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Selected Research Highlights

Navis Customer Research

In what area(s) is N4 helping you optimize your operations?

Better monitoring tools to improve operations
Better visibility and reporting to improve customer service
Improved equipment utilization
Improved yard planning
More stable operations
More efficient gate operations with faster truck turn times
Support for automated operations
More efficient rail operations

Navis Professional Support GoLive Support

98% of surveyed customers rate Go Live support as valuable.

DaChanBay Terminal Improves Operational Productivity with Navis Professional Services


This case study of DaChanBay Container Terminal One – DCB Phase I is based on a October 2015 survey of Navis Professional Services customers by TechValidate, a 3rd-party research service.

“I feel confident that the Navis Professional Service team can help us to improve the operation performance.”


  • Top operational challenges they faced:
    • Optimizing operations
    • Training pf personnel on new technologies
  • Chose to work with Navis Professional Services for the following reasons:
    • Depth of TOS product experience
    • Depth of terminal operational knowledge

Use Case

  • Has been working with Navis Professional Services for 0-5 years.
  • Use Navis Professional Services for the following:
    • To implement Navis N4
    • To fine tune and optimize their operations
    • To implement an optimization module (PrimeRoute, Expert Decking, Autostow)
  • Rates the following Navis Professional Service areas:
    • Project estimation and management: somewhat valuable
    • Training services: extremely valuable
    • Methodology and approach: somewhat valuable
    • Skills of consultant: extremely valuable
    • Go Live support: extremely valuable


  • Rates the value of each of the following services:
    • TOS implementation services: extremely valuable
    • Field Development services: extremely valuable
    • Optimization services: extremely valuable
    • System Testing services: somewhat valuable
    • IT infrastructure assessment: somewhat valuable
  • Has improved the following with the Navis Professional Services (PS) Team:
    • Improved operational productivity
    • Reduced operating costs
    • Reduced the time to go live

The Importance of N4 modules

What features of N4 are most valuable to the management of your terminals’ operations?

Expert Decking Module
PrimeRoute Module
Automated Equipment Schedulers
Vessel and Rail Autostow Module

Small Container Terminal Operator Improves Productivity with Expert Decking


This case study of a small business transportation services company is based on a August 2014 survey of Navis Optimization Modules and Services customers by TechValidate, a 3rd-party research service. The profiled company asked to have their name blinded to protect their confidentiality.


  • Ranks the following operational key performance indicators on how important they are to their terminal:
    • Quay crane productivity: most important
    • Road truck turn-times: most important
    • Yard capacity: most important
    • CHE moves per hour: most important
    • Planning efficiency: most important
  • Focused on improving the following areas for operational efficiency:
    • The gate
    • CHE routing
    • CHE utilization
    • Quay crane assignment
    • Berth planning

Use Case

  • Using the following techniques to improve operational efficiency and productivity:
    • Improving operational disciplines and processes
    • Improving decision making processes
    • Optimizing software based decision making
    • Implementing new optimization software
    • Implementing process automation
    • Implementing equipment automation


  • Rated the level of improved productivity for each of the following key performance indicator (KPIs) with Navis Expert Decking:
    • Yard capacity: 20%-30%
    • Planning efficiency: 20%-30%
    • RTG : 20%-30%
    • QC moves per hour: 20%-30%
    • Gate productivity: 20%-30%

Navis Optimization Modules and Services Customer Testimonial

For the yard, Navis Expert Decking makes it easy for us to increase our capacity, giving us more space than we had before. We can access the program online and that makes it easy for us to access our yard planning data before the stacks open.

Julius Mtwazi, Yard and Rail Planning Manager, TRANSNET LTD

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