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Navis Customer Statistic

N4 and Safety

58% of surveyed customers have improved safety by 25%-49% or more since using N4.


Navis N4 Terminal Operating System Customer Review

5/5 Stars

From your perspective, please describe the biggest contribution that working with Navis and N4 has made to your terminal?

PrimeRoute and Expert Decking modules

Would you recommend Navis N4 TOS, and if so, why?

Definitely yes, The Navis Terminal Operating System (TOS) helps container, intermodal rail and shipping line terminal operators increase capacity and optimize operations to increase efficiency, lower costs and improve productivity.

North American Site Improves Vessel Turn-time and Visibility with N4


This case study of APM Terminals North America, Inc. is based on a December 2013 survey of Navis N4 terminal operating system customers by TechValidate, a 3rd-party research service.

“N4 has allowed me to truly be in control of my TOS though more configuration and less enhancements. This makes N4 the choice of the future.”


  • Solved for the following challenges with Navis N4:
    • Quay crane productivity and vessel turn time
    • Equipment utilization in the yard
    • Operational visibility

Use Case

  • Purchased Navis N4 over the following competitors:
    • Real Business Solutions
    • Tideworks
    • In-house development
  • Rates the following N4 capabilities, as they compare to competitors:
    • reliability: superior
    • scalability: superior
    • performance potential: superior
    • technology platform: superior
    • company expertise: superior


  • Moved to Navis N4 for the following reasons:
    • To update to a more modern platform
    • To better optimize operations
    • To support changing business requirements
    • To improve competitive advantages
    • to standardize TOS across many sites
  • Increased the productivity of their IT staff by 25-49% with Navis N4.
  • Increased gate operational productivity by 25-49% with Navis N4.
  • Productivity of their yard operation increased by 50-74% with Navis N4.
  • Improved the productivity of their vessel load and discharge operation by 50-74% with Navis N4.

Navis Customer Research

What features of N4 are most valuable to the management of your terminal’s operations?

Expert Decking
Business Intelligence Portal
Vessel Autostow
Crane Team Application
Automated Equipment Schedulers

N4 Improves Yard Productivity

What percentage would you estimate N4 has helped to increase the productivity of the yard operation?

Greater than 75%: 24%
50-74%: 37%
25-49%: 5%
10-24%: 27%
Up to 10%: 7%

Navis Case Study

DaChanBay Container Terminals


This case study of DaChanBay Container Terminals is based on a July 2017 survey of Navis customers by TechValidate, a 3rd-party research service.

“N4 provides visibility of operations that let us know where to focus for improvements.”


The business challenges that led the DaChanBay Terminals to evaluate and ultimately select Navis:

  • DaChan Bay Terminals found the following to be their biggest operational challenge:
    • Handling larger ships and more TEU efficiently
  • Chose Navis N4 TOS for the following reasons:
    • To gain operational visibility
    • To optimize operational processes
    • To prepare for, or support automated equipment and processes
    • To have the ability to tailor the TOS to meet operational requirements
    • To scale as operations grow

Use Case

The key features and functionalities of Navis that DaChan Bay uses:

  • Would describe their terminal operations in the following ways:
    • Rubber Tyred Gantry Cranes
    • Has been using N4 for 1-4 years.
  • Finds the following N4 features to be most valuable in managing their terminal’s operations:
    • PrimeRoute
    • Expert Decking


DaChan Bay Terminals achieved the following results with Navis:

  • Has been able to optimize their operations in the following ways since using N4:
  • Improved equipment utilization
  • Gained better visibility and reporting to improve customer service
  • Gained better monitoring tools to improve operations
  • Improved yard planning
  • Enabled more stable operations
  • Estimates a 25-49% reduction of operating costs since using N4.
  • Has lowered their costs in the following areas as a result of using N4:
    • Crane assignment
    • Truck / straddle pooling
    • Yard planning
    • Yard operations
    • Vessel operations
    • Gate efficiency
    • Monitoring and reporting
    • Order processing
  • Rates their level of improvement as follows in each of the corresponding areas:
    • Gate productivity: 10%-24%
    • Rail productivity: up to 10%
    • Yard productivity: 10%-24%
    • Vessel load productivity: 25%-49%
    • IT staff productivity: 25%-49%
    • Safety: 10%-24%
    • Reporting quality: 25%-49%

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Navis N4 is a sophisticated and modern technology platform that optimizes efficiency and helps to power the intelligent movement of goods through the supply chain. Navis N4 scales with your business to optimize utilization of IT infrastructure and eliminate unnecessary, upfront capital expenditures.

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