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Selected Research Highlights

Navis Case Study

Puerto Central S.A.


This case study of Puerto Central S.A. is based on a June 2017 survey of Navis customers by TechValidate, a 3rd-party research service.

“For a greenfield terminal, N4 integrates best practices from across the world. N4 is the solution to use, as it makes relations with the shippings lines easy.”


*Puerto Central found the following to be their biggest operational challenges:

  • Optimizing operations to improve productivity
  • Reducing operational costs
  • Improving yard operations
  • Chose Navis N4 TOS for the following reasons:
    • To optimize operational processes
    • To more easily integrate with third party technologies
  • Use Case

    • Would describe their terminal operations in the following way:
    • Rubber Tyred Gantry Cranes
    • Has been using N4 for 1 – 4 years.


    • Lowered their costs in the following areas as a result of using N4:
      • Yard planning
      • Yard operations
      • Vessel operations
      • Gate efficiency
    • Rates their level of improvement to be 25% or greater in the corresponding areas:
      • Gate productivity
      • Yard productivity
      • Vessel load productivity

    DaChanBay Terminal Improves Operational Productivity with Navis Professional Services


    This case study of DaChanBay Container Terminal One – DCB Phase I is based on a October 2015 survey of Navis Professional Services customers by TechValidate, a 3rd-party research service.

    “I feel confident that the Navis Professional Service team can help us to improve the operation performance.”


    • Top operational challenges they faced:
      • Optimizing operations
      • Training pf personnel on new technologies
    • Chose to work with Navis Professional Services for the following reasons:
      • Depth of TOS product experience
      • Depth of terminal operational knowledge

    Use Case

    • Has been working with Navis Professional Services for 0-5 years.
    • Use Navis Professional Services for the following:
      • To implement Navis N4
      • To fine tune and optimize their operations
      • To implement an optimization module (PrimeRoute, Expert Decking, Autostow)
    • Rates the following Navis Professional Service areas:
      • Project estimation and management: somewhat valuable
      • Training services: extremely valuable
      • Methodology and approach: somewhat valuable
      • Skills of consultant: extremely valuable
      • Go Live support: extremely valuable


    • Rates the value of each of the following services:
      • TOS implementation services: extremely valuable
      • Field Development services: extremely valuable
      • Optimization services: extremely valuable
      • System Testing services: somewhat valuable
      • IT infrastructure assessment: somewhat valuable
    • Has improved the following with the Navis Professional Services (PS) Team:
      • Improved operational productivity
      • Reduced operating costs
      • Reduced the time to go live

    Navis Customer Research

    How do Navis software and solutions help you with sustainability efforts in your organization?

    Help to optimize driving distances for container handling equipment (CHE)
    Help to reduce rehandles, minimizing maintenance windows
    Help to reduce truck wait times at the gate and improve truck turn times
    Help to reduce vessel wait times and improve vessel turn times
    Help optimize berth position to improve yard operations
    Help to manage and prevent incidents that could impact the environment
    Help to reduce on premise hardware footprint by moving to the cloud

    Are Terminals Changing Their TOS Configurations? Why?

    Have you made any changes to the configurations of any of the Navis Modules in the last year? If so, please indicate what facilitated you to make the changes.

    I have not made any recent changes
    New services coming into the terminal
    Gate changes
    Change in terminal volumes
    Quay crane changes
    Turnover in vessel planning personnel

    A Senior Executive of a sized container terminal operator is very likely to recommend Navis N4 Terminal Operating System for the following reason:

    The Navis N4 is a friendly system that fulfills the requirements of a wide range of terminals.

    Devadas Varaprasatham, a TOS Assistant Manager at Red Sea Gateway Terminal – RSGT, is very likely to recommend Navis N4 Terminal Operating System for the following reason:

    The Navis N4 Terminal Operating System has a user friendly TOS, is easy to maintain, and provides very good support.

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