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5,678 Customers Surveyed

41,574 Data Points Collected

483 Published TechFacts

30 Published Charts

Selected Research Highlights

PitchBook Customer Statistic

77% of surveyed Managing Directors at organizations saw their return on investment with PitchBook within the first year or less.


PitchBook Customer Research

Key Benefits

What are the key benefits you’ve experienced since using PitchBook?

Improved efficiency
Ability to build reports
Increased business prospect pipeline and network size
Stay ahead of the competition

PitchBook Customer Testimonial

Tell us about an interaction with the PitchBook Customer Success team that stood out to you.

I am very happy about our account manager (Mariette Clamens). She is proactive, supportive, and helpful in solving any issue we had.

CFO, Small Business Financial Services Company

PitchBook Customer Research

What challenges have you solved effectively since using PitchBook?

What challenges have you solved effectively since using PitchBook?

Map the market and competitive landscape
Improved due diligence
Identify actionable business development opportunities
Source strong deals
More effective deal execution
Stay ahead of the competition

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PitchBook provides comprehensive data and analysis on the public and private markets to help professionals discover and execute opportunities.

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