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10,862 Customers Surveyed

79,868 Data Points Collected

1224 Published TechFacts

67 Published Charts

Selected Research Highlights

PitchBook Customer Fact

SwingSearch saw their return on investment with PitchBook within the first month.

PitchBook Customer Research

During your PitchBook trial, have you had the chance to evaluate how this service can be used in your daily workflow?

Yes: 88%
No: 13%
No, but I would be interested in an additional walkthrough with a PitchBook representative: 0%

PitchBook Customer Testimonial

We got a mandate thanks to the data intelligence capability built on PitchBook.

CEO, Small Business Banking Company

PitchBook Customer Research

PitchBook in Australia

What are the ways you or your organization currently use PitchBook?

Private market intel
Due diligence
Deal execution (comps + valuation analysis, creating buyers lists)
Public market intel
Business development
Deal sourcing
Fundraising (Companies fundraising)
Portfolio analysis

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About PitchBook

PitchBook provides comprehensive data and analysis on the public and private markets to help professionals discover and execute opportunities.

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