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2,501 Customers Surveyed

22,022 Data Points Collected

422 Published TechFacts

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Selected Research Highlights

Nearmap Case Study

Phase 3 Landscape Construction


This case study of Phase 3 Landscape Construction is based on an April 2017 survey of Nearmap customers by TechValidate, a 3rd-party research service.


The business challenges that led the profiled company to evaluate and ultimately select Nearmap:

  • Chose Nearmap for the following reasons:
    • The high-resolution images
    • The frequency of updates
    • The historical imagery
  • Faced the following challenge before using Nearmap:
    • Working with out-of-date imagery

Use Case

The key features and functionalities of Nearmap that the surveyed company uses:

  • Importance of Nearmap to business workflow:
    • Monitoring projects / areas: extremely important
    • Estimating and quoting: extremely important
    • Planning and inspecting sites: extremely important
    • Identifying new prospects: extremely important
    • Assessing risks: extremely important
    • Presenting projects / work with Nearmap imagery: extremely important


The surveyed company achieved the following results with Nearmap:

  • Area of the business Nearmap has impacted the most:
    • Added professionalism to communications
  • The following Nearmap features are rated as better than the competition:
    • Frequency of updates
    • Imagery resolution
    • Ease of use
  • Saved 2 – 5 hours per week because Nearmap reduced the amount of time needed to spend on site visits.

Nearmap Customer Testimonial

Nearmap increased status within our industry.

Engineer, Small Business Automotive & Transport Company

Nearmap Case Study

Structerre Consulting Engineers


This case study of Structerre Consulting Engineers is based on a November 2016 survey of Nearmap customers by TechValidate, a 3rd-party research service.

“Allows early desktop assessment to streamline the actual site visit efficiency. This helps enormously with BAL assessments and Site Class access planning. Final presentation is made clearer for the client with up to date imagery.”


Before they started using Nearmap, Structerre Consulting Engineers relied on Google Maps, Bing maps, and other maps, local government sources, and physical site visits.

Key factors that led Structerre Consulting Engineers to ultimately select Nearmap:

  • Frequency of updates
  • Historical imagery
  • Nearmap MapBrowser tools

Use Case

Structerre Consulting Engineers use Nearmap to:

  • Estimate and quote for a job
  • Plan and Inspect locations remotely
  • Assess risks
  • Present their projects / work with Nearmap imagery

Greg Hamilton, Regional Manager and Engineer, agrees that not using Nearmap would have an impact on their business.


Structerre Consulting Engineers achieved the following results with Nearmap:

  • Improved workflow efficiency
  • Decreased risk
  • Made better-informed decisions

“Nearmap has significantly increased our operational efficiency.”

Nearmap Customer Testimonial

Nearmap has allowed us to reach sites nationally that we would normally need to get on a plane and inspect.

Project Manager, Medium Enterprise Construction Company

Nearmap Customer Research

Nearmap delivers a range of benefits

Which areas of your business has Nearmap impacted the most?

Making better-informed decisions
Improved workflow efficiency
Added professionalism to communications
Increased employee satisfaction
Decreased risk
Decreased costs
Increased revenue

Nearmap Customer Research

Benefits of Nearmap for users in the Property and Real Estate Industries

What are some of the benefits you get from using Nearmap?

Plan and Inspect locations remotely
Monitor projects / areas over time and validate third party information
Present your projects / work with Nearmap imagery
Identify new business opportunities
Assess risks
Estimate and quote for a job

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About Nearmap

Using Nearmap, businesses can make more informed decisions and save time and money by analysing locations without leaving the office. Its patented technology turns any location from being merely a one-dimensional image, to a rich collection of different data points revealing information about a site which you can’t see with the naked eye.

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