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Selected Research Highlights

Rev-Trac Customer Statistic

Automation cuts production incidents

98% of IT organizations agreed:

“Implementing Rev-Trac has reduced SAP change-related production incidents within our SAP environment.”

Rev-Trac Case Study

OneSteel simplifies SAP change management with Rev-Trac


This case study of OneSteel is based on a December 2018 survey of Rev-Trac customers by TechValidate, a 3rd-party research service.

“I have ABAP experience and a developer-focused background, so I found the configuration to be quite easy to understand and quick to implement. The consultant we worked with was very knowledgeable and could answer all our questions.”


OneSteel’s history in the manufacture and supply of steel solutions and products to the construction of nation-building infrastructure in Australia spans more than 100 years. The business is also a trusted supplier to the manufacturing, housing, mining and agricultural industries.

With more than 5,000 employees and over 200 locations Australia wide, OneSteel, enables the construction of steel-framed buildings, buildings framed in concrete and nation-building infrastructure projects.

To more efficiently manage its N and N+1 SAP environment, the steel solutions supplier had to simplify its change management processes. So, it selected Rev-Trac – an automated change management solution – to deliver faster, better and safer SAP applications and enhancements at lower costs.

Use Case

Rev-Trac has successfully addressed a number of challenges across OneSteel’s SAP landscape.

The automation solution has enabled the steel solutions supplier increase the volume and velocity of SAP change while reducing the change-related production incidents within their SAP environment.

According to OneSteel, Rev-Trac is to configure. The automated change management tool was productive less than one month after the initial implementation.


Prior to the implementation of Rev-Trac, it would take 1-2 hours to identify and fix an overtake/overwrite error. With Rev-Trac, OneSteel receives 4-6 potentially dangerous overtake and overwrite error alerts on a monthly basis.

It has also enabled the business to:
o reduce manual effort
o reduce time on audit tasks
o reduce production errors
o reduce manual retrofit effort

Rev-Trac Customer Research

41% of Rev-Trac users are actively adopting SAP Agile/DevOps principals

How would you characterize your organization’s adoption of Agile/DevOps principles with regards to your SAP change management processes?

Topic has not come up: 29%
Topic has been discussed but no action: 27%
Planning is underway to adopt Agile/DevOps principles for SAP change management: 7%
Project is underway to adopt Agile/DevOps principles for SAP change management: 10%
We’re already there: 24%
Other: 2%

Rev-Trac Customer Research

Almost 60% of Rev-Trac users have experienced a 50% or more reduction in change related production incidents since implementing Rev-Trac

Survey Question: To what degree do you believe Rev-Trac has reduced change related Production incidents?

Over 75%: 22%
51-75%: 36%
26–50%: 8%
11–25%: 17%
Up to 10%: 17%

Rev-Trac Customer Statistic

Faster and Better

90% of Rev-Trac customers surveyed report that Rev-Trac’s unique cross-system and cross-application object conflict management has greatly helped facilitate accelerated change delivery at their organization.


Rev-Trac Case Study

Honda North America Tackles SAP Change Control Automation & Agile/DevOps with Rev-Trac


This case study of Honda Motor Co., Ltd. is based on a March 2017 survey of Rev-Trac customers by TechValidate, a 3rd-party research service.

Rev-Trac has been instrumental in allowing us to control our migrations and enforcing our change management procedures.


Honda North America, headquartered in Torrance, California is one of North America’s top five automobile makers to the multinational community of Rev-Trac customers. American Honda Motor Co produces cars, trucks, motorcycles, jets, engines, ATVs, and power equipment and serves as the North American sales, marketing, and distribution arm for Japan-based Global 500 Honda Motor. About 1.8 million vehicles are produced annual through 16 manufacturing plants in North America.

The carmaker implemented Rev-Trac change control automation technology as part of an initiative to introduce new, sophisticated technologies into manufacturing operations to improve production system stability, implement a Release Management strategy, facilitate an N and N+1 dual development environment and reduce overall the costs of managing SAP change. While Honda also evaluated SAP’s Solution Manager ChaRM, it was Rev-Trac’s flexibility and extensive track record of success that tipped the scale. Rev-Trac was in productive use within a month with admin training completed between 1-2 hours.

Use Case

In the initial implementation, Rev-Trac managed change processes in over 60 systems linking production facilities and sales outlets across Canada, the U.S. and Mexico and representing revenue flows in the tens of billions of dollars.

Honda employs N and N+ 1 system in their organization and in order to achieve the level of improvement they were looking for, there was initial period of significant configuration. Once it was up and running, Honda reported that Rev-Trac change control automation eliminated manual effort and improved efficiency by 90%.


At Honda Rev-Trac has been very valuable on the impact of its SAP change management effectiveness through use of OOPS, Release Management Workbench and auto transport deployment and has significantly helped accelerate change delivery in the areas of workflow approval, transport deployment and sequencing, and object conflict management. As a result Honda has:

  • Reduced Time on Audit Tasks by 70% – 90%
  • Increased its Volume of Change between 50% – 69%
  • All but eliminated production errors with a reduction of over 90%, and
  • Cut Manual Retrofit Effort by more than half

Having successfully and quickly moved from a paper-based change management system to a fully automated SAP change control system, Honda now focuses on how Rev-Trac can help them achieve their Agile/DevOps initiatives through additional Workflow Automation, Rev-Trac’s Release Management Workbench, and Conflict management through extended locking and OOPS.

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