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Case Study: Small Business Computer Software Company


This case study of a small business computer software company is based on a February 2016 survey of HPE Vertica customers by TechValidate, a 3rd-party research service. The profiled company asked to have their name blinded to protect their confidentiality.

“We use Vertica to store and query normalized security log data from a variety of sources at high rates, up to and exceeding 15K events per second. We make significant use of Live Aggregate Projections, which has sped up our ability to visualize data by a factor of 10. Our customer installations range from a single node to 5 node clusters and are hosted or on-premise.”

“Yes, I would recommend HPE Vertica on the basis that our organization does not have a dedicated DBA, and the three of us that make use of Vertica did so without strong DB experience. We have been able to setup clusters with little complication, load, and age out data quickly, and achieve good query response times with the product.”

“We are a startup company that is highly flexible in our product offering. Vertica affords us this flexibility with its ease of installation, maintenance, and configuration, all while sustaining good performance within our expectations. We often refer to Vertica as ‘alien’ technology, in that it does amazing things as long as we follow the instructions handed down to us by smarter people.”


  • Is using HPE Vertica for the following:
    • Cyber security monitoring/prevention
  • Replaced the following vendor with HPE Vertica:
    • MongoDB

Use Case

  • Currently manages 21 – 40 TB of data with HPE Vertica.


  • The following are the most valuable HPE Vertica capabilities:
    • Massive scalability on industry-standard hardware
    • Standard SQL interface
    • Simultaneous loading and querying
    • Concurrency for hundreds or thousands of users
    • Superior compression
    • Database designer and administration tools
    • High availability without hardware redundancy
    • Optimizer and execution engine
  • Reduced TCO by 51-100% with HPE Vertica.
  • Improved query performance by 101 – 500% with HPE Vertica.

About This Data

This data was sourced directly from verified users of Vertica by TechValidate.

TechValidate verifies the identity and organizational affiliation of all participants that contribute to published research data. When research participants so desire, we also guarantee their anonymity so that they may share information honestly and freely.

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