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Selected Research Highlights

PDC Nursing Labels Customer Statistic

85% of surveyed hospital infection control professionals rate the clinical consequences of not changing the IV tubing on time as a moderate concern.


PDC Infection Control Customer Statistic

82% of surveyed hospital infection control professionals agree that using disposable covers, drapes, or liners on large imaging equipment (e.g. MRI, CT scanner, X-Ray) would help prevent the spread of infection.


TimeAlert IV Customer Research

Nurses Agree It’s Important to Change Patient IV Tubing On Time

How important is it for nurses to change patient IV tubing on time? Would you say it is…

Extremely important
Very important
Somewhat important
Not important

PDC Nursing Labels Customer Research

Improper Cleaning of Large Imaging Equipment Escalates Infection Risk Concerns

How much of a concern is the spread of infection due to improper cleaning of large imaging equipment (e.g. MRI, CT scanner, X-Ray)?

Significant concern
Moderate concern
Some concern
Of little concern
Not a concern

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