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Selected Research Highlights

Pluralsight Customer Research

What were your top reasons for implementing Pluralsight?

To upskill employees into modern tech roles
To improve team efficiency and effectiveness
To keep up with the latest technologies
To engage and retain your tech workforce
To drive more innovation
To speed up the rate of product delivery

Pluralsight Case Study

Houlihan Lokey Howard Zurin


This case study of HOULIHAN LOKEY HOWARD ZURIN is based on a March 2021 survey of Pluralsight customers by TechValidate, a 3rd-party research service.

Pluralsight is a great tool and offers helpful training that me and my team can use to get up to speed in new technologies that we want to implement in house.


  • Top challenges in delivering products to their customers:
    • Giving technologists dedicated time to focus
    • Balancing quality with speed
    • Technical debt
  • Top challenges in people-driven change (e.g. culture change) with their technology teams:
    • Making decisions around what needs to change
    • Helping their team develop the capabilities needed to change
    • Reinforcing the right behaviors on their teams
    • Tracking progress towards intended outcomes
  • Top challenges in driving a technology-driven change (e.g. change in tech stack) with their technology teams:
    • Helping their team develop the capabilities needed to change
    • Embedding the change into processes
    • Lack of capability to use the technology required for the change
  • Top challenges in improving team effectiveness:
    • Identifying team blocker
    • Breaking down knowledge silos
    • Closing skills gaps

Use Case

  • Level of worry around the following as it pertains to having to adapt as a result of changing their tech strategy:
    • Their organization’s objectives and goals: not worried
    • The tasks their technologists must perform: very worried
    • The skills teams and individuals need: very worried
    • How different teams work together and collaborate: worried
    • Their team’s tech stack: worried
    • The tools they provide their teams: not worried
    • Organizational structure: not worried
    • Recruiting and hiring the right people for the job: not worried


  • The hallmarks of an effective technology team:
    • Autonomy for the team to solve problems the way they team determine
    • Opportunity for growth and learning
    • Team consensus on tech stack
  • Why they may choose to develop the technical skills of their teams:
    • To consistently deliver value to their customers
    • To develop and retain high-performing teams
    • In an effort to be proactive vs. reactive to changing technology landscape
  • Why they may choose to get visibility into their team’s engineering workflow:
    • Consistently deliver value to their customers
    • Develop and retain high-performing teams
    • Enable their teams to solve complex problems

Pluralsight Customer Testimonial

Since implementing Pluralsight, the team has been able to pick up new skill sets and implement new ideas in a more timely fashion. The overall benefit is that the IT Team is engaged and feel more empowered to bring forward technological solutions to resolve ongoing issues.

Lee Killner, IT Director, EMW Law LLP

Pluralsight Customer Research

Prior to using Pluralsight, how did your organization implement skills development?

In-person classroom/instructor-led training
Books / e-books
YouTube or other free resources
Internal experts
Other online learning platforms

Pluralsight Customer Satisfaction Rating

Darin Cummins, a Director of R&D at CDK Global, Recreation, would be very likely to recommend Pluralsight for this reason:

We have been using Pluralsight for a while now and love it. We are just getting started on using the analytics and are really excited.

Pluralsight Case Study

Icon Media Direct uses Pluralsight to keep up with the Cloud


This case study of Icon Media Direct is based on a July 2020 survey of Pluralsight customers by TechValidate, a 3rd-party research service.

“We are a long-time Pluralsight customer.
Our development team uses Pluralsight to stay current in software development trends and cloud services. It is our go-to resource for learning and understanding new technologies.”


The business challenges that led Icon Media Direct to evaluate and ultimately select Pluralsight:

  • To upskill employees into modern tech roles
  • To index the technology skills in your organization

Use Case

How Icon Media Direct implemented skills development, prior to using Pluralsight:

  • In-person classroom/instructor-led training
  • Conferences
  • Books / e-books

Top priorities for their technology organization:

  • Cloud strategy—leveraging the cloud to improve customer experiences and reduce costs
  • Big data & analytics—turning large data sets into actionable insights
  • Modern infrastructure—creating, configuring, and orchestrating whole IT environments with software


Icon Media Direct realized a return on their investment within 0-3 months after implementing Pluralsight.
Pluralsight has enabled them to:
Develop team skills to deliver on key products/projects

  • Enable teams to deepen existing expertise to stay current
  • Value of the following aspects of Pluralsight:
    • quality of video courses: valuable
    • expertise of presenters: extremely valuable
    • ease of use: extremely valuable
    • overall platform: valuable

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