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Rev-Trac Case Study

Honda North America Tackles SAP Change Control Automation & Agile/DevOps with Rev-Trac


This case study of Honda Motor Co., Ltd. is based on a March 2017 survey of Rev-Trac customers by TechValidate, a 3rd-party research service.

Rev-Trac has been instrumental in allowing us to control our migrations and enforcing our change management procedures.


Honda North America, headquartered in Torrance, California is one of North America’s top five automobile makers to the multinational community of Rev-Trac customers. American Honda Motor Co produces cars, trucks, motorcycles, jets, engines, ATVs, and power equipment and serves as the North American sales, marketing, and distribution arm for Japan-based Global 500 Honda Motor. About 1.8 million vehicles are produced annual through 16 manufacturing plants in North America.

The carmaker implemented Rev-Trac change control automation technology as part of an initiative to introduce new, sophisticated technologies into manufacturing operations to improve production system stability, implement a Release Management strategy, facilitate an N and N+1 dual development environment and reduce overall the costs of managing SAP change. While Honda also evaluated SAP’s Solution Manager ChaRM, it was Rev-Trac’s flexibility and extensive track record of success that tipped the scale. Rev-Trac was in productive use within a month with admin training completed between 1-2 hours.

Use Case

In the initial implementation, Rev-Trac managed change processes in over 60 systems linking production facilities and sales outlets across Canada, the U.S. and Mexico and representing revenue flows in the tens of billions of dollars.

Honda employs N and N+ 1 system in their organization and in order to achieve the level of improvement they were looking for, there was initial period of significant configuration. Once it was up and running, Honda reported that Rev-Trac change control automation eliminated manual effort and improved efficiency by 90%.


At Honda Rev-Trac has been very valuable on the impact of its SAP change management effectiveness through use of OOPS, Release Management Workbench and auto transport deployment and has significantly helped accelerate change delivery in the areas of workflow approval, transport deployment and sequencing, and object conflict management. As a result Honda has:

  • Reduced Time on Audit Tasks by 70% – 90%
  • Increased its Volume of Change between 50% – 69%
  • All but eliminated production errors with a reduction of over 90%, and
  • Cut Manual Retrofit Effort by more than half

Having successfully and quickly moved from a paper-based change management system to a fully automated SAP change control system, Honda now focuses on how Rev-Trac can help them achieve their Agile/DevOps initiatives through additional Workflow Automation, Rev-Trac’s Release Management Workbench, and Conflict management through extended locking and OOPS.

Rev-Trac Customer Testimonial

Rev-Trac configuration was straightforward and user adoption a non-issue.

Shaun Wimpory, Basis Consultant, ASB Bank

Rev-Trac Customer Review

This Fortune 500 Insurance Company saved 750 days of client time per year using Rev-Trac

4/5 Stars

What was the main reason Rev-Trac was selected (over alternative approaches)?

Rev-Trac offers the best feature set and is the most mature.

In a sentence or two, describe the operational impact Rev-Trac has had on your SAP IT organization:

Rev-Trac has had a huge impact on time with 22 days of basis time released, plus an additional 750 days of client time per annum (this is based on 2 transports per migration, 3 minutes per migration for basis, and 2 hour average wait time for clients).

Rev-Trac Customer Research

Greater than 90% of companies using Rev-Trac report more than a 50% reduction in manual effort

Survey Question: Please estimate the degree to which, Rev-Trac change control automation, has eliminated manual effort and improved efficiency:

Greater than 90%: 34%
70% – 90%: 38%
50% – 69%: 19%
30% – 49%: 6%
Less than 30%: 2%

Rev-Trac Case Study

Capgemini Empowers Functional Teams to Accelerate Change Requests with Rev-Trac SAP Change Control Automation


This case study of Capgemini is based on a March 2017 survey of Rev-Trac customers by TechValidate, a 3rd-party research service.

“Rev-Trac has moved transport management back to the functional teams, enabling them to perform their jobs without technical assistance.”


Capgemini is a French multinational information technology consulting corporation headquartered in Paris, France. Capgemini’s regional operations include North and South America, Northern Europe & Asia Pacific and Central & Southern Europe. Services are delivered through four disciplines; Consulting, Technology, Outsourcing and Local Professional Services.

Founded in 1967, today Capgemini one of the world’s largest IT consulting, outsourcing and professional services companies with almost 190,000 employees in over 40 countries and in 2017 celebrates its 50th Anniversary. Together with its clients, Capgemini creates and delivers business, technology and digital solutions that fit their needs, enabling them to achieve innovation and competitiveness.

Use Case

Anything that hinders the Capgemini mission gets special attention, so when the IT team recognized the need to speed up business requested changes, they decided to automate as many processes as possible across their SAP landscape and they turned to Rev-Trac.

Prior to implementing Rev-Trac, it took between 2 and 5 hours on average to identify and fix an overwrite error, so productivity was taking a hit. But more than that, every potentially dangerous overtake incident carries a risk of downtime – the enemy of productivity and something high on the Capgemini list to be avoided, so the team leans heavily on Overwrite/Overtake Protection (Rev-Trac OOPS)

Rev-Trac has a high level of flexibility along with a broad base of functionality. Among these, a number of functions stand out at Capgemini as very or extremely valuable:

  • Rev-Trac’s mass approvals
  • BAU/support track retrofit
  • OOPS (Overwrite/Overtake Protection)
  • Release Management Workbench
  • Workflow automation and auto transport deployment


Rev-Trac’s powerful automation features are easy to adopt. At Capgemini it only takes between 1-2 hours to train a new user on Rev-Trac dramatically increasing worker productivity.

Not only has Capgemini reduced it’s overall production incidents by half with Rev-Trac, the IT team is finding that superior workflow automation, transport sequencing and Rev-Trac’s release management workbench are contributing significantly to achieving success in Capgemini’s Agile/DevOps efforts as they relate to their SAP change management processes.

Rev-Trac Customer Research

74% surveyed receive Rev-Trac alerts for more than 7 potentially dangerous overtake and/or overwrite situations per month

Survey Question: Could you please provide your best estimate on how many potentially dangerous overtake and/or overwrite situations Rev-Trac alerts your organization of on a monthly basis?

20+ per month
11-20 per month
7-10 per month
4-6 per month
0-3 per month

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