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177 Customers Surveyed

1,282 Data Points Collected

49 Published TechFacts

9 Published Charts

17 Published Case Studies

Selected Research Highlights

MDBA is a Comprehensive Solution

What challenges / issues did MDBA from Progress Services resolve?

Lack of knowledge/solution in critical areas
Lack of internal bandwidth – staff augmentation
System evaluation
Poor system performance
Time sensitive project
Mentoring needed

Progress Services beats the competition

Why did you choose Progress Services over other OpenEdge services vendors?

Previous experience with Progress
OpenEdge Experience and Knowledge
Close partnership/alignment with Progress Software

Working with Progress Services and Pro2 allows us to take on complex data projects with the confidence that we have the expertise available to successfully complete the project, while also being assured that our systems and our data remain completely safe.

IT Director, Small Business Industrial Manufacturing Company

Company Snapshot: Derby Unified School District 260


This case study of Derby Unified School District 260 is based on a July 2015 survey of Progress customers by TechValidate, a 3rd-party research service.

“Working with data has become much easier and visualization into the business has improved.”


  • Challenges solved with Progress:
    • Too many sources of data
  • Reasons for choosing Business Analytics products and expertise of Progress over other BI companies:
    • Previous experience with Progress consultants

Use Case

  • Progress analytics currently used or have used:
    • Both Business Analytics product and services


  • Would describe their experience with Progress as really great.
  • Feels the Progress analytics solution has amazing value.
  • Rate their ROI from OpenEdge Analytics360 as being worth every penny — no question.
  • Engaged with the Progress BI team 3-4 times after the initial project.
  • Is very satisfied with Progress’s products/ongoing services.

67% of surveyed IT organizations using OpenEdge Pro2 data replication reported an incredible ROI since implementation.


Case Study: Global 500 Professional Services Company


This case study of a Global 500 professional services company is based on a November 2014 survey of Progress customers by TechValidate, a 3rd-party research service. The profiled company asked to have their name blinded to protect their confidentiality.

“Without Progress, a major program for a world wide business would not have been able to complete the project on time and within budget.”

“All of the current engagements went above and beyond expectation; all the way from Account Management, to resources, to PM, and up to Executive Management.”


  • Addressed the following challenges with Progress:
    • Poor system performance
    • Emergency
    • A lack of internal bandwidth
    • A time sensitive project
    • A lack of knowledge/solution in critical areas
    • Highy critical projects

Use Case

  • Uses the following Progress products or services:
    • Managed DBA
    • Pro2SQL
    • Ad-hoc OpenEdge services, tuning, or consulting
    • Progress software products, Development activiteis
  • Chose Progress over other OpenEdge services vendors for the following reasons:
    • Progress’ reputation
    • A previous experience with Progress
    • Existing OpenEdge experience and knowledge
    • A referral
    • Availability


  • Describes the knowledge and experience of their Progress consultants as off the charts amazing.
  • Says Progress’ products and services provide amazing value.
  • Realized a very strong return on investment regarding their Progress engagement.
  • Improved the efficiency of their team by greater than 75% with Progress products and on-going services.
  • Are extremely satisfied with Progress’ products and on-going services.

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