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Selected Research Highlights

NWN Customer Research

Do you have the meeting link?

What are the biggest frustrations related to digital employee experience within a hybrid work setting (remote, In-office, or combination)?

Navigating between multiple communications platforms (i.e. Zoom, MS Teams, Webex) for various meetings
Slow device or network performance
Outdated devices/technology
Difficulty getting help and support
Using a SmartBoard or other screen during a virtual meeting
Reserving conference rooms

NWN Customer Statistic

Integrated Cloud Communications Offerings Enable the Future of Work.

91% of surveyed NWN Carousel customers experienced more productive employees working remotely than they had been on-premise since shifting to hybrid work.


NWN Customer Research

Looking to 2021 and beyond, what are your organization’s plans for in-person working and office space?

We will plan for a more hybrid and flexible work environment, both remote and in-office
We plan to resume pre-pandemic operations
We plan to reduce our office footprint and move largely to a remote workforce

NWN Customer Satisfaction Rating

Responsive & Reliable.

A state & local government official would be very likely to recommend NWN for this reason:

I have found that the customer service we receive from NWN is outstanding. NWN’s team is always highly responsive and knowledgeable to providing what my organization needs.

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The NWN Experience Management Platform delivers a simplified customer success center, an interactive knowledge-base, and a secure technology command center, with business intelligence and advanced analytics that ensures our customers receive maximum value from the offerings that we provide.

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