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SWATH® Acquisition Customer Testimonial

Defining the future of Precision Medicine

We have used SWATH® to understand host-pathogen interactions, delineate patterns of ligand binding to HLA molecules and understand anti-viral immunity.

Tony Purcell, Professor, Immunoproteomics, Monash University

SWATH® Acquisition Customer Research

SWATH® Acquisition over previous strategies; how many more samples per week (7 days) can you quantify with SWATH?

Learn how to industrialize your omics

100-200 samples per week: 9%
51-100 samples per week: 45%
21-50 samples per week: 36%
< 20 samples per week: 9%

SWATH® Acquisition Customer Research

Challenges Overcome with SWATH® Acquisition

What challenges has SWATH® Acquisition helped you or your lab overcome?

Data completeness across complex samples
Achieving high-quality quantitation with high-resolution MS/MS
Re-interrogating my data at later date (digital archive of sample)
Seeing good depth of coverage in proteome in a timely manner
MRM-like quant quality with no method development and high-multiplexing
Simplifying acquisition with a single method
Scaling-up sample sets to be more biologically relevant
Reproducing results across studies, across labs

SWATH® Acquisition Customer Satisfaction Rating

Why do researchers recommend SWATH® Acquisition?

Tony Purcell, a Professor, Immunoproteomics at Monash University, would be very likely to recommend SWATH® because:

It’s the future of protein and peptide quantitation, particularly for large studies or in routine service environments.

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