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Selected Research Highlights

Redis Labs Case Study

S&P 500 Finance and Tax Software Company


This case study of a S&P 500 computer software company is based on a November 2016 survey of Redis Labs customers by TechValidate, a 3rd-party research service. The profiled company asked to have their name blinded to protect their confidentiality.

“Redis Labs helped us achieve seamless scaling and clustering, with enterprise class high availability for our Redis databases.”


The business challenges that led the profiled company to evaluate and ultimately select Redis Labs:

  • Values Redis Labs ability to provide:
    • High availability- persistence, auto-failover, cross-zone/multi-region/multi-datacenter in-memory replication
    • Seamless scaling & clustering
    • 24×7 support for mission critical Redis layer
    • Deep operational and technical expertise

Use Case

The key features and functionalities of Redis Labs that the surveyed company uses:

  • Has a 10-100 GB dataset in Redis Labs.
  • Uses Redis Labs for the following:
    • High speed transactions
    • User session store
    • Job & queue management
    • Scalability tier/content caching
    • Notifications
  • Is using Redis Labs in the following solutions:
    • Internal corporate applications


The surveyed company achieved the following results with Redis Labs:

  • Has seen the following improvements from choosing Redis Labs as their Redis deployment provider, compared to their previous state:
    • Faster time to market: 30-50%
    • Reduced downtime: >90%
    • Higher and more stable performance: 50-70%
  • Their use of Redis includes data that is not stored in any other database.
  • Is increasing usage of Redis Labs for the following reasons:
    • Their data size is increasing and processing needs are increasing
    • They have additional data models/uses for Redis
  • Would like to move additional data from the following databases into Redis Labs:
    • RDBMS-es like Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL

Redis Enterprise Customer Research

Top Redis Enterprise Use Cases

What are your Redis Enterprise use cases?

User session store
High-speed transactions
Scalability tier/content caching
Job & queue management
Real-time analytics
Search/secondary indexing
Time-series data
Fast data ingest
Geospatial indexing
Machine learning

Redis Enterprise Customer Satisfaction Rating

Adriano Valente, an Engineer at Revmob, would be very likely to recommend Redis Enterprise for this reason:

Redis Enterprise takes the responsibility of managing our databases, leaving us stress-free.

Redis Enterprise Case Study

Fortifi’s CRM Platform Counts on Redis Enterprise for Stable, High Performance


Fortifi is a complete end-to-end cloud-based business platform consisting of a billing system, support system, CRM, order management system, knowledge base and marketing system. You can plug this platform into any website, and the result is a comprehensive and simple view of the elements of your business, all of which can be specified to fit clients’ specific needs. When Fortifi began encountering issues managing its instance, it started the search for a reliable management system and ultimately looked to Redis Enterprise for its high availability and high performance. Redis Enterprise now serves as a primary database for Fortifi’s customer-facing application.

“Redis Enterprise just works. It takes all of the worry and hassle out of running your own Redis cluster.”


Prior to using Redis Enterprise, Fortifi ran Open Source Redis inside a Kubernetes Engine cluster. “Managing it wasn’t too difficult,” said Richard Gooding, System Engineer at Fortifi. “But it wasn’t built quite right from the outset. It would occasionally fail over and nodes would lose sync with each other.” As its application and user count grew, Fortifi realized it needed a cost-effective method of ensuring that customers’ experience with its application didn’t diminish.

  • Encountered the following challenges before choosing Redis Enterprise:
    • We were previously running Redis inside our GKE cluster and managing it wasn’t too difficult but it wasn’t built quite right from the outset so it would occasionally fall over and nodes would lose sync with each other.

Use Case

As Fortifi quickly concluded, it’s crucial nowadays that any customer-facing applications run fluidly; a bad user experience can impact potential revenue. To tackle this, Fortifi chose to store user sessions for its eCommerce platform primarily on Redis Enterprise. Below, you’ll find the key features and functionalities of Redis Enterprise used by Fortifi.

The key features and functionalities of Redis Enterprise that the surveyed company uses:

  • Has a < 1 GB dataset in Redis Enterprise.
  • Uses Redis Enterprise for the following:
    • The user session store
    • Job and queue management
  • Use of Redis Enterprise does include data that is not stored in any other database.
  • Increased their usage of Redis Enterprise for the following reasons:
    • Application usage and user count is growing
  • Using Redis Enterprise in the following types of solutions:
    • ECommerce


Following its implementation of Redis Enterprise, Fortifi has seen a drastic increase in its application’s performance.

“The instances we have running with Redis Labs have been excellent so far,” Gooding said. “We have had very few issues with performance or communication with the instances. Pricing is also excellent and the ability to resize instances without downtime is a major plus point for us.”

Fortifi is also continuing to find new ways to refine its data management with Redis Enterprise.

“As we add and change features, we find new things to write to Redis,” Gooding added.

Fortifi achieved the following results with Redis Enterprise:

  • Values the following Redis Enterprise capabilities:
    • High availability (persistence, auto-failover, cross-zone/multi-region/multi-datacenter in-memory replication)
    • Stability & high performance
    • Ability to seamlessly scale, cluster, and auto shard
    • Monitoring & automation and alerting & dashboards
  • Rates the following benefits of Redis Enterprise for having Redis as their deployment provider compared to their previous state:
    • Faster time to market: Highly beneficial
    • Reduced downtime: Beneficial
    • Ability to offer fewer specialized personnel: Beneficial
    • Higher, more stable performance: The most beneficial
  • Would like to move additional data from the following databases into Redis Enterprise:
    • Most of our data is already in the best place but as we add and change features we find new things to write to Redis

Redis Enterprise Customer Fact

Staples Business Advantage Canada recognizes Redis Enterprise’s higher, more stable performance as the most beneficial feature of having Redis as their deployment provider compared to their previous state.

Redis Enterprise Customer Research

What type of solutions are you using Redis Enterprise in?

Social/Customer engagement
Fraud mitigation

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