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Selected Research Highlights

Secure Code Warrior® Customer Testimonial

A Top 4 bank (AU) meet compliance goals.

Secure Code Warrior has helped us meet our compliance goals. It could help us meet other goals.

Developer / Engineer, Large Enterprise Banking Company

Secure Code Warrior® Customer Research

Key Accomplishments

What have you been able to accomplish since implementing Secure Code Warrior?

Has helped us meet annual compliance objectives
Able to effectively benchmark developer’s secure coding knowledge
Target skills/knowledge gaps in our team and build a program to address them

Secure Code Warrior® Case Study

Cloud-based Video Communications Software Company


This case study of a small business computer software company is based on a November 2020 survey of Secure Code Warrior® customers by TechValidate, a 3rd-party research service. The profiled company asked to have their name blinded to protect their confidentiality.

“We have been more effective at meeting organizational security compliance with current industry regulations and guidelines as a result of using the platform.”

“The Secure Code Warrior platform provided a complete all-in-one enterprise solution for addressing our training and secure coding needs.”


The business challenges that led the profiled company to evaluate and ultimately select Secure Code Warrior®:

  • Existing training was not interactive, contextual, or engaging
  • Existing training lacked relevance to everyday tasks their developers had to do
  • There was no way to effectively assess and benchmark a developer’s secure coding knowledge
  • The struggle to identify and target skills/knowledge gaps in our team and build a program to address them
  • Difficulty to get everyone in the business onboard and engaged about Application Security and organisation-wide awareness was poor

Use Case

Prior to using Secure Code Warrior, was using an internal employee offering training to train its employees on secure coding.


The surveyed company achieved the following results with Secure Code Warrior®:

  • Benefits experienced with Secure Code Warrior:
    • A cyber first organisation that cares deeply about security
    • Better quality code
    • An increase in time spent by developers in training and eagerness to learn about secure coding
    • Tournaments increasing awareness
    • Higher engagement from everyone in the organisation, to be part of the solution
    • Better education outcomes for developers with a range of learning options and experiences
  • Since implementing Secure Code Warrior, said they have accomplished the following:
    • Met annual compliance objectives
    • Been able to effectively benchmark developer’s secure coding knowledge
    • Targeted skills/knowledge gaps in their team and build a program to address them
  • Said their team is releasing code at about the same speed, but with fewer vulnerabilities and rework due to better quality code, with fewer recurring vulnerabilities.
  • As a result of using Secure Code Warrior, reduced/eliminated between 11% – 20% of common code vulnerabilities that were present in our code.

Secure Code Warrior® Customer Statistic

1 in 2 organizations say…

“…their existing secure code training was not interactive, contextual, or engaging this led them to partner with Secure Code Warrior.”

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