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ClearSCADA 2017 Customer Fact

Centralized User Management is “Amazing”!

A medium enterprise Energy & Utilities company found the tighter integration with Active Directory for centralized user management in ClearSCADA to be very powerful and easy to configure.

“With 100 remote sites running ClearSCADA as well as the central Telemetry SCADA system, this will be an amazing feature.”

ClearSCADA 2017 Customer Testimonial

Integration of GIS Data is Seamless!

We have previously and will continue to use GIS as the master provider of location & mapping data for our assets, but the ClearSCADA 2017 features allow seamless integration of GIS information into the SCADA application rather than having to use separate applications and some imagination.

Consultant, Large Enterprise Energy & Utilities Company

ClearSCADA 2017 Customer Statistic

Centralized User Management Gets a Big Thumbs Up!

72% of surveyed customers that evaluated the new centralized user management functionality in ClearSCADA found it to be either very straight-forward to adopt, or really helpful in highlighting inconsistencies in their existing configuration.

ClearSCADA 2017 Customer Statistic

Mapping functionality improves Operational Experience

57% of surveyed customers who evaluated the mapping functionality in ClearSCADA agree that the location-based alarm filtering allows simpler focus on alarms-by-region, not database hierarchy, thereby improving the operational experience.

ClearSCADA 2017 Customer Statistic

Maps in ClearSCADA Are a Breeze!

80% of surveyed customers who evaluated the mapping functionality within the ClearSCADA user interface found it to be easy to use and became familiar with it quickly.

ClearSCADA 2017 Customer Satisfaction Rating

Mapping Delivers Significant Benefits to ClearSCADA Users

A Consultant of a large enterprise energy & utilities company would be likely to recommend ClearSCADA 2017 for this reason:

The mapping functionality is probably the biggest change in the product since its release and has the potential to deliver significant business benefits in better understanding our asset base.

ClearSCADA 2017 Customer Testimonial

Maps Simplify System Design from Day One!

In the past, we have attempted to stay away from maps because their development was labor intensive on regular mimics. The new features will make building and displaying maps much easier for all our systems and I can see us making it a standard component of our development.

Application Manager, Small Business Energy & Utilities Company

ClearSCADA 2017 Customer Statistic

Customers can’t wait to see real-time weather in their SCADA System!

92% of surveyed customers that used the mapping features found the integration of real-time weather information on the ClearSCADA maps to be easy to use, and they can see themselves adopting this when they upgrade.

ClearSCADA 2017 Customer Statistic

User management over 75% simpler!

60% of surveyed customers could save more than 75% of their time administering users and their permissions by using the centralized user management functionality.

ClearSCADA 2017 Customer Satisfaction

ClearSCADA 2017 makes a great first impression!

90% of surveyed customers are likely to recommend ClearSCADA 2017.*


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