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983 Customers Surveyed

8,398 Data Points Collected

67 Published TechFacts

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Selected Research Highlights

PitchBook Customer Research

Key Benefits

What are the key benefits you’ve experienced since using PitchBook?

Improved efficiency
Ability to build reports
Increased business prospect pipeline and network size
Stay ahead of the competition

PitchBook Customer Research

How quickly did you see a return on your investment in PitchBook?

Within the first month: 25%
Within the first 6 months: 41%
Within the first year: 25%
Within 1-2 years: 9%

PitchBook Customer Testimonial

PitchBook has made the sourcing function incredibly efficient. It makes intel easy to acquire on the fly, saving me a lot of time.

Jacob Gordon, Principal, North Atlantic Capital

PitchBook Customer Testimonial

PitchBook has improved the quality of our research and at the same time, allowed us to cut back on time needed to spend researching. We are now more targeted and more educated going out into the marketplace.

Elizabeth Brantley, Business Professional, Frisch Capital Partners

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PitchBook provides comprehensive data and analysis on the public and private markets to help professionals discover and execute opportunities.

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