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Rev-Trac Customer Research

EMEA customers choose on-premise deployment for S/4HANA

How are you considering deploying S/4HANA:

SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud (HEC)
SAP Private Cloud - single-tenant
SAP Public - multi-tenant

Rev-Trac Customer Review

Unrivaled Customer Support

5/5 Stars

How our organization uses Rev-Trac:

We use RevTrac as our SAP change management control tool and have integrated it with our Tosca test automation tool, with further plans to integrate with ServiceNow.

Would you recommend Rev-Trac's Customer Support team, and if so, why?

Yes, it provides vaulable quality checks, control, visibility, and allows an organization to move closer to DevOps.

Rev-Trac Customer Fact

Invaluable features! said Rev-Trac’s safety checks (OOPS, CISS, PODS etc.)
are very valuable.

Rev-Trac Case Study

OneSteel simplifies SAP change management with Rev-Trac


This case study of OneSteel is based on a December 2018 survey of Rev-Trac customers by TechValidate, a 3rd-party research service.

“I have ABAP experience and a developer-focused background, so I found the configuration to be quite easy to understand and quick to implement. The consultant we worked with was very knowledgeable and could answer all our questions.”


OneSteel’s history in the manufacture and supply of steel solutions and products to the construction of nation-building infrastructure in Australia spans more than 100 years. The business is also a trusted supplier to the manufacturing, housing, mining and agricultural industries.

With more than 5,000 employees and over 200 locations Australia wide, OneSteel, enables the construction of steel-framed buildings, buildings framed in concrete and nation-building infrastructure projects.

To more efficiently manage its N and N+1 SAP environment, the steel solutions supplier had to simplify its change management processes. So, it selected Rev-Trac – an automated change management solution – to deliver faster, better and safer SAP applications and enhancements at lower costs.

Use Case

Rev-Trac has successfully addressed a number of challenges across OneSteel’s SAP landscape.

The automation solution has enabled the steel solutions supplier increase the volume and velocity of SAP change while reducing the change-related production incidents within their SAP environment.

According to OneSteel, Rev-Trac is to configure. The automated change management tool was productive less than one month after the initial implementation.


Prior to the implementation of Rev-Trac, it would take 1-2 hours to identify and fix an overtake/overwrite error. With Rev-Trac, OneSteel receives 4-6 potentially dangerous overtake and overwrite error alerts on a monthly basis.

It has also enabled the business to:
o reduce manual effort
o reduce time on audit tasks
o reduce production errors
o reduce manual retrofit effort

Rev-Trac Case Study

Hawaiian Electric keeps lights on with Rev-Trac


This case study of Hawaiian Electric Company is based on a December 2018 survey of Rev-Trac customers by TechValidate, a 3rd-party research service.

“Rev-Trac was not hard to implement, is easy to maintain, and support is great. The support they provide is amazing.”


Hawaiian Electric has for more than 125 years provided the energy that has helped drive the islands’ development from a kingdom to a modern state. The utility serves 95 percent of the state’s 1.4 million residents on the islands of Oahu, Maui, Hawaii Island, Lanai, and Molokai.

Its vision is to empower our customers and communities with affordable, reliable, clean energy, built sustainable, resilient communities.

To support the vision, Hawaiian Electric needed to simplify its change management processes. The energy utility adopted Rev-Trac – an automated SAP change management platform – to help manage an N and N+ 1 development environment and reduce the costs of managing change. Automating its change management processes allows Hawaiian Electric to deliver faster, safer SAP applications for significantly less cost.

Use Case

Since deploying Rev-Trac, Hawaiian Electric has successfully addressed many challenges across its SAP landscape. The automation solution has eliminated much manual effort and enabled it to manage parallel development better and improve control of releases.

According to Hawaiian Electric, Rev-Trac wasn’t difficult to implement and was productive 1 -3 months after the initial implementation.

The utility has increased the volume of SAP change they manage and the rate at which the change is delivered, enabling the utility to keep pace in a digital world.

In addition, eliminating manual effort through automation has reduced the change-related Production incidents within Hawaiian Electric’s SAP environment.


Before Rev-Trac’s implementation, it would take 1-2 hours to identify and fix an overtake/overwrite error.

Rev-Trac alerts users of potentially dangerous overtake and overwrite errors. Since the deployment, Hawaiian Electric received 0-3 of these alerts every month.

The automated SAP change management platform has also enabled the utility to:
o Reduced time on audit tasks
o Reduced manual retrofit effort
o Quickly realize business value from SAP applications

Rev-Trac Customer Research

Main Drivers Behind Implementing Rev-Trac: Production System Stability and SAP Change Control Process Simplification

Survey Question: Select the main reasons that led you to automate your SAP change control processes with Rev-Trac:

To improve production system stability
To simplify the SAP change control process
To implement a Release Management strategy
To reduce the costs of managing change
To facilitate an N and N+1 dual development environment
To assist in managing an upgrade or significant project

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