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Selected Research Highlights

ProcureCon Marketing 2019 Customer Statistic

93% of attendees think the value of this conference was well-worth the cost of attendance and time out of the office.

ProcureCon Marketing 2019 Customer Statistic

70% of surveyed attendees describe the event as a community.


ProcureCon Marketing 2019 Customer Research

Which of the following contributed to your decision to attend the event?

Facts and figures on how the takeaways can help your business
Event attendee testimonials and user reviews
Speaker faculty and topics
Networking functions and onsite experience: community

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About Worldwide Business Research ProcureCon Marketing

ProcureCon Marketing is the only senior-level event solely dedicated to the unique challenges of the procurement and sourcing of marketing resources. Building upon the successful 17-year history of ProcureCon events, ProcureCon Marketing attendees will be armed with successful strategies — from the point of view of the procurement practitioner. Whether your company is in the Fortune 500, a fast-growing start-up or somewhere in between, ProcureCon Marketing is your place to innovate your strategy and exchange ideas and solutions directly with your peers.

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