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Quadient Architect API Case Study

Chicago Title Insurance Company – Waukes


This case study of Chicago Title Insurance Company – Waukes is based on a June 2017 survey of Quadient Architect API customers by TechValidate, a 3rd-party research service.


It is the goal of the Chicago Title Insurance Company (CTIC) to be the market leader in providing the highest level of customer satisfaction with products and services designed for the real estate industry. They aim to achieve this goal through the relentless execution of:

  • Exceptional customer service
  • Commitment to employee development
  • Intelligent use of technology
  • Superior operating efficiency

Faced with lack of support from their prior solution, CTIC needed to find a new software partner.

Use Case

CTIC wanted a solution that would give them a higher return on their investment. They compared both USPS® and Quadient.
Quadient ranked best-in-class for timeline of updates, performance, and mailing accuracy. Quadient also had significantly better service and support and ease of integration coding. Based on these findings, Quadient was selected to be the new software solution.


The results of the software implementation have been significant. Aside from acquiring a reduction in manual processes which improve efficiency, CTIC realized the following benefits:

  • Reduced mailing process time: >50%
  • Postage / shipping savings: >50%
  • Labor savings: >50%
  • Increased revenue: 25-50%
  • Improved address quality: >50%

Quadient Customer Research

Our customers are most excited about the following Quadient benefits:

Improved customer experience
Faster deployment of cross-channel communications
Streamlined operations
Better compliance
Cost savings

Quadient Customer Review

5/5 Stars

How our organization uses Quadient:

We utilize Inspire and Inspire Automation as the foundation of our programming department. The stability and visibility we have to process on the Automation engine are critical to meeting our customer SLAs.

Would you recommend Quadient?

Yes, the flexibility it offers is like no other products I’ve seen in the market.

Quadient vs. the Competition

Our Service Provider customers worldwide rated Quadient® Inspire capabilities vs. the competition as follows:

S Best in class S Significantly better S Better S Worse

Performance and Scalability
Color management
Digital output and mobile
Scope of features available
Web client remote authoring (Interactive)

Case Study: Salem One


This case study of salem-one is based on a February 2016 survey of Quadient Technology customers by TechValidate, a 3rd-party research service.


  • Top drivers for purchasing Quadient® Inspire:
    • Sophisticated data handling and automation capabilities
    • Bring variable data applications to a more professional and industrial level

Use Case

Salem One’s primary revenue stream is Direct Marketing and Direct Mailing.

They serve the following industry types:

  • Retail and loyalty
  • Banks and financial services
  • Insurance and Health
  • Government, Telco & utilities

Salem One sends 1-5 million customer communications per month using Quadient® Inspire.

The most important capabilities when implementing Quadient® Inspire were as follows:

  • Quick application development turnaround
  • Color management and transpromo
  • Large batch production


Salem One evaluated the following other CCM vendors before choosing Quadient® Inspire:

  • Objectif Lune (Planet Press and Pres)
  • Jet Letter

They rated Quadient capabilities compared to the competition as follows:

  • Performance and scalability: best in class
  • Color management: significantly better
  • Scope of features available: best in class


  • Reduction in time to create communications
  • Cost savings
  • The ability to offer new value-added services to clients
  • The ability to move to full color printing

Quadient Customer Statistic

74% of surveyed organizations find that Quadient Architect API’s increased revenue has impacted their organization by 5-10% or more.


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