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Selected Research Highlights

Redis Labs Case Study

Fortune 100 Telecommunications Services Company


This case study of a Fortune 100 telecommunications services company is based on a November 2016 survey of Redis Labs customers by TechValidate, a 3rd-party research service. The profiled company asked to have their name blinded to protect their confidentiality.

“We have come to rely on Redis and Redis Labs provides the enterprise grade high availability and clustering to help us implement it everywhere.”


The business challenges that led the profiled company to evaluate and ultimately select Redis Labs:

  • Values Redis Labs ability to provide:
    • High availability- persistence, auto-failover, cross-zone/multi-region/multi-datacenter in-memory replication
    • Stable, high performance

Use Case

The key features and functionalities of Redis Labs that the surveyed company uses:

  • Has a 100-500 GB dataset in Redis Labs.
  • Uses Redis Labs for the following:
    • Real time analytics
    • Job & queue management
  • Is using Redis Labs in the following solution:
    • Analytics


The surveyed company achieved the following results with Redis Labs:

  • Has seen the following improvements from choosing Redis Labs as their Redis deployment provider, compared to their previous state:
    • Reduced downtime: >90%
    • Fewer specialized resources: 70-90%
    • Higher and more stable performance: 70-90%
  • Their use of Redis includes data that is not stored in any other database.
  • Is increasing usage of Redis Labs for the following reasons:
    • Their application usage and user count is growing
    • They are moving more data from RDBMS to Redis
  • Would like to move additional data from the following databases into Redis Labs:
    • RDBMS-es like Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL

Redis Enterprise Customer Fact

Global 500 Retail Benefits from Higher Performance

A Global 500 Retail Company values Redis Enterprise’s higher, more stable performance as a highly beneficial feature of having Redis Labs as their deployment provider compared to their previous state.

Redis Labs Customer Satisfaction Rating

A System Administrator at a medium enterprise computer software company recommends Redis Labs for this reason:

Redis Labs is a great product with good communication and great support!

Redis Labs Customer Research

Redis As Primary Database

Does your use of Redis include data that is not stored in any other database?

Yes: 68%
No: 32%

Redis Enterprise Case Study

Redis Enterprise Helps Editoo Execute its Mission Statement


Editoo’s online tool helps customers create professional-grade magazines for either personal or business purposes, all within a short time and at a low cost. Editoo’s web application began encountering high latency as more people started using its services.. Its traditional RDBMS couldn’t handle the increase in traffic, leading Editoo to make the switch to Redis Enterprise. With its high performance, Redis Enterprise was able to elevate Editoo’s web application and speed up its request cycle.

“Redis Enterprise just works. We love its impressive performance! Redis Enterprise is quite simply stress-free. We love the awesome support.”


Editoo’s promise to customers is a professional-grade magazine produced in a short amount of time. When customers first visited Editoo’s website, they were met with slow response times and high latency. This was a problem; a fast user interface is crucial to retaining a customer’s attention, especially if speed is part of a company’s mission statement. Below are the challenges that led Editoo to evaluate and ultimately select Redis Enterprise:

  • Encountered the following challenges before choosing Redis Enterprise:
    • High latency and slow response times from other databases

Use Case

Ultimately, Editoo chose Redis Enterprise for its web application session management. After traffic to its website continued to grow, Editoo decided to use Redis as a primary data store for visitor information. Below, you’ll find the key features and functionalities of Redis Enterprise used by Editoo:

  • Uses Redis Enterprise for the following:
    • The user session store
    • Job and queue management
    • Caching database queries
  • Use of Redis Enterprise does include data that is not stored in any other database.
  • Increased their usage of Redis Enterprise for the following reasons:
    • Application usage and user count is growing
  • Using Redis Enterprise in the following types of solutions:
    • Web application for graphic arts industries (magazine production)


Thanks to Redis Enterprise, Editoo has seen higher performance as well as a reduction in downtime, with the former bringing significant peace of mind to its team. Editoo would also like to move additional data from its traditional server and is constantly finding new systems to run on Redis. Moreover, Editoo has already achieved the following results with Redis Enterprise:

  • Values the following Redis Enterprise capabilities:
    • Stability & high performance
  • Rates the following benefits of Redis Enterprise for having Redis as their deployment provider compared to their previous state:
    • reduced downtime: highly beneficial
    • Ability to offer fewer specialized personnel: beneficial
    • Higher, more stable performance: highly beneficial
  • Would like to move additional data from the following databases into Redis Enterprise:
    • RDBMS-es (Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL)

Redis Labs Customer Research

Types of Solutions Using Redis

What type of solution are you using Redis in?

Mobile application
Internal corporate application
Social / Customer engagement

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