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Selected Research Highlights

Neopost Customer Testimonial

With Quadient, it’s easy to mail letters.

Operations Manager, Chalcedon

Quadient Customer Research

What are the main benefits that you realize most from your Quadient Mailing System?

Compliance with USPS®
Ease of operation of the system
Increased mailing operation productivity
Operation expense savings
Compliance with industry regulations
More professional image of your organization

Quadient Customer Research

What are the main reasons you acquired your Quadient folder inserter?

Automate mail assembly
Increase mailing operation productivity
Save/reduce operation expenses
Improve document inserting accuracy
Optimize postal spendings by gathering all the correspondence into a single envelope
Comply with industry regulations
Send physical documents to increase open rates

Quadient Customer Satisfaction Rating

An Operations Manager at a medium enterprise insurance company would be very likely to recommend Quadient for this reason:

The service technicians are very kind and professional. They come out whenever we need them, with very little delay.

Quadient Case Study

Healthcare Therapy Services


This case study of Healthcare Therapy Services is based on a December 2019 survey of Quadient customers by TechValidate, a 3rd-party research service.

Providing physical, occupational and speech therapy in the post-acute and hospital settings is challenging and ever changing. The clients at Healthcare Therapy Services (HTS) look to them to not only maintain exceptional clinical collaboration and outcomes, but also to be a trusted partner in helping their organizations perform better. Since 1988, HTS has been an independently owned, trusted, ethical provider of therapy services for senior living communities, home health agencies and hospitals. They have grown from a single provider to a company employing over 1,800 therapists in the Midwest and Southern states.


The core business challenge that led Healthcare Therapy Services (HTS) to acquire a new mailing system was the need to increase speed and productivity when processing mail.

Use Case

During the review process, HTS selected Quadient’s mailing system because of its simple screen and user interface. The system also gave them the ability to process between 1,001-5,000 envelopes per month and the ability to apply USPS First Class Mail postage.

The other provider HTS considered before selecting Quadient was USPS Stamps. Quadient ranked better than USPS Stamps in these critical areas:

  • Sales engagement, consultation process: significantly better
  • Service technician support: best
  • Equipment features: significantly better
  • Equipment reliability: significantly better
  • Reputation: significantly better
  • Customer support (by phone or web): better


Once the Quadient mailing system was adopted, HTS increased mailing operation productivity and they gained ease of operation of the mailing system.

Aside from these main benefits, HTS estimated the following impact on their organization:

  • Increased productivity: >50%
  • Reduced manual mail-assembly processes: 10-25%
  • Lowered costs in mailing operations: >50%
  • Improved their ability to process high document volumes: >50%
  • Eliminated errors in applying postage rate: >50%
  • Improved employee/user satisfaction: >50%
  • Improved speed and deliverability rates to mail recipient: >50%

Quadient Case Study

State & Local Government


This case study of a state & local government is based on a December 2019 survey of Quadient customers by TechValidate, a 3rd-party research service. The profiled organization asked to have their name blinded to protect their confidentiality.

“Using the Quadient mailing system ensures that all of our mailing needs are met.”


This government organization faced some significant challenges that were affecting their mailing processes. These challenges led them to look for a mailing system that would provide them with the following abilities:

  • Pay exact postage rates every time
  • Take advantage of lower postage rates for USPS meter users
  • Increase speed/productivity in processing mail
  • Automate the process of applying postage to outbound mail
  • Send more professional mail giving a positive image of their company
  • Send physical and appealing envelopes to increase open rates
  • Comply with industry regulations

Use Case

After evaluating different providers, Quadient was selected for having these important qualities and features:

  • Simple screen/user interface
  • Managing different size envelopes in the same batch
  • Speed of the system
  • Ergonomic design of the system
  • Integrated scale to weigh mail pieces to calculate mail postage
  • Ability of automatically feeding large batches of envelopes
  • Ease to add postage funds to the meter
  • Access to postage accounting reports

With Quadient, they were able to process between 501-1,000 envelopes/month. They could also apply USPS First Class Mail postage, USPS Standard, Marketing Mail (aka Permit) postage and USPS Parcels postage to their mailings.


Following the implementation process, numerous benefits were realized. Specifically:

  • Compliance with USPS®
  • Operation expense savings
  • Compliance with industry regulations
  • Increased mailing operation productivity
  • Ease of operation of the system
  • Improvement in the professional image of their organization

In addition to the above, improvements greater than 50% were reported in these key areas:

  • Increased productivity
  • Reduced manual mail-assembly processes
  • Lowered costs in mailing operations
  • Improved ability to process high document volumes
  • Increased open/response rates for outbound mail
  • Eliminated errors in applying postage rate
  • Improved employee/user satisfaction
  • Improved speed and deliverability rates to mail recipient

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