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Scale Computing Customer Statistic

46% of surveyed customers reduced the time their IT staff spends managing infrastructure by 25-49% or more after deploying HC3.


HC3 Customer Testimonial

Just so much less complicated than our previous virtual infrastructure.

Network Operations, Educational Institution

HC3 Customer Testimonial

The HC3 system is very easy to use. The UI is not overloaded with features that nobody needs! The overall Infrastructure costs were significantly reduced.

Michael Dvorak, IT Manager, specialis IT GmbH

HC3 Customer Testimonial

Super easy to deploy. Minimal time required for management. And, as our customer grows, there are a ton of options based on their growth.

Cary Wagner, CEO, Pacific Northwest Managed IT

HC3 Customer Testimonial

HC3 has made it so much simpler to manage our infrastructure. Showing the performance increases have been easy and has made management for the client much better.

Gord Hynes, CEO, Network Zoo Ltd (on behalf of BC Tree Fruits Coop)

HC3 Customer Testimonial

HC3 has replaced aging hardware, reduced MTTR and improved speed and efficiency to distribute data throughout our organization.

Ebaad Ahmed, IT Manager, Simon Med Imaging

HC3 Customer Testimonial

HC3 has given us peace of mind on server failures and rebuilds. HC3 has given us a great dashboard to monitor our servers and excellent technical support and monitoring.

Mike Sellers, IT Director, Southern Huntingdon County School District

HC3 Customer Testimonial

Scale Computing’s HC3 has been a great addition to our environment. A powerful but easy-to-use product that doesn’t constantly “need its handheld” and that gives me back time in my day. The single-vendor support aspect makes me feel comfortable that I can now proactively plan for lifecycle events – instead of constantly fork-lifting server/SAN arrangements.

Joe Plonka, IT Manager, RWHC

HC3 Customer Testimonial

HC3 has increased the reliability of our core infrastructure. It has also made our disaster recovery plan more robust and reduced our time to recovery. With a simple user interface, our technicians love the flexibility and ease of use from creating a VM to set up backup policies.

Jason Carbaugh, IT Director, Tuscarora School District

HC3 Customer Satisfaction Rating

Jason Carbaugh, an IT Director at Tuscarora School District, would be very likely to recommend HC3 for this reason:

It’s the easiest virtualization platform I’ve ever used.

HC3 Customer Testimonial

It has removed a significant burden from our team regarding maintenance windows/downtime for patching, along with support challenges across multiple vendors (and none as responsive as Scale). Also, it removed dependencies on VMware training and tribal knowledge. These changes translate into some quantity of human resources savings.

Chris Jones, IT Professional, Allstar Communications

SC//Platform Customer Satisfaction

SC//Platform Customer Testimonial

Chris Jones, an IT Professional at Allstar Communications, would be very likely to recommend SC//Platform for this reason:

Combination of simplicity, resiliency, and TCO. Scale support is also amazing!

HC3 Customer Testimonial

Easy to control all of our VMs including our master images for our numerous departments.

System Administrator, Medium Enterprise Financial Services Company

HC3 Customer Testimonial

SC//HyperCore manages itself after a solid deployment. We only need to have someone go around and install updates with one click from time to time. Deployment is a breeze.

Julien Dufresne, IT Director, Natrix Technologies inc.

HC3 Customer Satisfaction Rating

Julien Dufresne, an IT Director at Natrix Technologies inc., would be very likely to recommend SC//HyperCore for this reason:

SC//HyperCore is a robust product with a more and more complete feature set and pricing that works for SMBs. You can’t get simpler and easier for the same availability and performance anywhere else.

HC3 Customer Testimonial

Less downtime or need to restart systems during work hours. Systems run with more consistency in operation.

Lee Pooler, IT Director, Artisans Inc

HC3 Customer Satisfaction Rating

Michael Russo, a Network Engineering at PAPERSOLVE INC, would be very likely to recommend HC3 for this reason:

It’s been great for the uses to which we’ve put it.

HC3 Customer Testimonial

We like it very much; we no longer have to think about balancing CPU, storage, memory on hosts, so a very positive impact.

Michael Russo, Network Engineering , Papersolve Inc

HC3 Customer Testimonial

Faster installation of VMs. High reliability and performance.

Kay Praag, IT Administrator, Anton Schick GmbH + Co. KG

HC3 Customer Satisfaction Rating

Kay Praag, an IT Administrator at Anton Schick GmbH + Co. KG, would be likely to recommend HC3 for this reason:

Simple to use.

HC3 Customer Satisfaction Rating

An IT Professional at an educational institution would be likely to recommend HC3 for this reason:

I really like the HC3 system. Service response has been excellent.

HC3 Customer Testimonial

Faster scaleability.

IT Administrator, Medium Enterprise Wholesale Distribution Company

HC3 Customer Satisfaction Rating

An IT Administrator at a medium enterprise wholesale distribution company would be likely to recommend HC3 for this reason:

Comfortable installation, good performance.

HC3 Customer Testimonial

Rolling Scale cluster updates and not having to take down all the guests’ servers to update the Hypervisor. The ease of mind knowing I am fully supported by Scale and a simple hardware failure will not ruin my day.

System Administrator, Medium Enterprise Industrial Manufacturing Company

HC3 Customer Satisfaction Rating

A Chief Information Security Officer at a small business financial services company would be likely to recommend HC3 for this reason:

Easy setup, easy to use.

HC3 Customer Testimonial

Managing infrastructure is way easier and our new HC3 cluster provides more performance and resources for the future, while also being way cheaper than other hyper-converged solutions

Julian Brucker, IT Administrator, Gutta Werke GmbH

HC3 Customer Testimonial

Maintaining the infrastructure is much more simplified.

IT Specialist, Small Business Computer Services Company

HC3 Customer Satisfaction Rating

An IT Specialist at a small business computer services company would be very likely to recommend HC3 for this reason:

A technically sound product that is very straightforward to use.

HC3 Customer Testimonial

We no longer have to dedicate resources to watch/maintain system. We can let the system manage itself with little IT involvement.

IT Project Manager, State & Local Government

HC3 Customer Satisfaction Rating

An IT Project Manager at a state & local government would be very likely to recommend HC3 for this reason:

Ease of use and great support team.

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