desk to Support 4,000 Staff & 33,000 Students

“Web Help Desk provides one central place of service and support.”

“It’s one of the very few products that I believe in. It works very well, and produces good results.”


  • Purchased SolarWinds Web Help Desk to solve the following help desk and IT support challenges:
    • Lack of automation for ticket creation, assignment, routing, and escalation
    • Lack of monitoring and reporting for tracking ticket status and customer support needs
    • Difficulty supporting increasing ticket volume
    • Complexity with handling tickets from multiple channels (email, phone, chat, etc.)
    • Difficulty discovering and managing hardware and software assets
    • Absence of centralized knowledge management and self-service
  • Used Engage and own tools prior to purchasing Web Help Desk.

Use Case

  • Reasons for purchasing Web Help Desk:
    • Affordable cost
    • Ease of use
    • Ease of configuration
    • Scalability
  • Key use cases of Web Help Desk that led to purchase:
    • Centralized and automated ticketing management
    • IT asset discovery and inventory management


  • Currently have 60 technicians, and have purchased additional licenses to expand to 190 technicians, covering our entire technical support staff. We are supporting 4,000 staff and 33,000 students."
  • Realized the following benefits and organizational impact as a result of using Web Help Desk:
    • Reduced time-to-resolution of support tickets
    • Saved technician time and effort with automation
    • Increased help desk productivity and operational efficiency
    • Improved quality of support
  • ROI benefits and cost savings:
    • Mean time to resolution for help desk and IT support is 80 – 100% faster since deploying Web Help Desk.
    • Saved $50,000 – $100,000 in resources, personnel, maintenance, overhead, and training by using Web Help Desk.

90% of Medium Enterprise Organizations Saved Up To $20,000 After Using Web Help Desk

90% of surveyed Medium Enterprise IT organizations saved $10,000 – $20,000 or more in resources, personnel, maintenance, overhead, and training by using Web Help Desk.


Web Help Desk Improves “Mean Time to Resolution” for Help Desk & IT Support

After deploying Web Help Desk, how much has your organization improved its “Mean Time To Resolution” when addressing support issues?

Over 80% faster: 16%
60 - 80% faster: 22%
40 - 60% faster: 34%
20 - 40% faster: 15%
Up to 20% faster: 14%

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