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Rev-Trac Customer Research

Is your SAP IT team considering automating SAP software maintenance functions?

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System copy automation




Impact analysis/ assessment automation




Rev-Trac Customer Review

5/5 Stars

What sets Rev-Trac apart from other SAP change management solutions:

Rev-Trac is powerful AND configurable and leverages standard SAP job management operations. The product is simple for developers/configurators, testers, and project and business lead to understand and use on a daily basis. Most importantly, Rev-Trac provides critical visibility, at both the functional and technical levels, into the SAP change management process.

Why they like working with Rev-Trac:

I spend a large amount of my time, each day, working directly in the Rev-Trac console. Its core processes are simple, straight-forward, powerful, and based on standard SAP processes for workflow and job management.

Rev-Trac Customer Research

Reasons why our EMEA customers automated their SAP change management processes

To simplify the SAP change management process
To help speed up the rate at which we can deliver change
To implement a release management strategy
To assist in managing an upgrade or significant project
To reduce the costs of managing change
To enable an increase in change volume
To facilitate an N and N+1 dual development environment
To assist with achieving agile and DevOps strategies

Rev-Trac Customer Satisfaction Rating

Rev-Trac: High performer for energy & utility enterprises

An IT Manager at a large enterprise energy & utilities company would be very likely to recommend Rev-Trac for this reason:

Rev-Trac is an excellent product. We have reduced errors and effort to support management of transports across a large enterprise.

Rev-Trac Case Study

Florida Power & Light switches on to Rev-Trac


This case study of Florida Power & Light Company is based on a March 2017 survey of Rev-Trac customers by TechValidate, a 3rd-party research service.

“We have given our users back a lot of time, so they can focus on more valuable tasks; and we’ve reduced error through eliminating our manual processes,” Mr. Richards said.

“We no longer suffer audit deficiencies and are running fast and agile.”
Bob Richards, IT Manager, Florida Power & Light Company


Florida Power & Light Company (FPL) is the third-largest electric utility in the United States, serving approximately 4.9 million customer accounts or an estimated 10 million people across nearly half of the state of Florida. Its highly-efficient power plant fleet is one of the cleanest among all utilities nationwide, fueling FPL’s recognition as one of the most trusted US electric utilities by Market Strategies International.

FPL’s IT infrastructure has become increasingly complex to support its commitment to develop innovative, industry-leading solutions. Over time, challenges rose within the utility’s SAP landscape. The volume of SAP change increased rapidly, and problems such as overtakes, overwrites and collisions of changes – generated outside of production – threatened stability.

With the challenges increasing, FPL realized that its existing change control tools – spreadsheets, manual forms and email – were no longer sufficient. Greater automation of its SAP change control processes were crucial to adapting to the growing demands.

Use Case

Automation keeps the lights on
FPL’s IT team selected Rev-Trac change control automation technology to manage its SAP change management methods. The software demonstrated its capability to accommodate extremely fluid situations, providing the level of enforcement required to reduce high-risk tasks and streamline its audit processes to meet strict regulations.

The utility had a number of specific goals it wanted to achieve with the automation of its SAP change control processes, accelerating the delivery of innovative products and services. Primarily, FPL wanted to support the adoption of agile and DevOps in its SAP environment through the use of Rev-Trac for workflow management, and conflict management via extended locking and the software’s OOPS (overtake overwrite protection system) functionality.

To meet demands, FPL needed to accelerate its SAP change velocity and it saw Rev-Trac’s Release Management Workbench as the answer to the challenge. Additionally, the utility wanted to eliminate productivity-draining, manual tasks associated with SAP audits.


Greater systems uptime. Innovate Faster
A challenge for FPL’s IT team was the agility to control and release SAP changes from multiple environments. Rev-Trac’s change control automation platform provides FPL this much needed capability. The software fully automates the coordination of parallel object development, preventing downstream production collisions.

Prior to the implementation of Rev-Trac, FPL was experiencing 20 plus potentially dangerous overtake and/or overwrites per month, threatening the stability of its SAP production systems. More than 75 per cent of these have been eliminated through Rev-Trac. This has saved FPL time and money, and significantly reduced the risk of systems outages.

