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Selected Research Highlights

Redis Labs Case Study

Mobile Advertising Network Media & Entertainment Company


This case study of a small business media & entertainment company is based on an October 2016 survey of Redis Labs customers by TechValidate, a 3rd-party research service. The profiled company asked to have their name blinded to protect their confidentiality.

“Redis Labs’ high performance and versatility has helped us deliver applications faster and with greater reliability than ever before.”


  • Values Redis Labs ability to provide:
    • High availability- persistence, auto-failover, cross-zone/multi-region/multi-datacenter in-memory replication
    • Seamless scaling & clustering
    • 24×7 support for mission critical Redis layer
    • Stable, high performance

Use Case

  • Has a 500 GB – 1 TB dataset in Redis Labs
  • Uses Redis Labs for the following:
    • High speed transactions
    • Real time data ingest
    • Complex statistical analysis
  • Is using Redis Labs in the following solutions:
    • Mobile applications
    • Fraud detection
    • Targeting/personalization
    • Social/customer engagement


  • Has seen the following improvements from choosing Redis Labs as their Redis deployment provider, compared to their previous state:
    • Cost savings: up to 30%
    • Faster time to market: 30-50%
    • Reduced downtime: >90%
    • Fewer specialized resources: >90%
    • Higher and more stable performance: >90%
  • Their use of Redis does not include data that is not stored in any other database.
  • Is increasing usage of Redis Labs for the following reasons:
    • Their data size is increasing and processing needs are increasing
  • Would like to move additional data from the following database into Redis Labs:
    • MongoDB

Redis Enterprise Customer Fact

Redis Enterprise Increases Performance for MedeAnalytics

MedeAnalytics values Redis Enterprise’s higher, more stable performance as a highly beneficial feature of having Redis as their deployment provider compared to their previous state.

Redis Labs Customer Research

What is your Redis use case?

Job & queue management
Scalability tier / content caching
User session store
High speed transactions
Real time analytics
Real time data ingest
Timeseries data
Complex statistical analysis

Redis Enterprise Case Study

Managing Fotolog’s 34 Million Users Seamlessly with Redis Enterprise


Fotolog puts a spin on social media. Rather than enabling you to overwhelm your friends with hundreds of shares, posts or thoughts, Fotolog limits your social media output to one image per day. By doing this, Fotolog hopes to end the overuse of social networking and the meaningless consumption of content. As one of the largest social networks in the world, Fotolog provides its 34 million users with an open diary in which they can record and share their day-to-day lives and thoughts while prioritizing meaningful and healthy ways of using social networking tools. When Fotolog began to encounter latency issues and slow response times, the Fotolog team started to worry about the impact that might have on customers’ experiences, and ultimately customer engagement. In order to serve more pieces of its app faster and to manage a growing user count, Fotolog chose Redis Enterprise as its primary datastore for its social channels.

“Redis Enterprise helped making our social network fast enough to be usable when using sessions in a auto-scalable way, and it was clear enough to setup and use quickly all of the related data there. Also, the automatic backups and fault recovery options help us not worrying about these issues.”


Fotolog began to evaluate other database solutions after it started to experience slow response times. Growing pains attributable to Fotolog’s rapidly growing user base began causing latency spikes and slow response times. Google Datastore was too slow to handle the interactivity and analytics needed for Fotolog’s social app. In addition, it made it very difficult to administer functions such as messaging and leaderboards, which had to be handled at the application level; this consumed additional time and resources that made it difficult to scale as a result.

The business challenges that led the profiled company to evaluate and ultimately select Redis Enterprise:

  • Encountered the following challenges before choosing Redis Enterprise:
    • High latency and slow response times from other databases
    • Difficulty operating, scaling, and administering other databases

Use Case

Fotolog chose Redis Enterprise for its intelligent session state management and currently uses Redis to store all of a user’s session-related data, like their profile information, messages, daily photos and searches. The other databases Fotolog evaluated required a huge amount of time and resources to match the network’s latency requirements, but that wasn’t an issue with Redis Enterprise.

“It was so easy to set up and use,” says the IT team at Fotolog. “Redis Enterprise provides configurable options for our app and has clear pricing.”

Redis Enterprise also ensures seamlessness because it serves as the primary database for Fotolog’s social channels.

The key features and functionalities of Redis Enterprise that the surveyed company uses:

  • Uses Redis Enterprise for the following:
    • The user session store
  • Use of Redis Enterprise does include data that is not stored in any other database.
  • Increased their usage of Redis Enterprise for the following reasons:
    • Application usage and user count is growing
    • They want more pieces of our application to be served faster
  • Using Redis Enterprise in the following types of solutions:
    • Social channels/customer engagement


Fotolog has reaped the benefits of a high-performance database without compromising on speed. Redis Enterprise’s built-in data structures and modules simplified the implementation of user-interaction functions, fast-tracking Fotolog’s time to market. Fotolog also significant benefits from the simplicity of Redis Enterprise. Since it’s easy to deploy and manage Redis Enterprise, the network’s IT team has been able to manage its Redis instance with fewer dedicated personnel.

The surveyed company achieved the following results with Redis Enterprise:

  • Values the following Redis Enterprise capabilities:
    • High availability (persistence, auto-failover, cross-zone/multi-region/multi-datacenter in-memory replication)
    • Stability & high performance
    • Ability to seamlessly scale, cluster, and auto shard
    • Monitoring & automation and alerting & dashboards
  • Rates the following benefits of Redis Enterprise for having Redis as their deployment provider compared to their previous state:
    • faster time to market: most beneficial
    • reduced downtime: beneficial
    • ability to offer fewer specialized personnel: highly beneficial
    • higher, more stable performance: beneficial
  • Would like to move additional data from the following databases into Redis Enterprise:
    • Google Datastore

Redis Enterprise Customer Research

Redis Enterprise Use Cases

User session store
Job & queue management
High-speed transactions
Scalability tier/content caching
Real-time analytics
Fast data ingest
Search/secondary indexing
Time-series data
Geospatial indexing
Machine learning
Graph analysis

Redis Enterprise Customer Fact

Skydrop would like to move additional data from MongoDB into Redis Enterprise.

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