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Mimecast Customer Testimonial

Dependability You Can Trust

Mimecast provides a dedicated, dependable and secure cloud archiving solution.

Al Hacker, System Administrator, Arch U.S. MI Services Inc.

Mimecast Customer Testimonial

Mimecast Cloud Archive helps facilitate our legal department to self-service their own compliance and e-discovery requests.

Stephen Derby, IT Professional, Suffolk Construction

Mimecast Customer Testimonial

Compliant with GDPR and easy to find archived emails.

Leif Hollén, Director IT Infrastructure, Schoeller Allibert

Mimecast Customer Testimonial

How has Mimecast helped solve your e-discovery and compliance challenges?

Simple but powerful administration portal makes this an easy task.
The Mimecast Outlook app makes access for the end user easy.

Michael Rossi, Systems Administrator, True Alliance

Mimecast Customer Testimonial

All e-discovery searches can now be performed on a single, easy to use and fast platform.

Goran Stamenkovic, Team Coach - Infrastructure, Liberty Financial

Mimecast Customer Testimonial

How has Mimecast helped you meet your e-discovery and compliance goals?

Simplified and speedy e-discovery.

Jason Wellington, IT Service delivery & Operations Manager, McConnell Dowell Constructors

Mimecast Customer Testimonial

Mimecast has helped us meet our compliance requirements and has simplified e-discovery and legal holds.

IT Manager, Large Enterprise Retail Company

Mimecast Customer Testimonial

How has Mimecast helped solve your e-discovery goals?

Comprehensive compliance and litigation support including retention, legal hold, case management and data export and quick search results.

Abel Ramodise, IT Specialist, Mutual and Federal Insurance Company Ltd

Mimecast Customer Testimonial

Mimecast gives us a much easier model for eDiscovery requests without the enormous hassle of tape restores and provides users with a nearly instantaneous recovery of personal archived messages.

System Administrator, Large Enterprise Professional Services Company

Mimecast Customer Testimonial

How has Mimecast helped solve your compliance goals?

Alignment to the Compliance of Statutory regulatory requirements, i.e. Risk Mitigation enables to map defined and as-is/ to-be controls to the statutory articles of the prioritised statutes. The mapping forms part of recording a Regulatory Control Framework (“RCF”) per statutes to serve as a basis to have a systemic view and to easily amend controls in lieu of regulatory or business-related changes. In addition, the recording is structured and follows a value-based approach and process to ensure that controls are designed effectively, economically viable, embedded to ensure sustainability, linked to a specific organisational role/ function from an accountability point of view and well communicated.

Robert Butler, IT Manager, Goldfields

Mimecast Customer Testimonial

E-Discovery Control

Mimecast gives us the ability to provide the business full control of e-discovery cases without involving IT and its full audit capability has lead to efficiencies and better discovery outcomes. The added ability to meet compliance requirements with DLP capabilities and archiving e-mails will assist in meeting data privacy requirements.

Senior IT Manager, Large Enterprise Automotive & Transport Company

Mimecast Customer Testimonial

Integrated backup + archive

It has simplified and consolidated our email backup and archives.

Roderick Marquez, Datacenter and Network Infrastructure Manager, Kuok Singapore Limited

Mimecast Customer Testimonial

Empower compliance

I am able to control and manage compliance and e-discovery without needing to rely on over-worked and/or under-trained associates to take a “stab” at finding what’s needed. I am able to provide specific answers to the business and to the legality of what information we do or do not have.

Chief Information Officer, Medium Enterprise Wholesale Distribution Company

Mimecast Customer Testimonial

Peace of mind.

Guarantee that all emails are retained for discovery.

David Flanagan, Manager of Unified Communications Engineering, Exeter Finance

Mimecast Customer Testimonial

We have a record of absolutely everything, which is fantastic.

System Administrator, Medium Enterprise Construction Company

Mimecast Customer Testimonial

How has Mimecast helped solve your e-discovery and compliance challenges?

It has taken the pressure of my team to ensure compliance is adhered. We have used the product many times in compliance issues.

Adrian Lewis, Chief Information Officer, Super Group Ltd

Mimecast Customer Testimonial

Mimecast provides a cost-effective solution that enables the IT team to perform e-discovery cases; access information quickly and simply; provide online access to other parties to interrogate the data; as well as doing the security basics.

Operations Manager, State & Local Government

Mimecast Customer Testimonial

[Mimecast] provides an easy to use, search engine grade archive accessible to anyone in the organisation.

Brodon Hirst, Engineer, McCullough Robertson Lawyers

Mimecast Customer Testimonial

The perpetual archive has become integral in our process to ensure our organisation maintains compliance with our policies. The ease of access to the data is great, immediately visible search results are a great time saver.

IT Architect, Medium Enterprise Insurance Company

Mimecast Customer Testimonial

Archiving made easy.

Eldho John, IT Administrator, Sales Link Australasia Pty Ltd

Mimecast Customer Testimonial

How has Mimecast helped solve your e-discovery and compliance goals?

Saves a lot of time. Very simplified. Can give different teams access to the data.

Engineer, Large Enterprise Banking Company

Mimecast Customer Testimonial

How has Mimecast helped solve your e-discovery and compliance goals?

Mimecast has better capabilities to easily meet tight compliance deadlines. E-discovery is also much more seamless.

Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Medium Enterprise Financial Services Company

Mimecast Customer Testimonial

How has Mimecast helped solved your e-discovery and compliance goals?

Our Risk and Legal team have ease of access to the information they require to perform their tasks and investigations where needed. This is a key function for our business which they heavily rely on.

Engineer, Medium Enterprise Professional Services Company

Mimecast Customer Testimonial

How has Mimecast solved your e-discovery and compliance goals?

Simplified visibility and empowered the legal team.

Senior IT Director, Large Enterprise Hospitality Company

Mimecast Customer Testimonial

Reduce Risk and Exposure

Mimecast Cloud Archive allows a better response to legal and HR requests for investigations.

Security Manager, Large Enterprise Retail Company

Mimecast Customer Testimonial

IT burdens lifted with e-discovery self-service for legal teams.

We no longer have to get data for our Legal Team. They access it themselves whenever they need it.

System Administrator, Medium Enterprise Food Company

Mimecast Customer Testimonial

Compliance. Solved.

The search features, tagging and exporting are very good. Complex search criteria work very well, reducing the number of searches needed. Retention settings make compliance much easier to manage.

Nick O'Donnell, Infrastructure Analyst, Berrymans Lace Mawer

Mimecast Customer Testimonial

Mimecast vs. Microsoft

Much more efficient than Microsoft O365 at e-discovery, with simplified tools and granular modification.

Deepak Vyas, IT Specialist, City And Guilds Of London Institute

Mimecast Customer Testimonial

E-Discovery Made Easy

E-discovery has been a growing issue with our on-premises Exchange solution which has no integrated archive. Legal requests would take weeks to produce depending on the requirements. After implementing Mimecast Cloud Archive, we were able to perform quick e-discovery on cases with specific search capabilities that took only minutes or to perform. In some cases, we were able to provide reports with actionable data to co-counsel the next business day.

Doug Blankenship, Enterprise Architect, H Lee Moffitt Cancer Center And Research Institute

Mimecast Customer Statistic

99% of surveyed organizations confirmed that workforce productivity has improved 75 – 100% since deploying Mimecast Cloud Archive.


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