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Rev-Trac Case Study

Global 500 Retail Company Scales its SAP Change Volume and Improves Quality with Rev-Trac Change Control Automation


This case study of a global 500 retail company is based on a September 2016 survey of Rev-Trac customers by TechValidate, a 3rd-party research service. The profiled company asked to have their name blinded to protect their confidentiality.

“Change went from being the main function and point of concern at every cutover, to a complete after-thought. It’s now taken for granted because of how easy Rev-Trac has made it.”


For this global 500 retail company driven by over 300,000 employees in 20 countries worldwide and serving 180 million customers each year, managing changes to their core IT systems in response to business demands is absolutely critical to business success. Hoever, handling change process manually across its large, 100+ system SAP infrastructure was proving to be costly and IT recognized that not only would existing processes not scale to meet growing business demands, but gaps in their process meant quality began to suffer and impact the business.

When IT decided to implement an N+1 architecture and move towards a formal release management strategy, automation was investigated as a possible solution to both simplify the process and reduce the expected costs of managing a considerable increase in SAP change.

Use Case

By adopting automation and implementing a strategic release management program, the company learned it would be able to strip out most manual change control tasks and activities, respond more quickly to business requested change, and ultimately deliver more projects sooner with fewer go-live errors. Plus, with the right tool selection they could guarantee change control compliance with automated tracking, process enforcement, and documentation of all changes.

Rev-Trac was selected ahead of several readily available solutions, including SAP Solution Manager ChaRM and two other notable third party SAP change control automation solutions. Once the selection process was completed and the decision was made to implement Rev-Trac, within 3 months the solution was in productive use.

As far as adoption of Agile/DevOps principals with regard to its SAP development process, the company considers itself “already there.” Having adopted Rev-Trac the company can continue to integrate and automate critical ALM tooling when needed as part of this effort, with ITSM already well established. IT considers Rev-Trac’s workflow automation, extended locking and OOPS to be extremely effective features in helping them achieve their SAP change management success.


Several years on from the selection and implementation of Rev-Trac, the initial goals of the project have been achieved:

  • Manual effort has been reduced by more than 70%
  • Production stability (based on error reductions) has increased by over 70%
  • Managing of change throughout has been simplified and/or improved by over 50%
  • Over 50% of the N+1dual development stream manual effort has been eliminated
  • Overall change control and change management efficiency has improved by over 50%

In addition, the company has benefited from a significant increase (up to 90%) in the volumes of change managed by the team and a 70% reduction in time spent on audit tasks.

Rev-Trac Customer Review

Rev-Trac automates many tasks – and it keeps working when you go home!

5/5 Stars

What was the main reason Rev-Trac was selected (over alternative approaches)?

We selected Rev-Trac firstly because it met our functional requirements. In addition, it was an add-on to the SAP platform which did not require additional technical infrastructure and it had a seamless integration with SAP transport management system with real-time object conflicts management with workflow messaging.

In a sentence or two, describe the operational impact Rev-Trac has had on your SAP IT organization:

With Rev-Trac, we have a complete automated audit trail of all changes moving to production, our release management has become easier, large projects with N+1 landscapes are easily implemented, and Rev-Trac’s retrofit and object conflict resolution features have helped us reduce to almost zero all production issues due to wrong versions or incorrect codes.

Rev-Trac Case Study

Florida Power & Light switches on to Rev-Trac


This case study of Florida Power & Light Company is based on a March 2017 survey of Rev-Trac customers by TechValidate, a 3rd-party research service.

“We have given our users back a lot of time, so they can focus on more valuable tasks; and we’ve reduced error through eliminating our manual processes,” Mr. Richards said.

“We no longer suffer audit deficiencies and are running fast and agile.”
Bob Richards, IT Manager, Florida Power & Light Company


Florida Power & Light Company (FPL) is the third-largest electric utility in the United States, serving approximately 4.9 million customer accounts or an estimated 10 million people across nearly half of the state of Florida. Its highly-efficient power plant fleet is one of the cleanest among all utilities nationwide, fueling FPL’s recognition as one of the most trusted US electric utilities by Market Strategies International.

FPL’s IT infrastructure has become increasingly complex to support its commitment to develop innovative, industry-leading solutions. Over time, challenges rose within the utility’s SAP landscape. The volume of SAP change increased rapidly, and problems such as overtakes, overwrites and collisions of changes – generated outside of production – threatened stability.

With the challenges increasing, FPL realized that its existing change control tools – spreadsheets, manual forms and email – were no longer sufficient. Greater automation of its SAP change control processes were crucial to adapting to the growing demands.

Use Case

Automation keeps the lights on
FPL’s IT team selected Rev-Trac — the SAP DevOps platform — to manage SAP change and enforce consistent workflows. The software demonstrated its capability to accommodate extremely fluid situations, providing the level of enforcement required to reduce high-risk tasks and streamline its audit processes to meet strict regulations.

The utility had specific goals when automating its SAP change control processes to accelerate the delivery of innovative products and services. Primarily, FPL wanted to adopt agile and SAP DevOps by using Rev-Trac for workflow management, and conflict management via extended locking and the software’s OOPS (Overtake and Overwrite Protection System) functionality.

To meet demands, FPL needed to accelerate its SAP change velocity and it saw Rev-Trac’s Release Management Workbench as the answer to the challenge. Additionally, the utility wanted to eliminate productivity-draining, manual tasks associated with SAP audits.


Greater systems uptime. Innovate Faster
A challenge for FPL’s IT team was the agility to control and release SAP changes from multiple environments. Rev-Trac’s SAP DevOps platform provides FPL this much needed capability. The software fully automates the coordination of parallel object development, preventing downstream production collisions.

Prior to the implementation of Rev-Trac, FPL was experiencing 20 plus potentially dangerous overtake and/or overwrites per month, threatening the stability of its SAP production systems. More than 75% of these have been eliminated through Rev-Trac. This has saved FPL time and money, and significantly reduced the risk of systems outages.

Bob Richards, IT manager, Florida Power & Light Company said: “Rev-Trac has allowed us to be more efficient, increase quality and dramatically increase productivity.”

Automating its SAP change processes has slashed 90% of manual effort and time spent on audit tasks. The utility has also cut manual retrofit efforts by up to 90%. This has freed up manpower to be deployed on higher value, more strategic projects benefitting FPL customers.

90% reduction in audit time & effort
75% decline in production outages

• Eliminated high-risk manual intervention to avoid a systems disaster
• IT can focus on innovative products and services, not just system maintenance
• Confidently meet stringent audit requirements with less time and effort
• Support for agile and DevOps to speed up the enterprise and align with business demand

Rev-Trac Customer Research

More than 50% of US customers use Jira to manage application development

What SAP ALM & DevOps tools does your SAP IT team use?

HP QC ALM or HP Octane ALM
Worksoft testing solutions
BMC Remedy
Virtual Forge

Rev-Trac Customer Research

How Rev-Trac helps customers with N+1 landscapes

If you are running an N+1 landscape, how has Rev-Trac simplified or improved your SAP change management processes?

Much more controlled parallel development
Improved control of releases
Significantly reduced manual effort
Improved our go-live experience
Reduced manual re-keying efforts

Rev-Trac Customer Statistic

Rev-Trac wins out against SAP Solution Manager CharRM 89% of the time.

89% of Rev-Trac customers surveyed evaluated SAP Solution Manager ChaRM along with Rev-Trac.


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