TechValidate Research on NetApp Solutions

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169 Customers Surveyed

1,364 Data Points Collected

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Selected Research Highlights

NetApp DataDriven Customer Research

Companies turn to NetApp for Performance and Simplicity in public cloud storage

Why did your firm purchase NetApp Cloud Data Services

High speed/performance
Simplified management
Future Proof, ease of data accessibility
Scaling needs on demand
Large portfolio of products that can work together

NetApp DataDriven Customer Statistic

Over half of customers are purchasing new storage due to unexpected growth.

51% of surveyed users purchased storage in the last year because they were approaching capacity ahead of estimated timeline/budget.

NetApp DataDriven Customer Testimonial

NetApp empowers data accessibility and ease of use for healthcare professionals.

In healthcare, data is our core business. Availability, scaling and flexibility are the most important things. Thanks to AFF for example, we can do more near real-time analysis of all the IoT data that comes in (monitoring for example). Thanks to ease of use, we can keep all our data online on disks so that our physicians can have immediate access to all data when needed.

Reinoud Reynders, IT Director, Uzleuven

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