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Selected Research Highlights

PCBB Case Study

Traditions Bank Won More New Business Using Profitability FIT


This case study of Traditions Bank is based on a May 2021 survey of PCBB customers by TechValidate, a 3rd-party research service.

“We have been a Profitability FIT client for a number of years. It is complex enough to provide valuable pricing and relationship profitability modeling, while not so complex that it becomes unusable for our sales officers.”


Traditions Bank selected PCBB and Profitability FIT as they faced many business challenges including:

  • Not pricing business loans competitively
  • Inconsistent loan pricing
  • Not being able to identify who their most profitable customers are

Use Case

Traditions Bank chose PCBB’s profitability solution over the competition because PCBB stands out from the competition in several ways:

  • Understands their needs and situation
  • Provides insights so they can make better-informed decisions
  • Allows their institution to be more competitive in the marketplace

Furthermore, Profitability FIT provided the following advantages over the competition:

  • The flexibility of the solution to grow with their institution as its needs change
  • Meets the needs of various roles and departments
  • Competitive pricing


Traditions Bank experienced many benefits with PCBB’s Profitability FIT. They included:

  • Built intellectual capital, creating stronger bankers
  • Provided objective, robust data to guide loan pricing strategies
  • Maximized income based on the full customer relationship

PCBB Case Study

Royal Credit Union Wins More Deals With BLP


This case study of Royal Credit Union is based on a January 2022 survey of PCBB customers by TechValidate, a 3rd-party research service.

“BLP is an invaluable hedging tool that improves our ability to compete in our market and meet our borrowers’ needs.”


Royal Credit Union ultimately selected PCBB and Borrower’s Loan Protection® (BLP) when faced with several business challenges including:
  • Losing deals to the competition that could offer longer-term rates
  • Managing interest rate risk for the credit union and its members

Use Case

Royal Credit Union chose PCBB’s BLP® solution because PCBB stands out from the competition in a number of areas:
  • Provides insights so we can make better-informed decisions
  • Is a trusted partner
  • Allows our credit union to be more competitive in the marketplace
  • Provides outstanding customer service
Also, BLP provides advantages over the competition including:
  • Offers competitive rates
  • Team provides expertise
  • Doesn’t compete against us
  • Helps our credit union explain the solution to our members
  • Has a wide variety of tools to support our needs
  • Allows our credit union to be more competitive


Royal Credit Union experienced many benefits after using BLP with their members. The specific benefits include:
  • Increased competitive advantage
  • Mitigated interest rate risk
  • Met/exceeded lending goals
  • Loan portfolio growth and diversification
  • Member retention
  • Attracting new members
Using BLP, Royal Credit Union won 26-50% of competitive deals.

PCBB Customer Statistic

Increased Fee Income With BLP

88% of lenders generated more than 10% in additional fee income in a given year using BLP


PCBB Customer Research

International Services Solve Many Challenges for Customers

What challenges were you trying to solve before you began using International Services from PCBB?

Slow and inefficient method for processing international payments
Our previous process was very manual
Lack of customer service from current provider
Losing customers

PCBB Advisory Services Customer Research

Reasons Profitability FIT Was Selected Over Competition

Competitively priced
Meets the needs of various roles and departments
Ability to leverage data outside of our core system to achieve a comprehensive view of customers
Flexibility of the solution to grow with my institution as its needs change

PCBB Customer Statistic


won more than 25%+ competitive deals using BLP

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