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Selected Research Highlights

Smartsheet Customer Testimonial

We greatly simplified creating a dynamic schedule of work with Smartsheet for Salesforce.

Steve Grimes, Application Manager, CORNELL IRON WORKS, INC

Smartsheet Customer Testimonial

I really love the Smartsheet Outlook plug-in. I can very easily attach emails to sheets in Smartsheet.

Laurie Reese, IT Director, Cornerstone Information Systems

Smartsheet Case Study

Washtenaw County, Michigan


This case study of is based on an April 2018 survey of Smartsheet customers by TechValidate, a 3rd-party research service.

“Smartsheet meets and exceeds my company’s strict security requirements.”


  • Experienced the following challenges before implementing Smartsheet:
    • Keeping information up-to-date
    • Lack of tool flexibility and control
  • Identified the following as key criteria when evaluating a technology partner such as Smartsheet:
    • Visibility to security practices
    • Transparency of privacy practices
    • Visibility into compliance practices
    • Fulfillment of organizational security requirements
    • Identity and access management capabilities

Use Case

  • Identified the following as important factors when deciding to select Smartsheet as a technology partner:
    • Enterprise-grade
    • Security
    • Encryption
    • Advanced threat management
    • Automated provisioning
    • Global security controls
  • Currently uses Smartsheet in the following ways:
    • Digital transformation
    • Vendor & contract management
    • IT & Dev Ops ticketing
    • Cross-functional reporting
  • Uses the following Smartsheet integrations:
    • Google G-Suite
    • Microsoft Office 365


  • Identifies the following as security benefits of implementing Smartsheet:
    • Protection of valuable information
    • Easy on-boarding for teams
    • Improved ability to track and resolve issues
    • Centralized point for collaboration
    • Reduced development costs
    • Software interoperability
  • Saves > 20 hours a week since using Smartsheet

Smartsheet Case Study

Oklahoma Department Of Transportation


This case study of Oklahoma Department of Transportation is based on a May 2018 survey of Smartsheet customers by TechValidate, a 3rd-party research service.

“Compiling reports from our PMs was time consuming and arduous but with dashboards each PM services their own input and changes are automatically rolled up. No longer have to rebuild reports manually if late data is introduced.”

" Smartsheet has improved my team’s project management performance and visibility."


The business challenges that led the profiled organization to evaluate and ultimately select Smartsheet:

  • Agrees that the following are key criteria when evaluating a technology partner such as Smartsheet:
    • Easy deployment/low change-management requirements
    • Collaboration enablement
    • Centralizing projects into one view
    • Easy to use and robust mobile app
    • Easy to use/self-serve reports and dashboards
  • Agrees that the following were important to its decision in selecting Smartsheet as a technology partner:
    • Ease of use/likelihood to adopt
    • Features (reports and dashboards)
    • Mobile app
    • Flexibility of tool and control
  • Experienced the following challenges before implementing Smartsheet:
    • Difficulty keeping project budgets and schedules up-to-date
    • Poor collaboration across teams
    • Difficulty tracking activities of multiple vendors
    • Difficulty tracking and re-allocating resources
    • Time wasted tracking down information, keeping entire team on same page

Use Case

The key features and functionalities of Smartsheet that the surveyed organization uses:

  • Currently uses Smartsheet for the following:
    • Field Operations (e.g. Improve project documentation, capture issues in real time, increase collaboration among project teams, vendors, and clients, and save time with accurate resource management.)
    • Vendor & Contract Management (e.g. Seamlessly manage vendor onboarding and paperwork, maintain auditable records without additional work, quickly identify and mitigate risks, and manage punch lists.)
    • Cross-Functional Reporting (e.g. Enable collaboration across stakeholder groups, control vision and resources, and gain unprecedented visibility with roll-up reporting and dashboards.)
  • Currently uses the following Smartsheet features:
    • Forms
    • Dashboards
    • Automated approvals
    • Formulas
    • Card view
    • Charts


The surveyed organization achieved the following results with Smartsheet:

  • Saves > 20 hours a week since using Smartsheet.

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