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Selected Research Highlights

SDL Tridion Sites Case Study

Global 500 Banking Company


This case study is based on an SDL Tridion Sites customer survey by TechValidate, a 3rd-party research service.


The surveyed Global 500 banking company evaluated and ultimately selected SDL Tridion Sites to address the fact that their former their former web platform was unable scale with growing digital demands. The company wanted to empower its users to be able to manage digital properties without help from IT. In addition, it wanted to ensure that the content management solution it selected could integrate with its broader technology landscape.

When selecting SDL Tridion Sites, the following factors were top business drivers:

  • Meeting regulatory compliance standards.
  • Modernizing and consolidating its fragmented internal CMS landscape.
  • Increasing brand consistency and overall quality of the digital experience.

Use Case

Since adopting SDL Tridion Sites, the company has consolidated multiple CMSs onto the central SDL platform. In addition, it has also worked on creating responsive and adaptive mobile websites and on front-end personalization based on visitor data.

The banking company also integrates SDL Tridion Sites with translation management systems.

The company has found that its move to a component-based content management system from a page-based system extremely valuable.


Using SDL Tridion sites, the company now better manages its brand identity globally and believes that the system has helped the company remove the internal operational barriers for website management.

Unlike other competitive solutions, the company finds that SDL Tridion Sites BluePrinting functionality guarantees long-term content and brand consistency with easy reuse of content across web pages, channels and brands.

It enables the company to combine centralized brand governance with local market flexibility and provides fast and efficient content localization via built-in translation capabilities. In addition, the company finds that SDL Tridion Sites’ ability to integrate with other systems is a significant differentiator.

Using SDL Tridion Sites, the company has:

  • Improved brand and content consistency & accuracy.
  • Improved marketing control over mobile channels.
  • Streamlined translation processes for country websites.
  • Increased online conversion rates.
  • Improved security & compliance.
  • Accelerated time to market for new and updated content.

SDL Tridion Docs Customer Research

76% of users see better translation management of technical documentation

How much do you agree with the following statement: “SDL Tridion Docs has enabled our organization to better manage the translation process for our technical documentation.”

Not at all

SDL Tridion Docs Customer Statistic

Majority of users satisfied with SDL Tridion Docs’ customization

85% of surveyed SDL customers are satisfied with SDL Tridion Docs’ standard solution that offers customization and configurability.


SDL Tridion Docs Customer Statistic

High satisfaction levels for integrated and streamlined translation processes in SDL Tridion Docs

89% of surveyed SDL customers are (highly) satisfied with SDL Tridion Docs’ streamlined and integrated translations.


SDL Tridion Docs Customer Research

Key initiatives that typically follow adoption of SDL Tridion Docs

Which of the following initiatives has your organization been working on since the introduction of SDL Tridion Docs?

Migrating legacy documentation to structured DITA
Delivering more customer-centric documentation
Integrating company-wide taxonomy
Streamlining the content review process with subject matter experts
Expanding translation to new languages and/or publications
Publishing technical content to mobile devices and/or apps
Integrating multimedia with existing documentation processes

SDL Tridion Docs Case Study

Global 500 Computer Hardware Company


This case study of a Global 500 computer hardware company is based on an SDL Tridion Docs customer survey. This survey was conducted by TechValidate, a 3rd-party research service.


The computer hardware company evaluated and ultimately selected SDL Tridion Docs to address a number of content challenges: costly translations, inconsistency, support for dynamic formats, customer self-service options, review processes, and mobile-friendliness.

The company purchased SDL Tridion Docs in order to eliminate or reduce desktop publishing costs for translated content and increase writer efficiency and consistency.

In addition, this computer hardware company wanted to:

  • Deliver new formats, while ensuring that it did not increase its overhead costs
  • Reuse content to lower translation costs and increase consistency
  • Provide content to customers in their preferred format, language, and device
  • Reduce support costs through content

Use Case

The hardware company uses the following features and functionality:

  • The DITA standard and structured content
  • Version control (GUIDs)
  • Baselines & publication management
  • Integrated content review processes
  • Customization & configurability
  • Streamlined and integrated translations


Since adopting SDL Tridion Docs, this Global 500 hardware company has migrated its legacy documentation to structured DITA. It has also streamlined the content review process and integrated multimedia content. Its customer-centric documentation includes:

  • Integrated multimedia content
  • Increased number of translated languages
  • Published content to mobile devices

SDL Tridion Docs has helped this organization streamline the content creation process, making it more efficient through content reuse. In addition, it has enabled the organization to better manage the technical documentation translation process.

This Global 500 hardware company has found that the significant benefits of using a robust Component Content Management System (CCMS) like SDL Tridion Docs include:

  • Improved documentation consistency
  • Streamlined translation processes
  • Streamlined review processes
  • Increased customer self-service resulting in lower support costs
  • Increased content quality

The company saw a return on investment (ROI) in SDL Tridion Docs in just 18-24 months.

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