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ClearSCADA 2017 Customer Statistic

Mapping functionality improves Operational Experience

57% of surveyed customers who evaluated the mapping functionality in ClearSCADA agree that the location-based alarm filtering allows simpler focus on alarms-by-region, not database hierarchy, thereby improving the operational experience.

ClearSCADA 2017 Customer Research

Impact of Location and Mapping Innovations

Which of the following benefit(s) do you think ClearSCADA’S location and mapping functionality has on the operational experience?

Simpler focus on alarms-by-region, not database hierarchy using the location-based alarm filtering.
Adopting a pro-active approach to weather events and taking necessary preventative measures in advance.
Improved system-wide visibility, seeing the real-time position of our remote users on the maps alongside the fixed assets.
Improved alarm dial-out and responsiveness using the location-based alarm notification.

ClearSCADA 2017 Customer Fact

Centralized User Management is “Amazing”!

A medium enterprise Energy & Utilities company found the tighter integration with Active Directory for centralized user management in ClearSCADA to be very powerful and easy to configure.

“With 100 remote sites running ClearSCADA as well as the central Telemetry SCADA system, this will be an amazing feature.”

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ClearSCADA is an open software platform that provides powerful features for remote management of critical infrastructure. It’s scalable for large enterprise environments and effective for small systems alike.

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