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Server Technology Power Distribution Units Customer Testimonial

The two biggest issues for us are dependability and availability. As we grow, we need product now, not in 6 weeks. When our remote users need to perform a power-cycle reset, it works every time.

IT Project Manager, Global 500 Telecommunications Equipment Company

Average Customer Power Load

What is the average power load of your data center cabinets?

< 5 kW: 19%
5-10 kW: 56%
10-20 kW: 21%
>20kW: 3%

Density is a leading challenge solved by Server Technology products

What operational challenges did Server Technology products solve for your organization?

Capacity planning
Power density
Secure Monitoring
Reporting for management

Server Technology saves time and labor cost by allowing remote monitoring and control of equipment located in remote locations.

Engineer, Federal Government

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About Server Technology Power Distribution Units

Server Technology's experts produce the highest quality rack mount power distribution and monitoring solutions that help manage power capacity, reduce downtime and improve energy efficiency. The leading innovator since 1984, Server Technology created the intelligent cabinet PDU market and holds the largest number of patents in that industry. Serving the Data Center and Carrier markets, Server Technology offers the most extensive selection of Sentry CDUs to manage power usage for servers, storage and network equipment.

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