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Selected Research Highlights

Server Technology Power Distribution Units Customer Satisfaction Rating

An IT Specialist of a educational institution is very likely to recommend* Server Technology Power Distribution Units for the following reason:

“We have been using Server Technology products for more than 15 years and are pleased with the level of support and the quality of the product.”

*Based on a response of 9 to the question “On a scale of 0-10, how likely is it that you would recommend Server Technology Power Distribution Units to a friend or colleague?”

Server Technology Power Distribution Units Customer Testimonial

The Server Technology product line is used in our Co-Location, Internal data centers and within our labs. We use both AC and DC products. SPM will be used to monitor all PDU’s in all areas. This will allow for improved visibility and uptime in support of important product development.

Jim Boardman, Capacity Manager, Ericsson San Jose, CA

Average Server Technology customer power loads

What is the average power load of your data center cabinets?

< 5 kW: 22%
5-10 kW: 52%
10-20 kW: 25%
> 20 kW: 2%

What Customers Power with their Server Technology, Rack-Level Power Distribution Units

What do you power with your Server Technology Cabinet Distribution Units?

Microservers (ARM-based or Intel based)
White box servers (from Quanta, Hyve, etc.)
Branded servers (Dell, HP, IBM, Cisco, etc.)
Networking/switching gear/fabric interconnect
Storage – SAN, NAS, JBOD

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About Server Technology Power Distribution Units

Server Technology's experts produce the highest quality rack mount power distribution and monitoring solutions that help manage power capacity, reduce downtime and improve energy efficiency. The leading innovator since 1984, Server Technology created the intelligent cabinet PDU market and holds the largest number of patents in that industry. Serving the Data Center and Carrier markets, Server Technology offers the most extensive selection of Sentry CDUs to manage power usage for servers, storage and network equipment.

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