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Selected Research Highlights

Zakhir Hassain, a IT Systems Analyst at Transnet Ltd, is likely to recommend Navis N4 Terminal Operating System for the following reason:

I like the customization options available for the Navis N4, as well as the ability to tailor unique solutions for individual terminals.

N4 Improves IT Staff Productivity

What percentage would you estimate N4 has helped you increase the productivity of your IT staff?

Greater than 75%: 21%
50-74%: 30%
25-49%: 24%
10-24%: 15%
up to 10%: 9%

Navis Case Study

ICTSI Contecon Manzanillo


This case study of ICTSI – Contecon Manzanillo is based on a June 2017 survey of Navis customers by TechValidate, a 3rd-party research service.

“It is easy to integrate N4 with other systems.”


  • ICTSI – Contecon Manzanillo found the following to be their biggest operational challenge:
    • Optimizing operations to improve productivity

Use Case

  • Would describe their terminal operations in the following way:
  • Semi-automated
  • Finds the following N4 features to be most valuable in managing their terminal’s operations:
    • PrimeRoute
    • Expert Decking
    • The Business Intelligence Portal
    • Has been using N4 for 1 – 4 years.
  • Results

    • Has been able to optimize their operations in the following ways since using N4:
    • Improve equipment utilization
    • Gained better monitoring tools to improve operations
    • Improved support for automated operations
    • Improved yard planning
    • Enabled more stable operations
  • Has lowered their costs in the following areas as a result of using N4:
    • Crane assignment
    • Vessel operations
    • Gate efficiency
    • Monitoring and reporting
  • Rates their level of improvement as follows in each of the corresponding areas:
    • Gate productivity: 50%-74%
    • Rail productivity: 10%-24%
    • Yard productivity: 25%-49%
    • Vessel load productivity: 25%-49%
    • IT staff productivity: 25%-49%
    • Safety: up to 10%
    • Reporting quality: 10%-24%
  • Altamira Terminal Portuaria Lowers Yard and Administrative Operational Costs with N4


    This case study of Altamira Terminal Portuaria – is based on a September 2015 survey of Navis N4 Terminal Operating System customers by TechValidate, a 3rd-party research service.


    • Biggest operational challenges:
      • How to best optimize the operation to improve productivity
      • How to best optimize the operations to reduce operational costs
      • High Trucker wait times at the gate during peak times
    • Rates the importance of the following key performance indicators (KPI) to their terminal’s operations:
      • Quay crane moves per hour: significantly important
      • Berth moves per hour: highly important
      • Truck turn around time: significantly important
      • Dwell time: important
      • Yard utilization: highly important

    Use Case

    • Has been using N4 for 1 – 4 years.


    • Chose Navis N4 TOS for the following reasons:
      • To update to a more modern platform
      • To improve competitive advantage and keep up with industry demands
    • Rates the improvement of the following operational processes since their N4 implementation:
      • Gate/rail processes: improved
      • Yard planning: improved
      • Vessel load & discharge: improved
      • Visibility into operations: improved
      • IT staff productivity: improved
    • Estimates the following processes have improved since their N4 implementation:
      • Gate/rail productivity: up to 10%
      • Yard productivity: up to 10%
      • Vessel load and discharge: up to 10%
      • IT staff efficiency: 10% – 24%
      • Billing processes: up to 10%
    • N4 helps their terminal to lower operational costs in the following ways:
      • Yard planning efficiency
      • Documentation and validations.
    • Feature of N4 that is most valuable to the management of terminals operations:
      • Expert Decking Module

    Navis N4 Customer Testimonial

    Navis N4 provides increased visibility for customers with greater access to modern tools.

    Storage Administrator, Medium Sized Marine Terminal Operator

    Navis Customer Research

    What challenges do you currently have at your terminal due to lack of data and analytics?

    "Gut" decision making based on feeling due to lack of data and analytics.
    Poor decision making due to lack of data and analytics.
    Poor operational planning due to lack of data and analytics.
    Difficult to conduct optimal negotiations with customers due to lack of data and analytics.
    Unable to identify root causes of delays due to lack of data and analytics.
    Revenue loss due to inability to bill for unplanned and uncaptured service events.
    Lack data and analysis to provide insights on worker performance.

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    Navis N4 is a sophisticated and modern technology platform that optimizes efficiency and helps to power the intelligent movement of goods through the supply chain. Navis N4 scales with your business to optimize utilization of IT infrastructure and eliminate unnecessary, upfront capital expenditures.

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