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1,819 Customers Surveyed

16,264 Data Points Collected

116 Published TechFacts

4 Published Charts

Selected Research Highlights

PitchBook Customer Testimonial

PitchBook has proven to be indispensable as I prepare for meetings with VCs and PE firms. The data about companies, their executives, BoD members, and funding information is easy to access and enables more productive conversations relating to private capital raises and M&A.

Dean Riskas, Partner, Head of Capital Markets, Union Square Advisors

PitchBook Customer Research

What are the most valuable services that the Customer Success team provides to clients?

Having both support and success teams available
Data analysis and case support
Personalized setup
Dedicated account team for product adoption and strategic sessions
Unlimited training
Live chat

PitchBook Customer Testimonial

PitchBook provides a baseline comparison for most modeling in venture that can at times be more of an art than a science. It helps corral a standard model to develop.

Max Davis, Financial Analyst, Miami University

PitchBook Customer Research

How quickly did you see a return on your investment in PitchBook?

Within the first month: 30%
Within the first 6 months: 36%
Within the first year: 25%
Within 1-2 years: 9%

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PitchBook provides comprehensive data and analysis on the public and private markets to help professionals discover and execute opportunities.

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