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Selected Research Highlights

Analytical Results with Micromeritics Customers Level of Confidence

What is your degree of confidence that Micromeritics will continue to meet your future needs in particle characterization?

Up to 100%: 27%
80-99%: 65%
60-79%: 6%
Less than 60%: 1%

Micromeritics Customer Review

5/5 Stars

How our organization uses Micromeritics:

ASAP 2010
we measure surfaces of catalysts and other solid samples. We prepare a wide variety of catalysts, so we need to have informations about surface and pore size distribution.

Would you recommend Micromeritics?

Yes, apparatus and Software is easy to handle.

When your situation demands the very best…

4.5/5 Stars

How our organization uses Micromeritics:

Particle size analysis. Able to perform a critical in-process test on site. Also able to provide this service for multiple applications and products.

Would you recommend Micromeritics?

Yes. Quality product with good technical support.

Business Improvements

Rate the results or throughput gains of your Micromeritics instrument in regard to the effect on your business return.

S Greatly helped by business S Helped my business S No visible affect

Improved scientific results
Timely process of samples
Data resulted in useful info
Interpretation of results
Reliable up-time performance

3Flex Results as The University Of Nottingham


This case study of The University of Nottingham is based on a September 2015 survey of Micromeritics 3 Flex Solution customers by TechValidate, a 3rd-party research service.

“Excellent quality and high sample through-put with reliability and accuracy.”


  • Challenges that led to choosing the Micromeritics 3Flex solution for research:
    • The expansion of their capabilities, for example, sample throughput due to the available 3 ports of the 3Flex
    • The complimentary method to validate results they have obtained with other orthogonal techniques in their laboratory

Use Case

  • Key factors that guided your decision to purchase the 3Flex:
    • A colleague referral
    • The advanced features of the 3Flex instrument
    • A previous positive experience with a Micromertic’s instrument
    • Industry reputation of Micromeritics as the foremost company in materials characterization
    • Careful consideration of competitive systems, leading to the 3Flex as the best option
  • Used or considered the following prior to purchasing the 3Flex solution:
    • Quantachrome Instrument, iQ Autosorb


  • Agrees that the Micromeritics 3Flex solution has superior performance and exceeded their expectations.
  • Rate the 3Flex Instrument solution as:
    • Overall performance: Highly Satisfied
    • Resolution: Highly Satisfied
    • Ease of operation: Highly Satisfied
    • MicroActive Software: Highly Satisfied
    • Service & support: Highly Satisfied
  • Improved the following with the Micromeritics 3 Flex:
    • Accuracy: 10-25%
    • Resolution: 10-25%
    • Data reduction: 10-25%

Case Study: Pfizer Inc.


This case study of Pfizer Inc. is based on a October 2014 survey of Micromeritics customers by TechValidate, a 3rd-party research service.

“[My experience] as always been positive and I was impressed by the company and its location in Georgia.”


  • Purchased an instrument from Micromeritics because of:
    • The range of products and services
    • Satisfaction with their on-going Micromeritics’ relationship
    • Product quality and reliability

Use Case

  • Also evaluated the following vendors:
    • Quantachrome Instruments
    • Beckman
  • Has had an outstanding personal experience with Micromeritics.


  • Rates the following Micromeritics capabilities as compared to other companies they considered prior to purchase:
    • scientific and technical support: highly differentiated
    • ease of communication: highly differentiated
    • responsiveness to inquiries: highly differentiated
    • delivery, install, and service: highly differentiated
    • product performance: highly differentiated
  • Is extremely satisfied with the performance of their Micromeritics instrument in meeting their needs.
  • Micromeritics instrument met 79-99% of their expectations for analytical results.
  • Rates the following results or throughput gains of their Micromeritics instrument in regards to the effect on their businesses return:
    • improved scientific results: greatly helped
    • the timely process of samples: greatly helped
    • gather data that resulted in useful info: greatly helped
    • the interpretation of results: greatly helped
    • reliable up-time performance: greatly helped
  • 100% confident that Micromeritics will continue to meet their future needs in particle characterization.

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