Bob Richards, IT manager, Florida Power & Light Company said: “Rev-Trac has allowed us to be more efficient, increase quality and dramatically increase productivity.”

Automating its SAP change processes has slashed 90 per cent of manual effort and time spent on audit tasks. The utility has also cut manual retrofit efforts by up to 90 per cent. This has freed up manpower to be deployed on higher value, more strategic projects benefitting FPL customers.

90% reduction in audit time & effort
75% decline in production outages

• Eliminated high-risk manual intervention to avoid a systems disaster
• IT can focus on innovative products and services, not just system maintenance
• Confidently meet stringent audit requirements with less time and effort
• Support for agile and DevOps to speed up the enterprise and align with business demand

Rev-Trac Case Study

ASB Bank invests in Rev-Trac to manage change in N+1 landscape


This case study of ASB Bank is based on a 2018 and 2019 survey of Rev-Trac customers by TechValidate, a 3rd-party research service.

“Most important part is planning. Understand the strategy you’re after and start from there. Configuration was straight forward and user adoption a non-issue. "


For more than 170 years, ASB – New Zealand’s first saving bank – has been serving the community and helping locals to grow. Today, it provides a range of financial services including retail, business and rural banking and funds management. The Auckland headquartered institution employs 4,907 people (2018) to handle 1.3 million personal, business and rural customers who choose to bank with them.

ASB has built a reputation for embracing innovation and new technologies. An approach it also adopts for its back-end systems. To keep pace in the digital world, the bank revolutionized its SAP change management processes to support an N and N+1 development landscape efficiently. Revamping its processes and tasks would allow ASB to more efficiently manage significant projects, delivering greater success to the business faster while preventing unplanned downtime.

Use Case

SAP change automation is key
To meet its objectives, the financial institution decided to deploy Rev-Trac – an automated SAP change management platform — to transform its application delivery and minimize disruptions to the business.

Rev-Trac can be configured out-of-the-box and was productive less than one month after the initial implementation, helping ASB to address its specific goals for the project.

For ASB, planning was a crucial step in the deployment of the new automation technology. Configuration was straight forward and user adoption a non-issue, once the bank understood its strategy. Rev-Trac is an intuitive product that just works, allowing it to reduce production errors and simplify its SAP change management processes.


More SAP change less risk
Since deploying Rev-Trac to support an N and N+1 environment, ASB has been able to meet the ever-changing demands of the business cost-effectively and more efficiently.

Automation has enabled ASB to efficiently support an N and N+1 dual development environment to respond quickly to changes in the market and maintain production stability. The go-live experience of SAP applications and enhancements has improved with ASB’s ability to control parallel development during the delivery process more effectively.

ASB has taken advantage of Rev-Trac’s advanced functionality, including the Release Management Workbench, safety checks and cross-application change management to enhance its delivery of SAP change across its N and N+1 environment. The solution’s Overtake and Overwrite Protection System (OOPS), for example, ASB can better manage parallel development, reducing change-related incidents and securing its transports.

Using Rev-Trac, the bank has increased the volume and velocity of SAP change for faster, better and safer applications. At the same time, automating their SAP change management processes has improved production system stability.

Before implementing Rev-Trac, it took ASB more than five hours to identify and fix an overtake/overwrite error. Deploying Rev-Trac has eliminated high-risk manual tasks resulting in an increasingly stable SAP environment. Now, with Rev-Trac, the financial institution receives more than 20 potential dangerous overtake and overwrite error alerts every month.

Automating its SAP change management processes with Rev-Trac has also enabled ASB to:
o to perform weekly routine deployments to production
o reduce time on audit tasks
o reduce production errors
o reduce manual retrofit effort

New era dawns for ASB
While it hasn’t determined its migration approach, ASB plans to migrate to S/4HANA within the next 24-60 months. The bank is still deciding how it will deploy SAP’s next-generation ERP system.

Leveraging Rev-Trac’s automation and enforcement capabilities allows ASB to better control parallel development for more efficient and cost-effective delivery of SAP change across it’s N and N+1 environment.

Through minimizing conflict and improving the volume and velocity of SAP change, the bank can more quickly realize the value of SAP applications, Rev-Trac’s flexibility, ease-of-use, and advance feature set assists ASB in effortlessly managing an upgrade or significant project.

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