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1,102 Customers Surveyed

9,838 Data Points Collected

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Selected Research Highlights

Orion Customer Research

How much more quickly do you get paid since using Orion?

In half the time it took before Orion: 47%
In ¼ the time it took before Orion: 22%
In 1/3 the time it took before Orion: 18%
Too fast to even quantify: 13%

Orion Customer Research

How have Orion’s client experience tools impacted your relationships with your clients?

Provides 24/7 access to their data and to me and my staff
Gives me the ability to provide clients with a comprehensive view of their financial life
Increased transparency and accountability
Provides opportunities for interactivity and collaboration with clients
Puts me in a position to be clients’ trusted source for financial information and education
Allows me to be proactive instead of reactive in my client relationships
Differentiates me among competitors
Helps build bridge to the next gen

Orion Customer Statistic

Increasing Efficiency Through Integration

49% of surveyed customers improved efficiency because Orion provides integrations with key technology partners.


Orion Customer Statistic

Powering Growth and Profitability

40% of surveyed customers increased firm revenue by 30-50% or more after implementing Orion.


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We exist to create technology that frees our advisors to connect with their clients and live life following their passions.

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