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Selected Research Highlights

Redis Labs Customer Statistic

Redis Labs is Most Valued For

80% of surveyed customers value Redis Labs’ ability to provide high availability persistence, auto-failover, and cross-zone/multi-region/multi-datacenter in-memory replication.


Redis Enterprise Case Study

Large Enterprise Retail Company Powers Ecommerce Platform with Redis Enterprise


This case study of a large enterprise retail company is based on a January 2018 survey of Redis Enterprise customers by TechValidate, a 3rd-party research service. The profiled company asked to have their name blinded to protect their confidentiality.

“Redis Enterprise helped meet our tight application SLOs. This gave our engineers more capacity to work on business logic and building new features rather than worrying about performance all of the time.”


The business challenges that led the profiled company to evaluate and ultimately select Redis Enterprise:

  • Encountered the following challenges before choosing Redis Enterprise:
    • High latency and slow response times from other databases
    • Other databases only being able to handle limited volume and low throughput of data

Use Case

The key features and functionalities of Redis Enterprise that the surveyed company uses:

  • Has a 500 GB – 1 TB dataset in Redis Enterprise.
  • Uses Redis Enterprise for the following:
    • High-speed transactions
  • Use of Redis Enterprise does not include data that is not stored in any other database.
  • Using Redis Enterprise in the following types of solution:
    • ECommerce


The surveyed company achieved the following results with Redis Enterprise:

  • Values the following Redis Enterprise capabilities:
    • High availability (persistence, auto-failover, cross-zone/multi-region/multi-datacenter in-memory replication)
    • Stability & high performance
    • Ability to seamlessly scale, cluster, and auto shard
    • 24×7 support for mission-critical Redis layers
  • Rates the following benefits of Redis Enterprise for having Redis as their deployment provider compared to their previous state:
    • Faster time to market: highly beneficial
    • Reduced downtime: highly beneficial
    • Ability to offer fewer specialized personnel: beneficial
    • Higher, more stable performance: highly beneficial

Redis Labs Case Study

Cisco Systems uses Redis Enterprise as a Primary Data Store for IoT Solutions


Cisco Systems is an American multinational conglomerate that develops, manufactures, and sells networking and telecommunications equipment and services. Since its founding in 1984, Cisco has grown to become the largest networking company in the world and a leading Fortune 500 company. Cisco relies on Redis Enterprise layer as its session store for its IoT solutions and Mobile Applications.

“Redis Enterprise has been amazing so far.”


As the largest player in the networking solutions industry, high performance is crucial in all of Cisco’s solutions. It’s especially important for its IoT and Mobile applications, which connect hundreds of thousands of users, increasing operational effectiveness and optimizing their client’s communication channels. As a company that markets itself on its speed and real-time analytics / optimization, Cisco needed to find a database that could run at a high operational capacity. Some challenges that led Cisco to choose Redis Enterprise include:

  • Values Redis Enterprise’s ability to provide:
    • Stable, high performance

Use Case

Cisco chose Redis Enterprise as its primary database after surveying other database solutions for its sub millisecond latency and reliability. With its IoT solutions, Cisco needed a system that can process transactions at high-speed so that it could deliver analytics to the users real-time. Additionally, Cisco chose Redis Enterprise’s speed for it mobile applications, which users depend on for real-time responsiveness. Here are some additional key features and functionalities of Redis Enterprise that Cisco uses:

  • Has a > 1 TB dataset in Redis Enterprise.
  • Uses Redis Enterprise for the following:
    • High speed transactions
    • User session store
  • Is using Redis Enterprise in the following solutions:
    • Mobile applications
    • IoT


Due to Redis Enterprise, Cisco saw a jump in their session’s performance capabilities, which was accomplished with less resources. The success of Redis Enterprise has prompted Cisco to have Redis cover more of their solutions and to shift additional data away from competing databases. Cisco has also achieved the following results with Redis Enterprise:

  • Has seen the following improvements from choosing Redis Enterprise as their Redis deployment provider, compared to their previous state:
    • Reduced downtime: up to 30%
    • Fewer specialized resources: >90%
    • Higher and more stable performance: up to 30%
  • Use Redis as their primary database
  • Is increasing usage of Redis Enterprise for the following reasons:
    • They want to scale to multiple locations/sites
    • They are moving more data from RDBMS to Redis
  • Would like to move additional data from the following databases into Redis Enterprise:
    • MongoDB

Redis Enterprise Customer Research

Increasing Usage of Redis Enterprise

Are you increasing your usage of Redis Enterprise? Why?

Application usage and user count is growing
We want more pieces of our application to be served faster
Additional data models/uses for Redis Enterprise
We want to scale to multiple locations/sites
We are moving data from other databases

Redis Labs Customer Testimonial

We managed to deploy a queueing mechanism in no time.

Application Developer, Small Business Computer Services Company

Redis Labs Customer Research

Redis Use Cases

What is your Redis use case?

Job & queue management
Scalability tier / content caching
User session store
High speed transactions
Real time analytics
Real time data ingest
Timeseries data
Complex statistical analysis

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