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Selected Research Highlights

SendGrid Customer Research

Why did you select SendGrid over the competition?

Deliverability: 37%
Reliability: 30%
Scalability: 22%
Expertise - Customer Service and Support: 12%

SendGrid Customer Testimonial

[With SendGrid we get] high quality of expertise in email deliverability.

Tatu Kuivalahti, CEO, Custobar Ltd

SendGrid Customer Research

SendGrid: Making Email Easier

What challenges has working with SendGrid helped you to overcome?

Poor email delivery / low inbox rate
Poor IP reputation / blacklisting
Lack of internal resources (people, time, expertise)

SendGrid Customer Review

4.5/5 Stars

How our organization uses SendGrid:

To send large volumes of transactional email.

Would you recommend SendGrid?

Yes, because they are the industry leader.

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About SendGrid

Founded in 2009, after graduating from the TechStars program, SendGrid developed an industry-disrupting, cloud-based email service to solve the challenges of reliably delivering emails on behalf of growing companies.

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